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“I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman’s submission,” FRANCE’S far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refused to don a headscarf for a meeting with Lebanon’s top Sunni Muslim cleric …
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French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen REFUSES to wear headscarf on her visit to Lebanon [VIDEO]
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The Islamic State has released photos of the disgusting torture and execution method they're now using for gays.

What's sickest about this is that liberals will go crazy if a conservative won't support gay marriage.

But those same liberals won't say a word when Islam condemns gays to gruesome acts like this.

ISIS Releases SHOCKING Photos Of Their New Torture Method For Gays... This Is Beyond Horrific
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“I was thinking when we were in Mexico city and being greeted by the President and the Prime Minister and the rest of it, what a heightened civilization we are in here. Mexico Is such a fabul…
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CRAZY: Nancy Pelosi PRAISES Violent and Impoverished Mexico as Height of Civilization [VIDEO]
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Chelsea Clinton thought that she could score some points with liberals by slamming Donald J. Trump on Twitter. Instead, it backfired in a HUMILIATING way, thanks to one person from the Clintons' past.

This isn't going to go away for the Clintons...

Chelsea Tries Slamming Trump on Twitter, Backfires in the Most HUMILIATING Way Possible
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“You Brought It Up!” Shane Saunders, one of the “Not My President’s Day” protest organizers, struggled to tell Tucker Carlson Monday night why he — “as a gay man” — is afraid of Donald …
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Tucker Carlson To Anti-Trump Protester — ‘As A Gay Man’ What Scares You About Trump? [VIDEO]
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This sicko thought he'd get physical with a nurse trying to help him.
But when the nurse's doctor friend found out, he delivered some instant justice that this dirt bag never saw coming. Boom!

VIDEO: Pervert Touches Nurse, Moments Later Doctor Teaches Him Lesson With Stunning Weapon
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This mom couldn't believe the note her young daughter brought home from school.

Then she figured out the best way to get revenge on this insane teacher.

And what she did went viral.

Teacher Writes Insane Note On Child's Assignment... Mom Gets Perfect Justice
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This is a huge game-changer, folks.

Get ready for some serious hate and anger out there.

We've got to stand strong.

BREAKING: Trump's DHS Secretary Issues MASSIVE Border Order... MILLIONS Furious
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First lady Melania Trump came under fire for reciting the Lord's Prayer to kick off her husband Donald Trump's recent campaign rally, but a big name just stepped up to her defense - and it's making waves.

BOOM: Look Who Just Came To Melania's Defense After She Got Attacked For Reciting Lord's Prayer
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The way these American citizens greeted this famous Muslim really says it all. This is sure to ignite a firestorm.

How This Famous Muslim Leader Was Welcomed At A Conference In US Is Definitely Dropping Jaws
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A group of young students are in deep trouble, and not the kind that gets you sent to the principal's office.

Here's what happened after they attacked at Donald J. Trump's motorcade.

My guess is that their "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essay is going to be a lot more, um, bleak than their classmates'.

Students ATTACK Trump's Motorcade, Instantly Learn Brutal Lesson
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They don't call him the "Mad Dog" for nothing. Here's why what Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis just said about Russia that stunned a lot of people.

He's not messing around...

Gen. Mattis Just Showed The World Why They Call Him "Mad Dog"
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Everyone's worst fears were just confirmed as 1 detail was discovered about this terrorist's past. This horrifying attack could have been prevented only if...

LOOK: Horrifying Discovery About Suicide Bomber's Past Will Have Everyone Pointing Fingers
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One American legend just went to bat for Melania Trump in a huge way... here's how she defended the first lady for her decision to recite the Lord's Prayer.

This is PERFECT.

WOW: American Legend Gives Epic Defense of Melania Praying "the Lord's Prayer"
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Rush Limbaugh just blew the lid off one of the mainstream media's biggest secrets...

Rush Just Exposed The LAST Thing Cable News Wants Out There About Donald Trump
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When this 8-year-old boy nearly died, police were stunned when they looked at his sock. What was in it explained everything that was wrong with him... and something that's very wrong in this country.

This is absolutely heartbreaking...

8-Year-Old Boy Nearly Dies... Police Horrified When They Look in His Sock
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Corey Lewandowski pointed his finger at exactly what he felt was going wrong in the Trump administration. There's no way that Donald can ignore this...

Trump's Ex-Campaign Manager Reveals Why Trump Has Stumbled At Times - It's Sure To Cause Fireworks
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During Mike Pence's visit to the European Union, everything seemed to be going pretty well. That's when people began noticing a shock change that had been made to our flag...

Could this mean anything?

Pence Visit to EU Seems Fine, Then Someone Notices Shock Change Made to Our Flag