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Jake goes to school every day knowing he’s different. He feels “less than” for falling behind in class, missing out on school trips or not having the right shoes or uniform. Sadly, there are 1.1 million young Australians growing up in poverty and struggling at school, just like Jake. Here’s how you can help today: [ Link ]
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“To see so many students that I’ve known for so long go through and graduate year 12, it’s fantastic. What an achievement.” - Sereena, Learning for Life Coordinator.

For our sponsored students, connecting with their Learning For Life coordinator can make all the difference. Thank you to our Learning for Life coordinators for being there for our students, good days and bad. Thank you to our...
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Sponsoring a child means much more than financial support. As well as being provided with books, a uniform and shoes, a sponsored child is provided with the emotional support and guidance they need to believe that they can succeed in school. Learn how your sponsorship will help a disadvantaged Australian student today: [ Link ]
When you feel like you're not good enough, school can feel like the worst place in the world. Jake is just one of 1.1 million young Australians living in poverty who feel like this every day.

Through no fault of their own, these children miss out and are isolated for being different. But by sponsoring a child like Jake, you can provide the life changing support they desperately need.

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Right now, 5,941 children are waiting for life-changing sponsorships. Will you help a child in need as they return to school? Please sponsor an Australian child today:

Link: [ Link ]
Thank you for giving so many young Australians a reason to celebrate today
“I’ve seen my grades improve a lot,” Tahlia says. “Specially in English and Maths… Learning Club has kept me at school, kept me going. I've wanted to drop out so many times but I've kept my head high and Learning Club has helped me through all of it.”
Would you like to make a lasting difference to the life of a child like Tahlia? We are currently looking for Learning Club tutors – it only...
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What’s your new year’s resolution? Get fit? Tick off a bucket list adventure? Do more to support the causes you care about? Why not do them all in 2017! Trek the historic Kokoda Track, knowing every step you take will help break the cycle of disadvantage for Australian children. Find out more: [ Link ]
When she was young Shaeya got very sick, and her parents were told by specialists that she would have learning delays. But she pushed herself and is now on the way to realise the dream she had since she was in Year 5: to become a chef. ‘Shaeya was very lucky with her sponsor,’ says her mum, Wanita. ‘Getting a cookbook from her sponsor when she was in hospital one time really lifted her...
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“When the children work out something for themselves, through assistance, their faces just light up… That’s what I get out of it, that’s why I come here every week.” Ha, Learning Club Volunteer Tutor.
Keen to volunteer in 2017 but short on time? In as little as two hours a week you can support students to enhance their learning opportunities. Register today:[ Link ]
Thanks to the support of thousands of generous Australians, our learning and support programs help more than 127,000 disadvantaged Australian children and their families. Find out more about what we do: [ Link ]
We couldn’t agree more. Supporting a disadvantaged child’s education opens their mind to a world of opportunity and a future full of possibilities.
'Your help has given me a strong dream of wanting to help others,' says Anick, a Learning for Life graduate. For more Smith Family stories, visit: [ Link ]
This drawing by Year 6 student Maikayla perfectly captures the holiday spirit - it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re with the ones you love. Happy holidays everyone!
To our awesome Facebook family... thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn’t have done it without you.
Looking forward to a great 2017 together!
Completing Year 12 was a huge milestone for Ruth, who lost her mother a year earlier and had to work two jobs to get by.

Ruth is one of the 127,000 young Australians we helped over the last year and our results show that our support is helping to break the cycle of long-term disadvantage. Read how we’re making a measurable difference in our latest Annual Report. ->
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Our tireless Christmas elves volunteered to pack and deliver 45,000 toys and 30,000 books to families in need across Australia. Thank you for putting smiles on so many children’s faces! :)
Merry Christmas from The Smith Family! Today, we want to share with you one of our favourite Christmas tales from the writer O. Henry. Read this and tell us what you think in the comments!

A young newlywed couple struggle to get by, yet still yearn to give each other a Christmas gift - “something fine and rare and sterling.” Della sells her most prized possession - her beautiful long hair -...
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Wishing you all the best for the festive season. We’ll be back in January. If you need any assistance during that time, please contact your local office. Contact details can be found here -> [ Link ].