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The Syria Campaign
yesterday at 20:37. Facebook
Last month the last children’s hospital in Eastern Aleppo was bombed. Whilst governments fail to act, we’re coming together to support its doctors in building a new hospital.

We’re sending a ‘People’s Convoy’ to Syria on December 17th stocked with the medical supplies they need. Give what you can: [ Thesyriacampaign.org Link ]
The Syria Campaign
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Mohammed Hardan, a video editor with the Aleppo Media Center, shares part two of his story. Please read it and share.

“When we were on our way home from school, the air force targeted our school with a rocket. It landed very near to our school. The force of the blast propelled me a few meters and I was left with some shrapnel in my body. Nothing serious. My friend and teacher were killed and...
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The Syria Campaign
yesterday at 08:29. Facebook
Mohammed Hardan, a video editor with the Aleppo Media Center, writes to you about life in besieged Aleppo. Please read it and share.

“I moved to the regime controlled part of Aleppo in June 2014 when I started studying Aviation Engineering at University. I used this student life as a cover for six months whilst I reported on regime crimes. It was a risky decision, I could have been arrested...
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The Syria Campaign
12/06/2016 at 12:41. Facebook
Yesterday another two White Helmets were killed while trying to rescue others.

During regime attacks on the besieged cities of Madaya and Beqeen, four people were killed and over 20 injured. Two of those killed were Ali Zahrah and Nayeef Asad and five of the injured were other White Helmets volunteers.

These heroes put their lives on the line to save others from the rubble and now they have...
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The Syria Campaign
12/05/2016 at 17:09. Facebook
This is an intercepted radio call between Assad regime officers giving orders to bomb internally displaced people in Aleppo.

Please share this as civilians are repeatedly attacked on the 103rd day under siege in Eastern Aleppo.
The Syria Campaign
12/01/2016 at 16:13. Facebook
Bakri Al Zain, a Syrian activist, writes to you about the decisions facing civilians living in Eastern Aleppo. Please read it and share.

“Civilians are fleeing to regime areas because of the siege‪,‬ hunger‪,‬ cold‪,‬ and heavy bombing they are experiencing in Eastern Aleppo.

They are faced with only two choices: death by bombing, hunger and cold, or flee to regime areas and risk being...
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The Syria Campaign
12/01/2016 at 09:31. Facebook
Take ten minutes out of your day to watch this incredible documentary about Hadi Abdullah, a heroic reporter who has risked his life to show the suffering of so many Syrians.
Today 45 civilians were killed in a horrific attack by the Syrian regime while trying to flee from the Jub al-Qubba district. The shelling killed families in the streets, their possessions left lying amongst the corpses. Most of them were children and women.

Up to 50,000 people have fled in the last few days. There is no home for them, and there are no guarantees they will not be harmed once...
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Today, the Assad regime bombed a group of civilians fleeing heavy bombardment in Eastern Aleppo, killing 25 and injuring many more.

This is the message they sent the remaining residents.
This Giving Tuesday, help Syria’s brightest hope save lives at one of the darkest moments in the war: [ Whitehelmets.org Link ]

It’s #GivingTuesday, a day when people online give what they can to the causes they care most about. Please support the The White Helmets who are unarmed, impartial, and have saved over 73,500 lives. Give what you can today.
The heroic White Helmets of Aleppo issue a call for help to the world. Watch it. Share it. Repeat it.
“For me, human beings can not be divided.”

Abdel Moneim is 24 years old. He writes to you about what it’s like living under siege in Eastern Aleppo. This is part two of his story - please read it and share.

"We are now in a basement which is safer but we are still scared. Lately, the regime has targeted Aleppo with chlorine gas. Yesterday, they hit a location nearby and the smell of...
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"I was the last person to be pulled from under the rubble after my mother and sister.”

Abdel Moneim is 24 years old. He writes to you about what it’s like being stuck under the rubble of an airstrike. This is part one of his story - please read it and share.

"My name is Abdel Moneim. I am 24 years old. I live with my family in the Tarek Al Bab neighbourhood of besieged Aleppo.

Last Friday...
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Two days ago humanitarian workers in Eastern Aleppo issued a video calling for airdrops and an immediate end to the regime's aerial attacks.

"Don't look back years from now and wish that you could do something; you still can ."

Please share their message
This is part two of Baraa’s story. She is a 23-year-old nurse in Eastern Aleppo.

“I experienced the most difficult situation of my life last night. We received a 4 year old girl who was suffocating because she inhaled dust from the constant bombs that rain down on our city. Because of the overcrowding of patients in our hospital, by the time that it took me to go to the next room to get her...
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Daily Dispatch from Aleppo: Baraa, a nurse’s story

Baraa is a 23-year-old nurse in Eastern Aleppo. She writes to you about what life is like in a city where hospital workers and staff are regularly targeted and medical supplies are running out.

“I did not study nursing. I was a student of Biomedical engineering but I had to cut my studies short because of the war. It was my dream to study...
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Everyday we will be sharing daily stories from the heroes of Aleppo that we hope you will share as wide and far as possible.

Our first is from Aoum Obaidah.

“No words can describe what we experience and suffer everyday,”

Aoum Obaidah, mother of three a teacher at an orphanage in Aleppo city. The orphanage looks after 47 children. She writes to you about what life is like for the 90,000...
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Imagine living in a city where a children's hospital is bombed as it treats chlorine gas victims. This is the reality of life under siege and regime bombs in Eastern Aleppo.

Medical workers have announced there are no functioning hospitals left in eastern Aleppo due to systematic targeting by the Syrian Regime and Russia.

On Friday morning there were five functioning hospitals, by evening there were three and by early Saturday morning the Aleppo Health Directorate said that there were no hospitals in service. One of the hospitals...
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Another amazing White Helmets rescue as Syria's heroes pull a young boy from the rubble.

While the White Helmets keep saving lives, the Assad regime is continuing the siege of Eastern Aleppo. Raed Saleh the head of the White Helmets has said 250,000 lives are at immediate risk there as food and medical supplies will run out in 20 days or less. A quarter of a million people facing death from...
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