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The Smith Family
11/30/2016 at 05:33. Facebook
“What I love about The Smith Family is they’re achieving real outcomes”. The Learning for Life sponsorship had such a positive impact on Mark’s life, he went on to graduate from university, have a family and then become a sponsor of the program that gave him so much.

Become a sponsor today: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Stumped for Christmas gift ideas? Try our unique range of gift donations that support learning programs and resources for disadvantaged children across Australia! You’ll be helping a child share in the joy of Christmas PLUS the person receiving your gift will know their gift is changing a child’s life: [ Bit.ly Link ]

The Smith Family

When times are tough, the festive season puts even more strain on families. That’s why we’re delivering toys and books to 14,715 disadvantaged kids across Australia, in time for Christmas Day.

Support our Toy & Book Appeal and help put a smile on a child’s face! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Remember, it’s only Christmas when we share it :)
“I couldn't see myself passing high school. It was a scary feeling…”

Steven was able to overcome extreme hardship thanks to the support of generous sponsors. Please sponsor a child today to give them the chance they deserve.

[ Bit.ly Link ]
This Christmas, we need 756 sponsors to support some of Australia’s poorest children through school. Will you be one of them?

Be a sponsor today: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Years ago, Steven was sleeping on his aunt’s floor with his mum by his side. But then something incredible happened: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“What broke my heart, was seeing my mum so helpless”.
Steven’s tale has a much happier ending than you’d think, watch it here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Boo! Celebrating Halloween tonight? Turn fright night into fundraising night with these simple ideas.

The Smith Family

When you grow up in poverty, every day is a balancing act – it can be like walking a tightrope.

Watch Steven’s inspiring story and SHARE to help raise awareness of the 1 in 10 Australian children living in disadvantage. #Talesof1in10
"[In Year 10] I didn’t even know where I was going at that point …” says Teigan, one of our Learning for Life students.

Through iTrack, Teigan found a supportive mentor who advised her on study and career options, and gave her confidence to embrace the future. She’s now a university student with dreams of becoming a writer or editor!

Ever thought about being a mentor? Through our iTrack...
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Want to know the true meaning of courage? Keep an eye out next week for our beautiful new animated film from the ‘Tales of the 1 in 10’ series.

The project shares real stories of the 1 in 10 Australian children growing up in poverty today who overcome great adversity. The films are an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Watch our third film ‘Jess and the Mighty Journey’...
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Poverty can be a vicious cycle. Supporting a child’s education can help break it. #AntiPovertyWeek

Learn more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Entering university can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re the first person in your family to do so. For Jason, having a volunteer mentor made all the difference and has even inspired him to volunteer as a Smith Family Learning Club tutor!

Find out how your support helped Jason pursue his goal of becoming a judge: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Big thanks to the 10,000+ cyclists who took part in the annual Around the Bay ride over the weekend and helped raise money for children in need. The Melbourne weather couldn't hold back these smiles!

It’s not too late to donate at [ Bit.ly Link ] and we hope to see you next year at the starting line!
Our new cycling hero: Indigo Skinner is 10 years old and one of the youngest participants in Around the Bay this weekend. Indigo’s on track to smash her race distance of 50km AND she’s gone well beyond her two fundraising targets - she now has her sights set on raising $1,200 for disadvantaged children!

Did you know $200 will provide a school essentials pack to help a disadvantaged child with...
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Since 2003, nearly 25,000 people just like Makoura have graduated from ANZ Australia’s Saver Plus program, saving a staggering $17.3 million!

The results speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 participants reported feeling more confident about planning ahead and managing their money, and were determined to pass their new saving habits on to their family.

Get all the facts in the Saver Plus 2016...
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Watching Aaron speak, you wouldn’t think this confident young man ever had problems at school. But Aaron used to feel nervous as the odd one out. Now he feels like he belongs and wants to help others when he grows up. What a transformation!

Watch Aaron explain his big plans in the full video here --> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Belinda speaks with so much pride about her son Kyle’s progress at school.

“It wasn’t a struggle for him to go to school anymore. He wasn’t embarrassed to have to stand up and read. He wasn’t struggling with the words. As a parent, you can’t describe what it does for you to see your child open up.”

Supporting a child’s education can change lives. Sponsor children like Kyle and Aaron:
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It’s so important to be thankful for what we have. Tell us, what do you feel grateful for? #WorldGratitudeDay