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Khaled Khatib is a White Helmet volunteer who worked on Netflix’s ‘White Helmet’ movie. It’s been nominated for an Oscar, results are announced on Sunday 26th. This is his story.

I was 16 when the revolution started. In the first few years of the uprising I saw a lot of foreign photojournalists and TV crews come to document what was happening in my city of Aleppo. I watched them dreaming that...
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Can you can imagine trying to concentrate during your exams while bombs are falling outside?

This is the daily reality for students training to be nurses and doctors at the Sham Medical Academy in besieged Eastern Ghouta. Yet they still show up day after day, dedicated to saving lives.

Read more about the life of one of Syria’s medical workers with an unwavering dedication to life despite...
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Ghouta is like a big prison that punishes innocent people.
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These children just want to learn. And because of a very special man they now have that chance.

This tent is a school for children that are living in a camp in Eastern Ghouta, because they were forced out of their homes.

Ahmad is a teacher who along with a group of dedicated volunteers, spends his days teaching the alphabet to hundreds of eager students.

The volunteers can’t afford books or...
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Over the past few years, people living in Eastern Ghouta have been forced to cut down trees for cooking and warmth because of a regime siege that continues until this day.

Today they are joining together to plant over a thousand fruit and olive saplings. They are laying down the roots of Syria’s future.

The spirit and humanity of the Syrian people is found in every one of these beautiful...
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Besieged. Starved. Bombed. Assaulted. Forced to evacuate their homes.

Read the new investigative report #BreakingAleppo that details the Assad regime’s deliberate destruction of Aleppo and attack on an entire population.

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خلونا نرفع صور معتقلينا بجنيف

نحنا عدد من عائلات المعتقلين رح نرفع صور أحبابنا المختفيين والمعتقلين بجنيف على هامش المفاوضات المقرر عقدها في20 شباط... هي هية وسيلتنا للضغط على جميع أطراف الحوار لاعطاء اولوية ل قضية المعتقلين. اذا في حدا بيعنيك وحابب تكون صورته موجودة ابعتلنا ياها عالصفحة ونحنا منحملها متل صور ولادنا.

كمان الصورممكن تكون صورأي شي بتحب أو بتحبي يعرفوا العالم عن ابنك او بنتك-...
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خلونا نرفع صور معتقلينا بجنيف Families of Detainees in Geneva

Take one minute to see just a touch of the love and inspirational potential some of the most vulnerable in world have brought to their new homes.

Meet the Syrian refugees around the world and be reminded of the transformative power of acceptance and love :)

From the great team over at Syria Shines
“Syrian women are lifesavers, paramedics, media activists, teachers, and mothers who have lost their homes, husbands and children.To be a woman in Syria today, means to be a woman of steel. A Syrian woman doesn’t break no matter the circumstances.”

This is what strength and courage looks like. Read Manal’s full story of life in the war in her own words here:

[ Link ]

To be a woman in Syria today, means to be a woman of steel.
"An ode to courage and compassion" - Sundance Film Festival

The story of Syria's heroes has been recognised again. The stunning 'Last Men in Aleppo' has won the Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Syrian director, Feras Fayyad started Last Men in Aleppo with Aleppo Media Center and then teamed up with the Danish co-director and editor, Steen...
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Congratulations to Syria's heroes as the amazing White Helmets documentary has been nominated for an Oscar. If you haven't watched it already, take a look at life under the bombs in Aleppo here: [ Link ]
The faces of heroes you won't read about in your newspaper.

You might think Aleppo is hell but this group of journalists, White Helmets, medics and activists insisted they be the last to leave. Why? So they could make sure every civilian was evacuated ahead of them.

Syria has heroes. Share their story.

Yesterday the first buses arrived to take civilians who have been forced from their homes in Aleppo by the siege and aerial attacks. Around 5000 people left the city to the countryside of Aleppo.

Residents had been told all civilians remaining would be given safe passage but today the process stopped.

A convoy that left this morning was stopped by a Hezbollah...
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On the day evacuations of East Aleppo begin, here's a reflection from Ibrahim, a White Helmet, on why he wants to be the last person to leave:

"My last rescue operation was two days ago. I had a moment of joy when we saved a little baby boy - just 20 days old. We managed to save his mother but his father and three siblings died under the rubble. The baby is not safe yet, he needs medicine but...
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Pro-regime snipers shot at ambulances carrying wounded civilians out of Aleppo this morning. Five civilians were injured including White Helmet rescue workers Bebars Meshaal and Mohammed Zahra.

Bebars, pictured left, was shot in the stomach by a sniper while driving a wheel loader ahead of the ambulances leaving the city this morning. He was attempting to clear their route. Bebars is the...
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This is a message from Raed Saleh, head of the White Helmets, about the 100,000 civilians trapped in besieged eastern Aleppo which was published in the Guardian today.

Please read it, then share his message.

"For the past four years, we the Syria civil defence (or White Helmets), have saved thousands of lives in Aleppo. In the last few days we can no longer even count the dead. We have been...
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EMERGENCY UPDATE: Yesterday's deal to evacuate the remaining civilians in Aleppo has collapsed. Shelling and airstrikes have resumed.

This is an emergency. Please do everything in your power to take action for the safe passage of these civilians. Make a call now and demand life saving action.

AUSTRALIA: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1300 555 135 // Russian Embassy +61 2 6295...
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URGENT: Hundreds of our humanitarian friends and colleagues are facing summary execution, disappearance, and torture right at this moment in besieged Aleppo and we need to take urgent action to secure safe passage for them and the remaining 100,000 civilians.

The UN have a plan in place for evacuation, it just needs to be implemented. We have almost no time so please act immediately and call...
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100,000 civilians remain trapped in an area of five kilometres squared. These civilians need URGENT evacuation.

Please read and share this message from Eastern Aleppo:

The bombs are falling as we write this. For years our humanitarian volunteers have worked to save the lives of our people in Aleppo: operating in underground hospitals, rescuing entire...
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A message from besieged Eastern Aleppo — home to 100 thousand civilians.
Yesterday another White Helmet was killed while trying to rescue others.

Hasan Al Mahshi was killed in a double-tap strike whilst saving lives in besieged Douma. 3 other volunteers were injured.

Please keep Hasan and all those who loved them in your thoughts and prayers.