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“These changes make NHS IVF access in Scotland by far the fairest and most generous in the UK" said public health minister Aileen Campbell

Infertile Scottish couples to get three chances of free IVF
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"You gave your life for us to protect our way of life. We are proud to have men like you and you are the true heroes.”

Members of the public have raised over £450,000 for the family of heroic policeman Keith Palmer

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Defiance and quiet dignity were shown at a vigil to the victims of the Westminster attack in London's Trafalgar Square last night

Latest on the story here: [ Link ]
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Lanark-based cheesemaker Errington Cheese set to re-start production after being linked to outbreak which led to death of three-year-old girl

E.Coli-linked cheesemaker to recommence production
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Does #brexit make your blood boil? Scunnered by #indyref2? Perhaps you need to try the new 'Political Therapy' meditation course designed to take the heat out of debate.

Jupiter Artland launches course to soothe political stress
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Brian Wilson's column: "I find it puzzling that the claim of a “mandate” for a second independence referendum is taken seriously. Political parties can put anything they like in their manifestos, but if they don’t have the power to ­legislate for it, then it is an opinion rather than a mandate."

Brian Wilson: What the public wanted was not on the EU ballot paper
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Is your local bank about to shut? RBS announces 30 branch closures across Scotland. Check the full list here.

RBS announces 30 branch closures across Scotland
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Is Sir Walter Scott single-handedly responsible for creating Scotland's image around the world?

Sir Walter Scott: The man who 'invented' Scotland - The Scotsman
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Watson-Watt's crucial role in the Second World War has widely flown under the radar.

Meet Robert Watson-Watt, Scotland's top secret war hero
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A small corner of Islay has a lot to thank Bessie for.

The women who shaped Scotch whisky: Elizabeth "Bessie" Williamson
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Including the 'ship that never sailed' and a fortress built in a triangle shape!

7 of Scotland’s strangest castles
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Put your score below and tag a friend that thinks they know everything about Scotch whisky.

Quiz: how good is your Scottish whisky knowledge?
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When the family heard the drum, they knew death was imminent

The gruesome tale of one Scottish castle's 'ghost drummer'
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Some of Scotland's most iconic structures are fading fast

5 Scottish castles at risk of vanishing from the landscape
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The distilleries of Scotland were often built centuries ago and as such many were named in the traditional manner of Scotland using Gaelic names.

A guide to Gaelic names for distilleries
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The Auld Hangie is in the detail..?!

Scottish words for the Devil
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Next time you are ordering a dram in a bar or buying a bottle to take home, why not give these underrated Scotches some love?

5 of the most underrated Scottish whiskies you should order next time you want a dram
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Blood ✔
Guts ✔
Gore ✔

It could only be Scotland's ghosts!

Find out about Scotland’s ghosts - with blood, guts and gore
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What's that saying about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery...?

5 “Scottish” castles around the world
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Once upon a time a village was built on a peninsula on Scotland's west coast. It was named Polphail. But no one ever lived there, and it was left to rack and ruin.

Scotland's ghost village of Polphail