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The protests are in essence an appeal to British decorum, to British fair play and temperance over the ‘vulgarity’ of rich, portly Americans. They’re calling on our MPs to do the bloody decent thing of turning Britain’s gilded, golden back on a nasty bloke from afar.

The Stop Trump protests are the ultimate virtue signal | Coffee House
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It seems as though even the Labour party can't keep track of who's in their shadow cabinet...

Labour's shadow cabinet fail | Coffee House
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With polling day this Thursday and the results expected to be tight, surely Tristram Hunt is doing everything he can to help his party’s candidate Gareth Snell retain the seat for Labour?

What by-election? Tristram Hunt starts his new job | Coffee House
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The disadvantages of buying a leasehold home can be as innumerable as the stumbling blocks to affording it in the first place. Essentially you are buying time – time to live in a place and call it yours.

The perils of leasehold property | Coffee House
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All that new-world wine and South American beef, which attracts a tariff starting at 13 per cent, should suddenly be free to enter Britain, free of any restrictions. Hooray for that.

Could Brexit mean cheaper food? Don’t open the prosecco yet | Coffee House
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Like many of the tragedies of human history, the Russian revolution was accompanied, at least in the early stages, by energy, hope and creativity as well as by murderous cruelty and messianic delusion.

The true harshness of Soviet life rarely comes through: RA’s Revolution reviewed
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If banks can co-operate on ATMs — as several of you observed — why can’t they combine branch services so that one multi-bank outlet survives in any significant locality?

One good thing about bank closures: they could give the Co-op a new job
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Microdosing on LSD transformed Ayelet Waldman from bipolar harridan to happy, productive writer, mother and wife.

How LSD saved my marriage — and my life
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Personalisation results in more problems than laughs. You can’t re-wrap and palm off a set of personalised tea towels. You can’t even give them away to a charity shop.

Personalised marshmallows, shoes and pork pies? The cult of personalisation has gone too far
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Just as I was puckering up to Marine Le Pen, a camera was rudely inserted between us, says Jeremy Clarke.

Up close and personal with Marine Le Pen
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What's the appeal of a musical about exile, pogroms and poverty?

Why do people flock to Fiddler on the Roof?
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As the government’s Article 50 bill makes it way to the Lords this week, the ghosts of New Labour past are fighting to prevent a hard Brexit — or any Brexit at all.

Peter Mandelson rises up and calls for a Brexit rebellion in the Lords | Coffee House
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John Bercow is pompous, vain and silly – but deposing him would leave a poisonous legacy, says Matthew Parris.

In (conditional) defence of John Bercow
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Forget La La Land. Moonlight is the film that deserves every award going, says Deborah Ross.

A traditional narrative that’s rarely been better told: Moonlight reviewed
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This should be a golden age for the exchange of opinion. Yet in the echoing chasm of digital space, the instant ability to voice opinions has not engendered lucid debate but muddied the waters impossibly.

Overwhelmed by opinion? Here's how to cope
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When I hear talk of screen bans, it makes me want to set up a National Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Adults, says Toby Young.

Can I bear to sack the digital babysitter?
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Mrs May is playing poker.
David Davis holds the joker.
Jean-Claude Juncker’s going spare.
Trump defibrillates his hair.

Poems on the triggering of Article 50:

Poems on the triggering of Article 50 | Coffee House