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Henry bravely put the First Aid skills he learned in Beavers into action when he and his dad discovered a 90-year-old woman in desperate need of help: [ Link ]
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16th Bermondsey Scout Group having a great time over the weekend in Sydenham Hill Wood. What Scouting adventures did you get up to?
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Committed volunteers make the Movement possible. Meet Chris and Ben, the couple who’ve recently been recognised for their outstanding leadership in Scouting: [ Link ]
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Adventure awaits.
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We're pleased to announce the launch of some exciting new resources to support peer leadership in Scouting.

Take a look online: [ Link ] and start using the resources with your section.
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Whether it was a sponsored walk, an entertainment evening or a delicious bake sale, we want to hear your fundraising tips!

Thanks to our new partnership with Virgin Money Giving, Groups can sign up to fundraise with no registration fee. Find out more: [ Link ]
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'All these posts about Founder's Day got me inspired - here's an illustration I made' - Jodie Cox. This is amazing, thanks Jodie!
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‘Met my husband at a Scout Exchange Camp in Macon – our youngest daughter has been part of the Movement for two years now!' - Julie.
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‘My favourite moments are when I teach one of my Beaver Scouts something they struggle with – the moment it dawns on them that they CAN do it, and they crack a smile – priceless!’ - Pam.
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To celebrate Founder’s Day, we are delighted to announce the launch of a mint condition Baden-Powell medal.

Struck to the highest quality by our partner, Koin Ltd, the memento marks not only B-P’s birthday but also 110 years since the founding of the Scout movement in August 1907: [ Link ]
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This Founder’s Day, we’re celebrating 110 years of fun, adventure and skills for life.

What have been your favourite Scouting moments?
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‘My dad was a Cub Leader and my mum a Venture Leader so I was brought up with Scouting. It wasn't until I had my own children that I realised how many of my best memories were at camps! I took my son to Beavers and couldn't help but get involved. I'm now a Cub Leader of a brilliant pack. My son is a typical Scout and my daughter is a Young Leader. Being with my daughter, running a pack...
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There's still a whole week to try something new in February. Take a look here: [ Link ] for some inspiration.
Learning to lead is a vitally important life skill, and the Team Leader Challenge Award can help your young people develop it:
Extraordinary Explorer Scout Troy has earned every Activity Badge, and in the process has learned skills that stand him in excellent stead for the future:
Play this quick game to encourage your young people to problem solve and think quickly: [ Link ]
Don't you think?
Happy Valentine's Day! What do you love most about Scouting? #LoveVolunteering

Stay tuned for the full picture. Artwork by Veronica Malatesta Illustrator.
Who needs the roses, chocolates or love letter,
When all of us here have something that’s better,
A campfire, songs, and hot eggy bread,
A view of the stars as we retire to our bed,
A great family of friends to take on our outing,
Happy Valentine's Day from everyone in Scouting!
Reunion 2017 is 8 months away!

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