"In general, governments around the world have tended to tilt the rules towards a company’s desire to sell CAM, rather than to a consumer’s right to access products that are proven to be safe and effective. "

Bring on the Evidence: A new regulatory approach to CAM

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Eat more fruits and vegetables - still the best diet advice.

Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10 a day - BBC News

"For those who may not know, Mike Adams, who runs Natural News, is a crank conspiracy theorist supreme. He hawks snake oil on his site that he markets partly by spreading the worst medical misinformation on the net. He also routinely personally attacks his critics."

NeuroLogica Blog » Natural News Delisted from Google

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"...wild trichromatic female monkeys do indeed appear to locate and eat fruit more quickly than dichromatic ones, lending strong support to the idea that this advantage helped drive the evolution of trichromacy in humans and our relatives."

You can thank your fruit-hunting ancestors for your color vision

"In any case, you can tell that antivaxers are excited. They sense that one of their own—or at least someone with such a lack of scientific acumen and critical thinking skilled coupled with a conspiratorial mindset that he actually believes vaccines cause autism."

In the age of Donald Trump, vaccine policy is becoming politicized, with potentially deadly consequences

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Save the Date for NECSS 2017 - NECSS

“Once formed,” the researchers observed dryly, “impressions are remarkably perseverant.”

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

"In summary, this study shows very weak results, with the most objective outcome measure being negative, using fatally-flawed methodology, and showing signs of significant bias. The results are unreliable even before you consider that the hypothesis is highly implausible, and that prior research has convincingly shown that acupuncture does not work. The study has apparently served its primary...
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Acupuncture and Migraine – New JAMA Study

We have reached "peak child" some years ago. The number of children in the world is not increasing anymore and global fertility is trending downwards

Viewpoint: Five ways the world is doing better than you think - BBC News

"They cost thousands of dollars and expose patients to radiation. He tells patients their disease or lifestyle has created visible holes on the scans where the brain should appear smooth, and he believes showing patients the pretty pictures is instrumental in getting them to understand their problems and cooperate with treatment."

Daniel and Tana Amen’s Book The Brain Warrior’s Way: Standard Health Advice Mixed with Misinformation and Fanciful Ideas

"RgIA4 was previously know from basic research, but this study takes the research further, testing it in animal models. They first developed 20 analogs to the snail venom that targeted the nAChR receptors. The analog that had the most activity was tested in a rodent model of pain. They significantly blocked pain perception in the rodents, and the effect lasted for up to 72 hours, even though...
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NeuroLogica Blog » Potential New Pain Drug from Snail Venom

Nasa to host major press conference on 'discovery beyond our solar system'

Nasa announces major press conference on a 'discovery beyond our solar system'

A new study suggests that the spinal cord determines if we are left- or right-handed

The reasons for our left or right-handedness

"Obviously, those familiar with antivaccine misinformation, pseudoscience, and tropes will immediately recognize this hoary challenge as being based on what I like to refer to as the “toxins” gambit, a common antivaccine trope that targets the adjuvants and other ingredients in vaccines as horrific “toxins.”"

Prove the scientific consensus and win a prize: A time-dishonored PR ploy used by cranks, quacks, and pseudoscientists (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. edition)

"Essentially the NAS panel wants to limit human germline editing to the most severe cases where there is no other option, after sufficient safety research is done. This is a reasonable place to start, but I predict it will not end there, and it shouldn’t end there."

NeuroLogica Blog » Human Gene Editing

"The organisms were likely to have been encased in the striking shafts of gypsum at least 10,000 years ago, and possibly up to 50,000 years ago."

Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life - BBC News

Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job losses

Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job losses

The FAA and NASA are running a series of trial flights aimed at making airport arrivals far more efficient.

NASA and the FAA Are Testing Plane Tech to Cut Delays and Shorten Flights