The Syria Campaign
03/24/2017 at 10:46. Facebook
The heroic White Helmets volunteers are not only lifesavers but community leaders as well. Take a look at the awareness campaigns and handbooks they made for children in Syria.

A quote from one of the handbooks reads:

"We will take care of you and protect you from all dangers. We are always ready to save you."

Support their work here: [ Link ]
The Syria Campaign
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Channel 4 is broadcasting “Syria’s Disappeared” at 10pm tonight. If you’re in the UK, please watch the 50-minute film and ask those around you to watch it too.

This documentary tells the hidden story of the Syrian war – the story of the tens of thousands of men, women and children disappeared by the Assad regime into a network of detention centres.

This is not an easy subject. But if you...
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Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Syria. Take a look at this video by Syrian filmmaker Yaman Antabli dedicated to the courageous mothers across the country. #زعتر #zaatar
After the last children’s hospital in Eastern Aleppo was bombed, people from around the world came together and raised money to build a new hospital to replace it.

Watch and share Nurse Malek’s story of the Hospital of Hope. #PeoplesConvoy
Since 2015, there have been over 140 attacks on Syrian schools.

Syrian kids deserve a better life and a better future.

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The world has lost another White Helmet volunteer.

Abdullah al Sarhan, the Director of Syria Civil Defence in Dara'a, was killed today when the vehicle he was travelling in was struck by a missile.

The female White Helmet volunteers remember him as a champion of their work and an inspiration to many. His teammates said he treated them like family.

Abdullah is the 167th White Helmet to be...
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This weekend hundreds of people in al-Waer, Homs were forced to leave their homes, their lives, and their beloved city. They boarded green buses to an uncertain future after surviving years of siege and bombardment.
Families for Freedom

Who are we?
We are Syrian families demanding freedom for all the country's sons and daughters.
These demands are not just for our own families, but for every Syrian family with a detainee.
Our position is against enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention by the Syrian regime and all parties to the conflict.
We want to mobilise the public to pressure all sides to...
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Two days ago, a Russian airstrike killed an entire family in Idlib. A father was left without a wife and 7 of his children that day.

Yesterday, a suspected US air strike hit a mosque with over 300 people in it. The strike killed at least 42 people and wounded dozens during their evening prayers.

The White Helmets are still digging out civilians from under the rubble of Russian airstrikes...
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Wherever we live in the world, music connect us all.

Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, 70 years old, smokes his pipe and consoles himself with music from his gramophone as he sits in his destroyed home in Aleppo's al-Shaar neighbourhood.

Photo Credit: Joseph Eid / AFP
Watch this beautiful musical tribute to the White Helmets.
A population starved, hospitals bombed, chemical weapons gassing civilians – this is Syria 6 years on. #WithSyria
Six years ago today a peaceful uprising against dictatorship started in Syria.

Share the story.
The spirit of survival in one picture.

Amid the bombed-out ruins around him, Abu Maher waters herbs on the roof of his damaged building in Arbin, Damascus. He hasn’t given up hope despite six years of regime bombardment with every type of weapon imaginable. The green space around him has all but disappeared, but his resilience lives on as he plants seeds of hope.
When the bombs rain down, the White Helmets rush in.

Take a look at the incredible women in the group saving Syrian lives every day.
"You don't know what it's like to be young like me. You will cry all your life."

The impact of six years of war on the mental health of Syria’s children.
White Helmets volunteers Manal and Gardenia were in London today, to receive the 2017 Hope Award on behalf of the female members of the Syria Civil Defence.

These heroic women have dedicated their lives to saving others and have kept hope alive in the toughest times imaginable. Congratulations to them!
"We don't want support to continue this work, but to end this work. I ask everyone who is listening and seeing me now across the world to take a stand to stop the killing of civilians in Syria, to pressure governments to end the ongoing Syrian conflict and to hold those accountable for war crimes to account. We hope this film and the attention helps move the world to act to stop the bloodshed...
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A picture shows a woman climbing through the rubble to freedom.

The message in Arabic reads:

“You are the mother, sister, wife, daughter, lover, teacher, woman of the household, the farmer, doctor, yes you really are an incredible woman.”

This is just one of the ways a graffiti artist in Idlib is using his artwork to inspire and celebrate women in Syria.
White Helmet Mohamed Dabdoub was killed today in Al Waer- Homs City by the Syrian regime.

Mohamed at rushed to the scene of an attack to rescue people when he was killed by artillery bombardment. 3 paramedics were also injured and 2 civilians killed. Mohamed is the 164th White Helmet to be killed for saving lives.

Mohamed died a hero. Please keep his family and teammates in your thoughts...
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