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Latest Podcast: Episode #595 – 12/03/2016

Forgotten Superheroes of Science: Maria Telkes; News Items: Fake News and Online Reasoning, Santa Myth, Farmer Ants, Diamond Batteries; Who’s That Noisy; What’s the Word: Endemic; Name That Logical Fallacy; Science or Fiction

[ Theskepticsguide.org Link ]

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

" Now, analysis of special CT scans by scientists from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas at Austin suggests the female hominin spent enough time in the trees that evidence of this behavior is preserved in the internal structure of her bones. "

Human ancestor 'Lucy' was a tree climber, new evidence suggests

via Credible Hulk
"Scientists are offering several new scenarios to explain the formation of Pluto’s frozen heart-shaped feature, first spotted by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2015."

Scientists Probe Mystery of Pluto’s Icy Heart

"These unlikely partners share a common conviction: that quantum computing—which aims to harness quantum mechanics to vastly accelerate computation—is ready for prime time. "

Scientists are close to building a quantum computer that can beat a conventional one

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Astronomy Picture of the Day 20161130

We discuss the shoddy science of power poses on this SGU episode: [ Theskepticsguide.org Link ]
Now a new study fails to replicate the claims of power poses.

Power poses don't help and could potentially backfire

"Perhaps he was so attracted to the AAPS vision of doctors as special and “outside of the herd” to the point that he ignored its simultaneous promotion of dangerous medical quackery, such as antivaccine pseudoscience blaming vaccines for autism, including a view that is extreme even among antivaccine activists, namely that the “shaken baby syndrome” is a “misdiagnosis” for vaccine injury; its...
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The new Secretary of Health and Human Services is a member of a fringe medical organization. Here’s what that means.

"One approach that I’ve written about before is called deprescribing or more crudely “drugectomies”, which involves discontinuing drug therapies if the expected clinical benefits are small. The approach involves an examination of every prescribed drug and confirming that it’s still medically appropriate and necessary, while considering patient preferences and overall quality of life."

Drug therapy is still sending too many people to the emergency department « Science-Based Medicine

"But wait, Hunter just concluded above that the changes in the experiment must have been epigenetic, now he is acknowledging that they were mutations. This is a classic creationist “kettle defense” strategy. Hunter’s points don’t even have to agree with each other. They each exist in isolation as an attempt to throw doubt on evolution."

NeuroLogica Blog » Some Creationist Pseudointellectualism

"In December, the first drill designed to search for a scientifically useful sample of ice that is at least 1.5 million years old will begin its work. It is part of a broader effort to locate the best place to extract a core containing Earth’s oldest ice, which would help to reveal how climate has shaped the planet’s past and how to predict future fluctuations."

Scientists Begin Antarctic Search for World's Oldest Ice

"A seven-year-old boy who died from a treatable strep infection three years ago lived in squalor and was treated with dandelion tea and oil of oregano instead of antibiotics, a trial heard Monday."

‘All he needed was antibiotics’: Calgary boy who died from strep lived in squalor, trial hears

"We learned last week that President-elect Trump has been turning away his intelligence briefers, leaving the tedious task of learning about national-security threats to his understudy, Vice President-elect Pence.

So where is Trump getting his information? Well, now we know." - from conspiracy site, Infowars.

Trump’s ‘news’ source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud

"The title gives away the punch line – of the 38 services they reviewed, only one had any compelling published evidence of efficacy, endometrial scratch (causing minor trauma to the uterine wall to enhance the probability of embryo implantation). Even then the evidence was only “moderate.”"

Add-on Services for IVF – The Evidence « Science-Based Medicine

"The Internet is full of misleading, incorrect, or even blatantly fake information. While optimistic futurists once hailed the Internet as an egalitarian source of knowledge – information for all – it has instead proven to be an equally powerful source of misinformation. The following websites are some of the worst contributors to this disconcerting trend."

The Worst Websites for Science in 2016 | RealClearScience

"So, to summarize, what do we have here? We have a fundraising project by the antivaccine organization Generation Rescue funneled right to Anthony Mawson. Then we have a “study” (really a questionable survey) sold as the definitive “vaxed versus unvaxed” study.This study is, of course, a steaming, stinking pile of fetid dingo’s kidneys, which leads to its abstract being retracted from a low...
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Antivaccinationists promote a bogus internet “survey.” Hilarity ensues as it’s retracted.

"a nearby supercluster—a collection of many hundreds of galaxies—that has never before been noticed because the gas, dust, and stars of our own Milky Way are blocking the view."

Hidden cluster of galaxies may be moving the Milky Way

"The most elementary fact-checking readily demolishes the claims in the article. In the first place, the name of the website is designed to deceive. It is not Discovery Channel or Discover magazine. It is “Discovery News Journal.” There is no such journal."

BrainPlus IQ: Lying with Advertising « Science-Based Medicine

"Overall, young people’s ability to reason about the information on the Internet can be summed up in one word: bleak."

NeuroLogica Blog » Civic Online Reasoning