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DJ IVORY TOWER aka William Patrick Corgan will be spinning vinyl tonight! Come on my and have some tea! xoxoxoxo
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Feeling so blessed (photo credit: Kristin Burns)
Thank you for everyone who came out to see us. #ThereNotThere
Last night we met some very loyal fans in Kansas City. You can see that video on Billy twitter. Now it's you're turn to come see us Today in Albuquerque between 3:15 to 4:00pm at the train station. #ThereNotThere.
Here we are leaving Chicago via 360 Camera for #ThereNotThere.

We will be rolling through Kansas City tonight around 10:00pm. We will have some time to say hi. Comment below or tweet at us if you're going to come by.
Welcome to #ThereNotThere train trip.

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On Day Twenty-Seven of #ThirtyDays, William Patrick Corgan spoke with Amy Jo Martin for her podcast. See the quote attached that explains how the song Today was created. The video below captures a small portion of the conversation. Comment below what you learned from this entire talk.

Hear the full deep conversation here - [ Link ]
We appreciate all the great comments, feedback and sharing of #ThirtyDays. We are looking back at all the great moments create each day. Subscribe and watch the whole journey now - [ Link ]

Day Zero really was the genesis of the project and in fact where the project got its name. So as we recorded this, it's where the whole project got its name.
It's Day Thirty... it's over. William Patrick Corgan has arrived in Los Angeles. We are beyond proud of #ThirtyDays and this series, the people we met, the moments shared. At the end of this video, Billy shares what the next project will be for us.

This entire project was funded by Billy to give you a look into his life and process. No network, no sponsors, no agenda. Just Billy, Joseph...
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As we put today Day Thirty of #ThirtyDays - we share our favorites. Tag a friend in comments who you want to share this series with.
In one day, William Patrick Corgan visits an abandoned motel, interacts with a donkey and witnesses a gun fight. Where did he find all this? Route 66. Day Twenty-Nine features a tour around the famous road through Arizona and California. See all of #ThirtyDays at
Tag your best friend in comment section. We all have that best friend. Meet William Patrick Corgan best friend Tommy Lipnick. On Day Twenty-Eight of #ThirtyDays, Tommy meets up with Billy in Sedona Arizona. We learn their backstory and see what makes this friendship tick.
Great two days of meetings with Seth Grahame-Smith, Musicly. And I would be LION if I didn't wish you a Happy Valentines Day from Beverly Hills. The rest of #ThirtyDays later this week.
Catch the sunrise in Monument Valley with William Patrick Corgan as he hunts for a cover shot for his upcoming solo album. Then it's time to hit the road heading to Sedona. Billy sits down and chats with Amy Jo Martin on her podcast to give insight on the moment pivoted his career.
After an amazing night in Taos, New Mexico, Billy hits the road with wheels pointed toward Monument Valley. This is Day Twenty-Six of #ThirtyDays. Share if you've enjoyed so far.
As #ThirtyDays winds down, Billy sat down to chat with Amy Jo Martin on #WhyNotNow. This chat brought Amy to tears because of the honesty and depth they got into. Please subscribe and listen.

Billy Corgan. Smashing Pumpkins to Crushing 2017.
#ThirtyDays Day Twenty-Nine from California.
Made it to California on #Route66. See more at and [ Link ]