The Syndicate Project
03/01/2017 at 02:11. Facebook
Silhouette of that guy called Tom who posts his Life on @YouTube
The Syndicate Project
02/24/2017 at 20:22. Facebook
A true GTA fan will get this! (How to get a Strike 101)
The Syndicate Project
02/23/2017 at 18:10. Facebook
Yall need to get on my snapchat asap! I'm snapchating with strangers ADD - ItsSyndicate
I have no idea what I'm doing here
Non the less.. Hello to you all today
Finally reunited with the legend STEEVE!
A massive Happy Birthday to my amazing Mum ☺
I'm loving H1Z1 & posted my ONE MAN ARMY RAMPAGE for you all to enjoy! (How amazing is this thumbnail!) Watch here: [ Link ]
I love my sister, but after 23 years of knowing her..
Finally! I'm back posting gaming videos! I'm truly loving H1Z1 right now, so here's a new funny moments video! [ Link ]
He may not be the hero you want!
He may not be the hero you need!
Not the less, HE'S DERP FACE MAN!
Go to the mountains they said!
It'll be fun they said!
MURICA! Oatmeal.. with maple syrup & obviously.. BACON! #Breakfast
Reuniting with the legend @jefflombardo
I had an absolute amazing time in Las Vegas with @jaguar, they've been so awesome for inviting me & my Dad as guests to watch @jaguarracing compete in the #formulae SIM race. I'll be forever thankful to them for being such a big part of bringing me closer to my family over the past several months & I can't wait to see what the future holds
But mostly, I want to thank massively my incredible...
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My #1 homie
Took the bae out to Hoover Dam today
I like big butts and I cannot lie :)
I just love this guy! Look how smartly dressed he is