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01/20/2017 at 09:56. Facebook
Reuniting with the legend @jefflombardo
I had an absolute amazing time in Las Vegas with @jaguar, they've been so awesome for inviting me & my Dad as guests to watch @jaguarracing compete in the #formulae SIM race. I'll be forever thankful to them for being such a big part of bringing me closer to my family over the past several months & I can't wait to see what the future holds
But mostly, I want to thank massively my incredible...
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My #1 homie
Took the bae out to Hoover Dam today
I like big butts and I cannot lie :)
I just love this guy! Look how smartly dressed he is
The Human Christmas Present... GONE WRONG
I absolutely love this guy
Happy Birthday Nan, she's 8.2" tall this year LMFAO
So damn fresh
I know people always disagree on what shoes they like or not but @dcshoes were the first pair of shoes I can ever remember my Dad ever buying me when I was younger
Ever since then I've been hooked for life
This band is absolutely INCREDIBLE! [ Link ] totally killed last night in Manchester!
Tis the season!
So happy to have the most amazing group of friends
What a fucking squad! #BlueCoat #highschoolreunion
It's not what it looks like
Majestic Steeve.. very majestic!
A happy hello from my Grandad, Gordon
Ohhhh snap! My Dad was a damn good looking 21 year old! @GXDODD You old dog you!
Just chillen brah!