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You might feel the urge to switch off when Jarvis Cocker invites you ‘beneath the surface of what to the untrained eye or ear could appear to be just one more ordinary night on Planet Earth’. But why not revel in the pretentiousness? Why not go over the top? After all, there is nothing stranger than life itself.

Why I revel in Jarvis Cocker’s pretentiousness
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Donald Trump's press secretary has changed the White House briefing from a boring tickle-fest for liberals to an orgy of pouting and breathless self-aggrandisement. Long may it continue, says Matthew Walther.

Why I’m falling in love with Sean Spicer
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Jean-Claude Juncker is the worst thing about the EU. It’s not just that he’s Luxembourgish – it’s more the way he’s smug and lazy and unelected, and secure, and utterly impervious to everything, says Hugo Rifkind.

Jean-Claude Juncker is now the hardest Brexiter there is
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There’s something liberating about a programme that features imperfect people who it’s OK not to like. And in Girls, you dislike every character most of the time, says Jonathan McAloon.

The real joy of Lena Dunham's Girls is the boys
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Employment at a record high, crime at a record low, the poor doing best. How can Jean-Claude Juncker say David Cameron ‘destroyed’ Britain, asks Fraser Nelson.

No, Monsieur Juncker, David Cameron did not “destroy” the United Kingdom. | Coffee House
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Douglas Carswell stopped Nigel Farage being the face of the Out campaign – and he's leaving Ukip having had the last laugh.

It's mission accomplished for Douglas Carswell as Ukip's only MP quits | Coffee House
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On Twitter, victimhood is not just a sign that you've made it – it's a way to boost your career, says Emily Hill.

The importance of being trolled
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Let's hope Fox displays a bit more diplomacy in the upcoming trade talks...

Liam Fox's ungentlemanly conduct | Coffee House
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When the revolution came, Lenin was in a race not only against liberals, reactionaries and rival socialists, but also with his own mortality and sense of self-worth.

How Lenin manipulated the Russian Revolution to his own ends
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Blossom is a reminder of the fleeting nature of life, of its heartbreaking quickness. Which is why the moment when the trees burst into flower in Japan is party time, as it has been for perhaps a thousand years.

Let’s cherish the cherry blossom: its fleeting beauty is like life itself
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The BBC is deeply, institutionally biased towards a soft-liberal, naïve, middle-class view of the world. But it can occasionally shock with its even-handedness, says Rod Liddle.

What shocks me about the BBC: occasionally it isn’t biased
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Labour's local candidates have a new strategy to win: work hard, and don’t be afraid to disavow Corbyn on the doorstep.

Labour can only survive by pretending Corbyn has gone | Coffee House
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The presence of a Spitfire or a noble lion on someone's social media profiles is one all but unerring indicator that you’re dealing with someone who deplores the realities of modern Britain, writes Alex Massie.

Why do so many right-wingers hate Britain so much? | Coffee House
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Stuck for ideas for Sunday lunch? Roast chicken might sound boring, but try this recipe and you might think again.

How to cook the perfect roast chicken | Spectator Life
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'The West' is not just about ‘individual freedom and sovereignty’; it also involves a strong idealism about human rights, the good of all.

Cynicism is the West's great weakness | Coffee House
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Peter Stanford welcomes a very different portrayal of Thomas More to Hilary Mantel's bogeyman.

A century of holy heroes — from Thomas More to George Fox
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Lena Dunham's 'Girls' offers one of the most sound critiques of modern man available on TV.

The real joy of Lena Dunham's Girls is the boys
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Why did the Royal Society let Charles get away with his claim that homeopathic treatments are successful in reducing the use of homeopathy?

Prince Charles’s homeopathy for cows: the Royal Society cannot stay silent | Spectator Health