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Theresa May's leathers are ‘more S&M than M&S…’ in Spectator readers’ poems about politicians and their clothing.

Spectator competition winners: Red-Lycra-ed Galloway, G | Coffee House
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Imagine how much more powerful the anti-Trump coalition would be if it included a full contingent of conservative women alongside the usual suspects. But Conservative women aren't invited.

Only the right kind of women are invited to march against Donald Trump | Coffee House
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It’s the corporation’s reporting of Michelle Obama at Trump's inauguration ceremony that has landed the BBC in trouble.

BBC's Michelle Obama gaffe | Coffee House
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‘Carnage’, ’tombstones’, ’robbed’, ‘rusted-out’: Donald Trump's inaugural address used words of blame and retribution, not of hope and the dream of better days. The speech was a reminder of the bleak vision that motivated his campaign, says Rob Crilly.

Trump was still in full campaign mode. Was that wise? | Coffee House
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Trump’s election is about the return of protectionism, the US retreat from free trade – and a massive vacancy that has just been created to lead the world in this department. A vacancy that can be filled by Britain.

Trump has just created a vacancy for a world leader in free trade. Step forward, Theresa May
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I just witnessed an anti-Donald Trump protest, and it was nasty, says Freddy Gray.

There was nothing peaceful about Washington's anti-Trump protests
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He could be the greatest disaster ever to befall America. He could go down as the man that Made America Great Again. What’s certain is that Donald Trump is the most radical US president for centuries.

Donald Trump: the most radical US president for centuries
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How did this happen? It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’.

Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important...
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Trump! How did this happen? | Coffee House
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Of all the jaw-dropping things said by cabinet ministers in recent months has there been anything more extraordinary than this: ‘Trump has come along like the tooth fairy — this is one massive, magnificent gift. It’s transformative.’ I mean, good grief.

No, Donald Trump isn't a 'massive, magnificent gift' for Britain | Coffee House
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Donald Trump, the young bouncy blond tycoon whose aspirations to take over hotels, casinos, airlines, resorts, cities – why not the country? – appear to be boundless.

What would Alistair Cooke have made of Trump's inauguration? | Coffee House
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Lobbyists may find that for a while they will need to keep their heads down. That’s the new reality that Washington’s cosy world has entered. And it may be no bad thing.
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Come work at the world’s greatest magazine. The Spectator is looking for a new production editor:

Wanted: a new production editor for The Spectator | Coffee House
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Even without the deluge of visitors that Barack Obama attracted in 2009, there will still be enough hassles during Donald Trump’s swearing-in to make it best observed on our incoming president’s most natural medium: television.

Could Trump be the progressive leader Obama never managed to be? | Coffee House
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Donald Trump is quite right to be confused about the EU's many Presidents, writes Michael Gove.

Donald Trump's quite right to be confused about the EU's presidents
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The Labour leader is faced with one of those awkward moments that involve him telling his MPs to vote a certain way on a controversial issue, and those MPs rightly being a bit miffed.

The irony of Corbyn's three-line whip | Coffee House
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Seumas Milne is leaving the Guardian to work permanently for the Labour leader. In an email to staff, Kath Viner praised her former comrade for his ‘brilliant’ journalism.

Seumas Milne exits the Guardian for good | Coffee House
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We talk about the era of fake news. Well, this was the era of fake nutrition. It was dreamt up for commercial success, at the expense of impressionable women looking for advice on Instagram.

The 'clean eating' gurus are now repenting - but the damage has been done | Coffee House
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