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Check out images from this weekend's state championships.

Photos: Washington state's Mat Classic XXIX at the Tacoma Dome
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"Since the “blue lives matter” legislation was introduced in the Legislature in Olympia, more than a dozen bills have been filed seeking anti-bias protection for one group or another," columnist Danny Westneat writes.

Bikers and firefighters: At this rate, everyone is going to want anti-bias protection | Danny Westneat
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The damaged West Point plant is functioning this weekend — without the overflows that polluted Puget Sound during severe rainstorms twice this month.

Crippled Seattle sewer plant getting by at half capacity
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Emily Fridlund, a Portland-based author, reads at Elliott Bay on Feb. 23.

‘History of Wolves’: deep secrets in the Minnesota woods
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What would you do if you received mailed instructions from a street activist and artist? A Seattle actor has turned these notes into a performance piece.

Art, crime and survival: ‘Awaiting Oblivion’ seeks hope in hopelessness
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The acclaimed investigative reporter and public-health journalist won two Pulitzer Prizes, and later worked for several years at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, where he broke the story of asbestos contamination in a small Montana town.

Pulitzer Prize winner Andrew Schneider dies at 74
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Octopus Week is back at the Seattle Aquarium! The event runs through Feb. 26.

See more photos from the first day at
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The Mariners' young, flamethrowing reliever is already making a good impression on coaches.

Reliever Thyago Vieira impresses Mariners' staff with his first bullpen session
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The Redhawks have gone from three conference wins last season and a 3-12 nonconference record this season to second place in the WAC.

From second-last to second-best, how Seattle U women's basketball has turned its fortunes around
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It’s not quite Stonehenge, but historically minded citizens seek to preserve part of the Highway 520 “ramps to nowhere."

An old Highway 520 crossbeam could be ‘urban ruins’ honoring anti-freeway activists
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This Mount Baker garden isn’t polished or perfect — but it’s clean-lined and simple.

Take a look: [ Link ]
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A year ago at this time, Yovani Gallardo didn't have a team.

Yovani Gallardo looking to fit right in with Mariners’ starting rotation
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Whatever logistical problems exist at Sodo — and virtually no aspect of the arena-building business, from soup to nuts, is smooth and problem-free — they appear far less cumbersome than those at the Key, columnist Larry Stone writes.

Chris Hansen believes Sodo is best Seattle arena site, and I agree | Larry Stone
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Decades after the Supreme Court decision, McCorvey underwent a conversion, becoming an evangelical Christian and joining the anti-abortion movement.

Norma McCorvey, who was at center of Roe v. Wade, dead at 69
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Has President Trump’s refugee ban prompted you to delve into your own history or your family’s history? We'd like to hear from you.

Have refugee roots? Share your story with The Seattle Times
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There's McCleary, police use of deadly force and well, Bigfoot.

5 of the oddest bills in Olympia this session: Bigfoot, sunscreen, biker gear
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In his overseas debut as vice president, Pence told foreign diplomats and security officials attending the Munich Security Conference that the U.S. would “stand with Europe.”

Pence: US will hold Russia accountable, stands with NATO
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The store's closing marks the end of an era for Seattle, whose heritage is intertwined with the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans.
[ Link ]

The legacy of Linc's Tackle: A tale of internment and Seattle's rich Japanese heritage
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Members of a Seattle church are sharing their experience of internment during World War II — stories that feel evermore pertinent amid President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

On 75th anniversary of internment, Trump travel ban resonates with Seattle’s Japanese Americans