A great offline, creative activity to help young people work towards their Digital Citizen Badge: bit.ly/2kaOKU8
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Get your hands on one of these WaterAid UK goody bags! We'll be sending them out to people who record their actions, or register Clean Water and Sanitation as their chosen issue.

If you've already chosen Clean Water and Sanitation as your #amillionhands issue, log on to the website and tell us what you've been up to: amillionhands.org.uk/login

If you're looking for Programme ideas for 2017...
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A very useful piece of advice if ever we heard one...

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
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Perfect your Programme by dodging planning pitfalls. Avoid ‘old chesnuts’ that young people have done before- when Scouting feels repetitive, young people start to leave.

Share your Programme planning tips below and take a look at these helpful resources [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Delighted to announce that Kester Sharpe has been appointed as Deputy UK Chief Commissioner, alongside Mark Tarry.

Read more: bit.ly/2jFWg8B
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We want to hear from people who've used the Digital Skills resources available here: digitalskills.scouts.org.uk to help their young people complete their Digital Citizen or Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges.

Comment below, or email communications@scouts.org.uk.
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Keep boredom at bay this term with four more great activities to try with your young people, including making cyphers to send coded messages: bit.ly/2k7tVZB
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Join the #YouShape team on Twitter to ask your questions and get tips on supporting your section during #YouShape month.
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81st Belfast Beavers are our A Million Hands Project of the Month for January, with their award-winning project for dementia that brought their community together: bit.ly/2jZSu6I
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Have a go at this watery activity - the perfect experiment to try with your section!
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Whatever the weather, climbing is a fun and challenging activity to try with your section. Read this badge support blog: [ Bit.ly Link ] for tips on helping your section climb to the top of their game.
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#YouShape month begins on February 1, and we want to know what you're up to!

This week, we want to hear what you're planning with the younger sections, so tell us what your Colony or Pack is up to!

Need some inspiration? Check out the resources at scouts.org.uk/youshape.
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Share your favourite campfire joke below and help us brighten up #BlueMonday!
Find out how to support your young people during #YouShape month. Head over to the live-stream where the team are answering your questions: facebook.com/ukscouts
Aged 18-25 or know someone who is? Become a UK Rep for Scout Network and you could travel abroad...for free! More info: [ Bit.ly Link ]
How many have you done so far? bit.ly/2jMwrnX
It's Friday 13th! Has your day been a lucky or unlucky one so far?
I volunteer at Scouts because...I forgot to grow up!

Why do you volunteer?
Looking to exercise your young people’s brains after the Christmas break? Here’s a great 5-minute game that requires lateral thinking: bit.ly/2jvQbrT
How do you deal with having your own child in your section? What advice would you give to other leaders?