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Did you know you can make your own Smurf village?

Get ready for SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE by building your very own mushroom hut filled wonderland in Phim Xì Trum’ Village mobile game! [ Link ]
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I'M CRAZY EXCITED to be a part of the Phim Xì Trum as the VOICE of Smurf Melody ????First voice over gig ever???????? #IMALADY #SmurfsMovie #SmurfMelody
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Check out SmurfStorm in Smurfs: The Lost Village this April! #SmurfsMovie
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See the resemblance?? ???? Be sure to check out Smurfette on the big screen in Phim Xì Trum: The Lost Village this April! #SmurfsMovie
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She doesn't take ?no' from anybody, especially Papa Smurf, the singer says. She's a strong, independent lady Smurf. Girl power!

Smurfs: The Lost Village Stars Hanging With Their Smurf Characters
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Not all pets can be as cool as Snappy Bug, but we love them all the same! #LoveYourPetDay #SmurfsMovie
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Before we find out who this year’s winners are, check out all of the films setting Smurfs’ Village abuzz! #SmurfsMovie
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This weekend, be like “Treat Yourself" Smurf. #SmurfsMovie #WeekendVibes
Surprises await in the Smurfs’ first fully animated adventure in just 50 days! #SmurfsMovie
Everyone’s first true love. #SinglesAwarenessDay #SmurfsMovie
Pucker up with your Valentine’s bae! #HappyValentinesDay #SmurfsMovie
Roses are red, Smurfs are blue, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, and you and you!

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Spotlight? Check. Smurfette is ready for tonight’s red carpet - good luck to the voice behind Smurfette, Demi Lovato! #SmurfsMovie #GRAMMYs
When you’re rolling out of work on a Friday and something comes up. #SmurfsMovie
In two months, join the journey for the Lost Village in the Smurfs’ first fully animated adventure! #SmurfsMovie
May your team make it to the end zone in one piece! #SmurfsMovie
When you find out there’s still six more weeks of winter. #GroundhogDay #SmurfsMovie
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When you realize it's still the weekend... #SmurfsMovie