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The Soulful Woman
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Greetings, dear Soulful Women,

For the last 8 years, we have shared our teachings with you on the Soulful Woman Page. It has been a joy and blessing to have you join us on this exceptional journey of feminine consciousness. It has been our great delight and surprise to witness our page grow and blossom to 1.5 million followers from all around the world....
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OUR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WITH LOVE Greetings dear Soulful Women For the last
Emily Pettigrew
Yulanda Anne Gombard
Consuela Harper
Card Reading: SOUL'S JOURNEY: "Living from soul opens me to the MAGIC that exists when I surrender to Divine Manifestation—on its own terms and TIMING."

When we're living life guided by soul, we're able to take the long-view, knowing that the Soul's Journey is not a path of quick fixes or instant gratification. Rather, it is an ever-spiralling path of learning from experience, which leads to...
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Card Reading SOULS JOURNEY Living from soul opens me to the MAGIC
Matthew Harris
Janice Salmon
Danielle Benoit
Decluttering for SOUL: Is your stuff weighing you down?

Recently, I decided to do a giant declutter in preparation for a house move. I moved lots of stuff out of my life, and to my surprise I found myself feeling YOUNGER with every armful that went out the door.

It made me think: Beyond the basics, does our stuff weigh us down? Could it even affect our health and aging? Are we entangled...
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Decluttering for SOUL: Is your stuff weighing you down
Sue Gray
Tasha Nicole
Rebecca Russell
Samhain blessings to you dear soulful women in the Southern Hemisphere and Happy Beltane to those soul sisters in the North. The Card I've chosen for you today is No. 33, INNER WAKEFULNESS.

In the South with the cooling earth and shorter days, this is an invitation to direct your INNER WAKEFULNESS to that which you would like to bless and release, that which needs to die away and lay fallow....
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Samhain blessings to you dear soulful women in the Southern Hemisphere and
Nanda Fogli
Linda O'Dell
Robin Wicks
Hold onto your hats, you are on an ENERGETIC SUPERHIGHWAY! – the internet is one way that we can plug into the world wide web of AWAKENING consciousness. We can also plug in through our spiritual practices, prayers and meditations. Making it a daily practice to bring our focus on all that we appreciate in life, all the love, goodwill, goodheartedness and compassion that radiates within us, has...
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Hold onto your hats you are on an ENERGETIC SUPERHIGHWAY the internet
Nomathamsanqa Ngubane
PB Grossman
Cindy Bianchi Merlino
I hope you enjoy this short CARD READING from our Soulful Woman Guidance Cards. The card I have pulled for us today is Card 27: Quiet Nourishes Me and Connects Me to the Power of Now.

MESSAGE: This card is all about taking TIME & SPACE for ourselves so that we can reconnect with our own inner being. When we NOURISH our relationship with our own inner being, we boost our wellbeing, our...
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Anna Sharkaya
Janette Jones
Monique van Ooteghem
What is SELF-LOVE, for you? Is it different from self-absorption? Actually, true self-love is one of the most empowering and liberating practices we can offer ourselves.

I've put together 7 KEYS to Healthy Self-Love. See which ones resonate for you. When you’re practicing self-love in your life, the following things become more true for you:

1. INNER GOODNESS: You know that goodness, care...
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What is SELFLOVE for you Is it different from selfabsorption Actually true
Jody Ann Lucero
Tamara Laporte
Sharon Cotterill
Soulful Woman Guidance Card No. 44 - Inner Guidance System
Affirmation: The best answers always come from the calm, radiant place within me. I wait for these with joy.

Our best answers come from within, even if we've heard fabulous advice from without. There is merit and grace in saying thankyou and allowing time to see whether the advice we've been given has a resonance internally. Sometimes...
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Jennifer Bovezza
Maree Dodson
Tracey de Goveia
What is it to be EMPOWERED? There is no doubt that within each and everyone of us there is the potential to connect to a limitless source of wisdom, energy and resource. There is a path that links our ego understanding with our soul growth.

When we are stuck or overwhelmed we may go into an energetic contraction and may ask: “Why me? Why is this happening TO me?” This is completely...
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What is it to be EMPOWERED There is no doubt that within
Traci M McCracken
Dee Marlin Huffman
Renee Kaskisto
Dear friends, it’s time for a little card reading! On behalf of us all, I pulled FRIENDSHIP, which reads: “I am deeply grateful for the gift of friends. My appreciation for them is endless.”

MY INTERPRETATION: When I tune into this card, I feel the message is about the POWER of CONNECTION, and not just about buddies and best friends. I’ve been thinking lately about how important it is to feel...
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Dear friends its time for a little card reading On behalf of
Tonia McDaniel Wind
Alle Mc
Carole Marie
Where To From Here? After a time of sitting with the “DON'T KNOW” and facing an unknown future, comes the question, “Where Is My Path Now?”

This is often a time of Quiet Alertness and holding space, knowing that Soul will eventually guide us. We are waiting for something, for direction, but to where exactly? We look for signs and signals, MESSAGES from the universe to show us the way.

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Where To From Here After a time of sitting with the DONT
Pamela-ann Swanepoel
Stacey C. Nicholas
Kaz Beresford
Soulful Woman Guidance CARD 28. POWER OF MY VOICE
AFFIRMATION: I speak my truth and express my feelings to others with care and compassion.

Speaking our truth can be a struggle for many of us for fear of offending, not being liked or seeming aggressive. But not speaking our truth also creates suffering and even resentment and disconnection over time. The wonderful gift of expressing what is...
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Soulful Woman Guidance CARD 28 POWER OF MY VOICE
Monica Fifolt-Bittner
Francesca Pal-Mur
Gayatri Sullivan
INNER AWAKENING: We all have those moments where we CATCH something about ourselves that we don't like. Something we may have said or done, that leaves us feeling a little embarrassed or reactive towards ourselves.

Catching these moments are points of AWAKENING, of raising our consciousness. It may take us by surprise to really SEE an old repeated behaviour, an old pattern or negative...
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INNER AWAKENING We all have those moments where we CATCH something about
Kathy Keating Kudravy
Jan Clark-Kuhr
Joan Semmler Oravits
CARD READING: The new year is under way, so this morning I pulled a card from the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards, and it came up as THE UNKOWN. This card has been coming up a few times lately, reminding us that nothing is truly certain until it happens, and even then things can change quickly. There’s a lot of speculation about what 2017 means and what’s likely to occur, but the truth is, nobody...
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CARD READING The new year is under way so this morning I
Chelle Mary
Renee Michelle Ball
Yarrow Summers
Empowerment & INSPIRATION for Your Feminine Soul: Unravel the wisdom of the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards.
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Gemma Summers and Shushann Movsessian, are the authors of the cards, and founders of the popular Soulful Woman facebook page. They are offering their wisdom and guidance during a half-day workshop that is EMPOWERING, FUN and ENERGISING.

**Each workshop...
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Empowerment INSPIRATION for Your Feminine Soul Unravel the wisdom of the Soulful

Soulful Woman Empowerment Workshop

Lynne Tucker
Dave-Barb Kleinhans
Leona Markham
DO GOOD THINGS come to those who wait?

When it came to pursuing my goals and dreams, patience was never my strong suit. I often pushed too hard at life, eager for results, and for change. But, I have FINALLY learned the power of patience and now practice this divine attitude daily. I've learned that rushing usually only has the effect of disconnecting me from my INTUITION and heart. Have you...
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DO GOOD THINGS come to those who wait When it came to
Erika Bostwick Betlejewski
Trisha Piersimoni
Christina Armstrong-Phillips
Beloved Soul Travellers,
Sharing Card 47 for the budding new year - GRACE
Amazon link: [ Link ]

AFFIRMATION: When I open to the Deep Source of Grace, the flow of my life feels effortless and vibrant.

We send our blessings for a flow of abundance, GRACE and ease for 2017. We know that many have shared how difficult last year was. We wish you a stream of peace and goodwill for this...
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Beloved Soul Travellers Sharing Card 47 for the budding new year GRACE
Christina Armstrong-Phillips
Diane Jacobson Born
Giselle Duff
Wondrous New Year Blessings to all of you gorgeous Soul Travellers,
Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2017!

I heard today - When we pray we affirm the DIGNITY of personal need. I was very moved by this graceful reflection. ❤
My simple prayer for this year is GRATITUDE - blessing and releasing what was and being fully present in my heart with what is. This is both my prayer and my...
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Wondrous New Year Blessings to all of you gorgeous Soul Travellers
The Soulful Woman
Traci Bailey
Mahana Devi
Dear Soulful Women,

We are all in transition now and the energies surrounding us are both confronting and exciting as change is upon us. During this time, it's helpful to tune into the deepest level of your intuitive guidance and make choices from the pure, positive intelligence of your own soul. Only you know what's right for you, and why.

Using guidance cards in connection with...
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Dear Soulful Women We are all in transition now and the energies
Christina Armstrong-Phillips
Coleen Romano
Andy Pandy
Season's Greetings, dear friends and soul-lovers.

It's a great time of year to take stock, celebrate and allow SPACE between the end of the year and the New Year ahead. It feels to me as if 2017 is going to be a year where many of us will take a giant STEP towards being ourselves more fully and following our own path, with less worry or concern about what others might think.

This is a time...
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Season's Greetings dear friends and soullovers
Nonkululeko Nxumalo
Lizelle Williams
Sandra Vathana