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This sicko thought he'd get physical with a nurse trying to help him.

But when the nurse's doctor friend found out, he delivered some instant justice that this dirt bag never saw coming. Boom!

VIDEO: Pervert Touches Nurse, Moments Later Doctor Teaches Him Lesson With Stunning Weapon
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“We were at ‘Out of Africa’, a huge sanctuary for animals. We were waiting for the bus to take us to our next stop and the zookeeper was exiting the exhibit. It looks…
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REALLY FUNNY: Don’t Ever Show Fear In Front Of A Lion [VIDEO]
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Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren sent 'The View' audience into a FRENZY, and it's easy to see why. This interview quickly took a surprising turn that no one could have predicted...

Watch: Tomi Lahren Goes On 'The View,' Says 1 Thing To Joy Behar - That's When Crowd ERUPTS
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Atheists are FURIOUS after this "startling discovery" in Galilee confirmed a CRITICAL part of the Bible.

See how this discovery is shaking up Biblical scholarship in a major way.

PROOF: "Startling Discovery" in Galilee Just Confirmed CRITICAL Part of the Bible
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“So if that’s a big deal in Washington, then we’ve sunk to a new low.” …
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Gowdy: Nunes Briefed President On Matters ‘UNRELATED’ To Russia Probe [VIDEO]
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This woman was driving down the road when she noticed a soldier sitting off to the side.

He wasn't homeless or in trouble... then she realized what he was doing, and she immediately pulled out her camera to get proof.

Woman Spots Soldier Sitting On Side Of Road... What She Saw Him Doing Dropped Her Jaw Immediately
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This school board member from Virginia asked a simple question about Muslim immigrants on Facebook ... but when Muslims saw it, they exploded.

Now, she needs our support. We need to stand with her immediately.

School Board Member Asks 1 Question About Certain Muslims... All Hell Breaks Loose
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When this woman saw her receipt after she had eaten dinner at a restaurant, she knew something wasn't right.

When you see why, you'll agree.

ALERT: Woman Glances at Her Receipt After Eating Out, Notices Something Disturbing
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While everyone was focused on the new health care bill, Donald Trump signed a powerful executive order that caught everyone off guard. This is massive...

Trump Signs New Exec Order, Turns DC Upside Down Like Never Before
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A shocking look into the mindset of transgenders. Is it OK to lie to do this to potential dates?

VIDEO: Transgender “Girl” Shocked That Straight Males Won’t Date Her
A Florida woman shot a teenage hoodlum who was robbing her home... instead of accepting responsibility, however, the thug's family just asked a shockingly sick question of the woman.

Woman Shoots Teen Thug Robbing Her Home... Thug's Family Asks Shockingly SICK Question
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Nobody ever accused Chelsea Clinton to be the smartest of people. She has done and said many dumb things recently but this must take the cake as the single…
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Chelsea Clinton Just Did The Dumbest Tweet Of The Year
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This woman heard a commotion outside, so she went to see what was happening.

That's when she found her disabled veteran husband in tears on the porch.

When the vet told her what had just happened, she instantly knew it was a neighbor and that he had been watching them...

Wife Finds Disabled Vet in Tears, Then Sees Shocking Thing Neighbor Did to Him
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This account of protestors at the MAGA March is simultaneously hilarious and tragic. Does it make you wonder where this country is going?

“It Was Like Being In The First Circle Of Hell:” Trump Supporter Describes Disturbing Actions Of Liberal Protesters
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Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court hearings started with a BANG. This is going to get tense...

WATCH: Gorsuch Suddenly Interrupts His Own Congressional Hearing, Gets Up & Makes Shock Move
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Kids in grocery stores can be very annoying; especially if they’re not properly supervised by their parent. Sometimes it takes another shopper to discipline the child...
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VIDEO: One Spoiled Brat Gets A Lesson He’ll Never Forget From A Brilliant Shopper!
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This sick Muslim married his 12-year-old "girlfriend," but it didn't go quite as he planned.

It didn't take long for justice to catch up to this pervert in a serious way.
He never saw it coming either...

Muslim Marries Pregnant 12-Year-Old "Girlfriend"... Then Gets Nasty Surprise He Never Saw Coming