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"I love lingerie. I like that idea of you can wear a suit on the outside but no one really knows what's going on underneath." - Marci Ien

Is lingerie sexist?
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"My response was to remember that this is why women don't come forward in the first place. And I wanted to tell women—that no matter what, no matter who's going to say something—do not be quiet."

Natasha Stoynoff on her decision to come forward with her Donald Trump story
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We're OBSESSED with Lainey's dress on today's show! Get the details here: [ Link ]
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Can't wait for Gusto TV's Desiree Neilsen and her delicious eats on tomorrow's show! #TheUrbanVegetarian
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The cheaper "Basic Economy" ticket means you won't get a seat until check-in, you'd be the last to board and can't use the overhead bin space. Would you go for this ticket? Is it worth it for the price? Or not worth the inconvenience?

American Airlines introduces cheaper 'Basic Economy' fare
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What do you think of this idea? Would you go for "moisturizing" clothing?

Emirates introduce 'moisturising pyjamas' for First Class passengers
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What do you think of lingerie? Do you love it or avoid it? What empowers you to wear (or not wear) lingerie?

Is Lingerie a Sexist Ploy, or Is It Just Self-Care?
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The ladies hold nothing back in today's top discussion!

Should Canada's next Prime Minister be bilingual?
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Need a little convincing to go short? We're here to persuade you.

3 short haircuts and how to style them
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In honour of this month's Social Chapter book, we pay tribute to the woman behind the Hidden Figures story.

Why this NASA mathematician is our latest Women Crush Wednesday pick
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Get your New Year's resolutions back on track with a little help from our tech detective!

7 gadgets to keep your new year's resolutions intact
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Stunning! Grab the details on today's #WhatWeWore files: [ Link ]
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Is it important to you that Canada’s next Prime Minister be bilingual? Or does this just disqualify great candidates?

Should Canada’s next prime minister be bilingual?
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Richard Branson wants to create sports festivals around the world geared to entire families (participating in half marathons, yoga, fitness classes, etc.). Do you like this idea?

Richard Branson's Next Big Idea: Sports Festivals
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Do you agree with this millennial philosophy—quit if you’re not happy? Or do you believe you have to stick to a commitment?

Why Millennials Want to Quit Everything
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Do you welcome the idea of card-only restaurants? Or do you prefer to pay in cash?

Why restaurants are phasing out cash payments
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From mud to clay to charcoal, dirt packs a powerful punch!

The best “dirty” beauty products for your skin
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"This is not just a discussion for politicians or doctors to be talking about. There's a really important role that patients and citizens need to play in getting these ideas to the front of the public conversation." - Dr. Danielle Martin

6 ideas that could improve Canada's health care system
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Jess channels her inner goddess on a luxurious mud mission to the spa! [ Link ] #TheJessFiles