There's less than four months to go until our last ever. Don't miss the final spectacle, we've never really seen the point in understated farewells ❀

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The Secret Garden Party
03/22/2017 at 17:39. Facebook
This town, this town, this town! METRONOMY are on hand for our last ever edition and we've a feeling it's going to magical
The Secret Garden Party
03/20/2017 at 17:34. Facebook
Today marks the spring equinox, as well as four months left to go until we open the gates to the final Secret Garden Party. Not bad for a Monday...

Tickets for Secret Garden Party 2017 are available at
The Secret Garden Party
03/17/2017 at 16:50. Facebook
Oh Entertainment Focus, stop it! Not in public, you rogue

Top 10 reasons Secret Garden Party is the best festival
Having announced that this year's Garden Party will be the last, we're taking on the task of compiling a 'Gardener's Scrapbook'; the best photos of our festival, captured by it's darling inhabitants. Share your snaps below, tag your friends to do the same and we'll start piecing them together!
In case you missed it, we found this wonderful love letter from NME's Leonie Cooper very touching.

A love letter to Secret Garden Party – the UK’s wildest festival - NME
More kind words incoming, this time from Luke of The Kooks, who played on the first ever incarnation of our Where The Wild Things Are stage.
We've added the Chai Wallahs acts announced this week to our Secret Garden Party 2017 playlist! Just in time for the weekend too, you lucky, lucky devils. Tune in at [ Link ]
It's been a week since we announced that this year's Garden Party would be the last and we're still pouring through the well wishes you've all shared. In case you missed it, Dan Bastille had some wonderful words on his time at SGPs gone by.

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Introducing the first acts for this year’s Chai Wallahs, featuring the wundersounds of K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade, Sheelanagig, Horseman & The Upper Cut Band and more! Now sprawling the woods at the side of the Garden, this is always one of our favorite hang out spots with tree houses, cocktail bars, hidden trails, pianos and definitely some things that we haven’t even found yet. Beneath the...
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2017 will be the grande finale of The Secret Garden Party as we all know it. It's been a remarkable 15 years, and we're going out on the bang it deserves. So thunder and tumble down the red carpet with us and claim your spot on the historic last trip at

To join the historic grande finale head to
Stand by, Gardeners! Our biggest ever announcement will land tomorrow morning.
Middle of the shadows, far away from all the sorrows... we couldn't be more excited for Crystal Fighters headline performance at Secret Garden Party 2017!
We've done you a real solid and put together a #SGP2017 YouTube playlist, with videos by all our announced acts so far!
Smiles, laughter, paint fights.

Tickets for our fame-centric celebrity LOL-off are on sale now at
When you stand still and let the good times come to you. #ThrowbackThursday
Our full range of 'Pimp my Garden' boutique camping options are open for bookings at [ Link ] Ensure your shrubbery is suitably v'jazzled

The Secret Garden Party
Today has us just five months away from Secret Garden Party 2017!!! As our foxy friend is known to say, boom boom

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