A popular blog that lists “potential, possible, or probable predatory” publishers and journals has disappeared, but it is not clear why.

The blog—started in 2010 by librarian Jeffrey Beall of the University of Colorado in Denver (CU Denver)—now states: “This service is no longer is available.”

Mystery as controversial list of predatory publishers disappears

"Cosgrove does not even mention how the Director of their Wellness Center could embrace and promote, “Harmful myths, untruths and junk science about vaccinations.”

By his silence I can only infer that he thinks that the philosophy of the Wellness Center and Dr. Neides anti-vaccine quackery are somehow unrelated. "

Cleveland Clinic Fully Embraces Pseudoscience

"Two pathways work in tandem to execute a hunt, the team found. One controls prey pursuit (PAG), and the other controls bite accuracy (PCRt). Targeting PAG with the laser made the mouse move faster or slower, and targeting PCRt made its bite weaker or stronger. "

Lasers turn mice into lethal hunters

"Donald Trump’s three most likely picks for FDA Commissioner all favor loosening drug approval standards. Two are cronies of Peter Thiel, of which one believes that the FDA shouldn’t require evidence of efficacy, only safety, and the other believes that a “Yelp for drugs” would do a better job than the FDA. The third candidate is a bona fide, honest-to-goodness pharma shill. If any of them...
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Donald Trump and Peter Thiel vs. the FDA: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Why haven't we been back to the moon, and should we return? What is the future for humans in deep space?

NeuroLogica Blog » Gene Cernan, Last Man to Walk on the Moon, Dies

Latest Podcast: Episode #601 – 01/14/2017

Interview with David Gorski; What’s the Word: Parallax; News Items: Colliding Stars, Countering Fake News, Relaxing Music, A New Organ?; Who’s That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Dino Tail Follow Up; Science or Fiction

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The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

"Once a method of accurately locating subluxations in the hagfish spinal cord was implemented, the research team began to see results. What started as a slow trickle of subluxations soon became a maelstrom, and the study actually had to be ended early when it became clear that randomizing additional subjects into the control group would no longer be ethical. The evidence was compelling and,...
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Science-Based Satire: Invertebrate Research Reveals Clue to Evolutionary Origins of the Chiropractic Subluxation

"our society needs to recognize and value critical thinking skills more highly, and bake it into everyone’s basic education. I cannot think of anything taught in a K-12 education that is more important than teaching students how to think critically, how to evaluate claims and information, and how to engage in rational decision-making."

NeuroLogica Blog » Cognitive Biases in Health Care Decision Making

Great discussion of cognitive biases that can adversely affect your health care decisions.

Awareness of biases is key to better health care decisions, says GSA

"It was noted that while peanuts were generally withheld in the first year of life in the United Kingdom, they tended to be introduced at around 7 months in Israel. The investigators’ hypothesis was that early introduction of peanut protein into the diet might reduce the risk of peanut allergy."

Peanut Allergy Prevention Advice Does a 180

"Historically, when big and rigorous blinded clinical trials show that a product already in use does not work, this does have a negative impact on sales. However, this negative impact is temporary, and the next overhyped herb or natural treatment must moves up the line. The public never seems to learn the meta-lesson, that they should not believe any of the hype, that “natural” does not mean...
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NeuroLogica Blog » Curcumin Hype vs Reality

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"Asteroid mining is what it sounds like: going to the solar system’s hard bodies, extracting valuable resources, and using them to make something new. "

Luxembourg–Yes, Luxembourg–Is Setting Itself Up to Be the Silicon Valley of Space Mining

"When asked who he might have on an autism or vaccine panel, RFK Jr. was vague. One can only imagine a panel packed with anti-vaccine cranks, and with the power to make recommendations to a sympathetic president over the future of the CDC and healthcare in the US."

Trump Meets with RFK Jr. To Discuss “Vaccine Safety”

Naturopaths are not doctors, and they are not science-based. They use an eclectic mix of pseudoscience and nonsense. They should not be licensed to pretend they are doctors.

Call Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker right now to veto licensing naturopaths (S.2335) • /r/skeptic