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Dashawn Jordan's latest part is live on The Berrics now. Get to know the man in his RADAR interview from #TheSkateboardMag155.

RADAR - DASHAWN JORDAN - From The Skateboard Mag 155
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Jamie Foy made everyone else feel lazy this year. #TheSkateboardMag156

The Skateboard Mag
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Happy Birthday Kyle Walker! Gap to frontside 180 manual 180 out. Photo: Anthony Acosta #TheSkateboardMag156
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01/19/2017 at 15:48. Facebook
Brian Anderson opened up to become 2016's most courageous skateboarder. #TheSkateboardMag156

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krooked skateboards made its point with a Pro surprise for Ronnie Sandoval.

WHEN RONNIE SANDOVAL WENT PRO - Krooked Hits the Bullseye
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01/19/2017 at 03:44. Facebook
CONVERSE released a video by Colin Read, taking a page from the world of stop motion animation, proving once and for all: Zered Bassett rips.
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adidas Skateboarding's "The Showcase," highlights the work of skaters in a series of art shows held in Downtown New York.

ADIDAS LAUNCHING GLOBAL ART TOUR - Showcasing Skateboarder’s Creativity
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Vans collaborates with Fucking Awesome for an exclusive 4-piece collection!

VANS X FA LIMITED COLLAB - The Fucking Awesome Epoch '94 Pro
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It’s an honor for us to call Dashawn Jordan the 2016 Year’s Best Am! #TheSkateboardMag156

YEAR'S BEST AM 2016 - Dashawn Jordan
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01/16/2017 at 20:44. Facebook
Get hyped for Heroin skateboards' "Magic Sticky Hand 2" video!

NEW HEROIN VIDEO COMING - "Magic Sticky Hand 2" Trailer
Here's a free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag155. Enjoy!

Free 155 Digital Issue
#TheSkateboardMag156 is the “Year’s Best” issue, and we're introducing 2016’s best Am via a gnarly sequence on the Hollywood 16 rail. Dashawn Jordan’s frontside 270 lipslide on the cover is just the beginning. #YB16
Zered Bassett, one of skateboarding’s true groundbreaking “ambidextrous” pioneers, is dedicated to the East Coast.

ZERED BASSETT'S EASTERN PROMISE - From The Skateboard Mag Issue 156
The world of Tinseltown just beyond the Hollywood High 16 buzzes with opportunity and promise. Inside the fence, Dashawn Jordan is creating his own destiny with a frontside 270 to back lip. It’s showtime. Photos: Atiba Jefferson #TheSkateboardMag156
Zered Bassett, Frontside feeble // Newark, New Jersey
Photo: Jon Coulthard #TheSkateboardMag156
Our "Year's Best Issue" for 2016 is out now! #TheSkateboardMag156

THE SKATEBOARD MAG #156 - Year's Best Issue! Out Now
Big birthday shout out to Curren Caples! Watch Curren rip Lanark Skatepark! #TheSesh

THE SESH - Curren Caples, Lanark Skatepark
Mason Merlino murders every pool he skates in his #MagMinute!
Here's a free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag155. Enjoy.

Free 155 Digital Issue -
Flo Schneider's documentary, "Pushed," featuring Stefan Marx, Bobby Puleo, Pontus Alv, and Adam Sello, is now available as a free download!

PUSHED DOCUMENTARY - By Florian Schneider