Something blue this way comes… #SmurfsMovie in cinemas on April 21, 2017.
Looks like the Smurfs just discovered Google & are fascinated by it!

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Known as the bravest & strongest Smurf, Hefty is always ready to help out his fellow Smurfs!
Meet him in #TheSmurfs2!

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#SmurfsMovie in cinemas on 21st April 2017
Next year, a whole new world awaits. Watch the official teaser trailer of SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE now! #SmurfsMovie will be coming to cinemas on 21st April 2017!
Check out the official teaser poster for SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE and come back later today to watch the teaser trailer! #SmurfsMovie in cinemas on 21st April 2017
Global Smurfs Day Celebration, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Sony Pictures celebrates Global Smurfs Night in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands on June 15, 2016 in Singapore. Smurfs: The Lost Village in theaters 2017.
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#AngryBirdsMovie in cinemas Summer 2016.
Watch the new trailer for the highly-awaited #AngryBirdsmovie!
In cinemas in English & Hindi on June 3! Also in 3D. [ Link ]
You know him from his role as Dwight in the hit comedy THE OFFICE. Say happy birthday to Rainn Wilson - your new Gargamel from the animated SMURFS movie coming in 2017!
Enjoy a holiday lick from the Hatchlings. The #AngryBirdsMovie in cinemas Summer 2016!
Getting a little chilly outside? Need some animated cuteness to keep you warm? Cozy up to the Hatchlings from The #AngryBirdsMovie. Coming to cinemas in the much warmer summer.
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See the new poster of The #AngryBirdsmovie. In cinemas Summer 2016. Have you seen the trailer yet? [ Link ]