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As we put today Day Thirty of #ThirtyDays - we share our favorites. Tag a friend in comments who you want to share this series with.
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In one day, William Patrick Corgan visits an abandoned motel, interacts with a donkey and witnesses a gun fight. Where did he find all this? Route 66. Day Twenty-Nine features a tour around the famous road through Arizona and California. See all of #ThirtyDays at
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Tag your best friend in comment section. We all have that best friend. Meet William Patrick Corgan best friend Tommy Lipnick. On Day Twenty-Eight of #ThirtyDays, Tommy meets up with Billy in Sedona Arizona. We learn their backstory and see what makes this friendship tick.
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Great two days of meetings with Seth Grahame-Smith, Musicly. And I would be LION if I didn't wish you a Happy Valentines Day from Beverly Hills. The rest of #ThirtyDays later this week.
Catch the sunrise in Monument Valley with William Patrick Corgan as he hunts for a cover shot for his upcoming solo album. Then it's time to hit the road heading to Sedona. Billy sits down and chats with Amy Jo Martin on her podcast to give insight on the moment pivoted his career.
After an amazing night in Taos, New Mexico, Billy hits the road with wheels pointed toward Monument Valley. This is Day Twenty-Six of #ThirtyDays. Share if you've enjoyed so far.
As #ThirtyDays winds down, Billy sat down to chat with Amy Jo Martin on #WhyNotNow. This chat brought Amy to tears because of the honesty and depth they got into. Please subscribe and listen.

Billy Corgan. Smashing Pumpkins to Crushing 2017.
#ThirtyDays Day Twenty-Nine from California.
Made it to California on #Route66. See more at and [ Link ]
Taos holds a special place in the life of William Patrick Corgan. Day Twenty-Five looks at the secret places of Taos with Robert Mirabal. Billy and Robert decide to play a surprise concert at the Taos inn. You can see the entire series of #ThirtyDays by subscribing at
The city of Taos holds a special place in the life of William Patrick Corgan. In a visit to this city, Billy met an artist named Robert Mirabal who he now calls his brother. This collaboration of spirit and music led to them performing one time together in Chicago. This also happened to be the first solo show Billy ever played. Hear the story now. If you like this story, please share it...
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Live Q&A on #ThirtyDays. Ask questions about your favorite episodes, moments or songs played on this trip. Share to get your questions answered
What happens when Billy Corgan visits the Roswell, NM UFO Museum? Are there more questions than answers? Day Twenty-Three of #ThirtyDays explore this and more. Subscribe to see more at
When #ThirtyDays began, the goal was to connect with the pockets of America that inspire Billy Corgan.

Taos holds a very special place in his heart as does Robert Mirabal. As this story is told in Days Twenty-Four and Twenyy-Five of Thirty Days, you'll see the beauty and energy of Taos. And why it holds such a special place in his heart and his music.

Thank you Robert and people of...
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From Taos Inn in New Mexico, Billy performs an impromptu show. Watch all of #ThirtyDays and subscribe to Share this!
Live music alert! Billy will be playing in Taos tonight. The actual location will be revealed only on his Snapchat.

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On Day Twenty-Two of #ThirtyDays, Billy takes the adventure from West Texas into New Mexico. From the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, William Patrick Corgan plays a live edition of Blue Prairie and takes the RV off the beaten path. Subscribe to see al the episodes -
Billy says that the best moment of the #ThirtyDays happens on Day Twenty-One. What is it? Where does he go? Find out now.

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