Our thoughts are with our Terry Foxers at Bay d'Espoir Academy in Milltown, Newfoundland today as they come to terms with the loss of their school – We know firsthand your determination and can-do spirit in the fight against cancer will be the same qualities that will help you rebuild your incredible community.

VOCM - Loss of Bay d’Espoir Academy ‘Terrible Blow’ for the Region

Canadian hockey legend, Terry Fox supporter and all around awesome gal Haley Wikenheiser announced her retirement today. Haley, thank you for the memories, thank you for being such an incredible Canadian ambassador at home and around the globe, and thank you for inspiring thousands of young girls to one day follow in your footsteps...

Hayley Wickenheiser calls end to gold-plated career

10 year old Nolan McGinn - goalie for the FHYA Wildcats in Fredericton - asked to have Terry painted on his new goalie helmet for inspiration. He wore it for the first time recently. Not only did his team win a big game, Nolan also received player of the game honours. Way to go big man.
Hey folks, please help us get the word out about a career opportunity at the Terry Fox Foundation. We're looking for a Schools and Events Coordinator to work in our Quebec office in Montreal. This is an exciting and incredibly rewarding role - you will be directly involved in sharing Terry's message of hope and courage with our next generation of awesome Canadians....
Interested or know...
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What makes Canadians proud? Freedom and Terry Fox top the list. What an incredible country we live in. Check the link for the entire survey. #proudtobecanadian

What makes Canadians proud? Freedom, Terry Fox, Rocky Mountains, open-mindedness, maple syrup

Happy New Year everyone. We hope it's a great one for all :)
Get a break on your 2016 taxes while supporting world class cancer research. Win-win! Today is the last day to take advantage...
As 2016 comes to a close, we cannot help but be grateful for millions of Canadians who supported cancer research this year. If you are considering making a final end-of-year charitable donation by December 31st, please consider supporting the Foundation. Your gift will help bring renewed hope to Canadians and their families battling cancer in 2017. We wish you a very happy new year.
Merry Christmas everyone. May your loved ones be close by, may peace and love be in your heart.
Today we are grateful for:
The Fox Family: For sharing Terry with Canadians and people around the world. For their personal commitment to the cause and to their brother’s legacy.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox International Runs: For bringing the story and example of Terry Fox to countries around the world. For reminding us that there are no borders when we see the suffering cancer causes.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Researchers: For bringing brilliant minds and compassionate hearts to fight and conquer the terrible scourge of cancer. For never giving up.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Donors: For giving so generously to their family, friends and colleagues. For supporting an organization that believes in fiscal responsibility with every donation made.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Parents: For encouraging a spirit of giving in their children. For helping them recognize that there is great joy in giving of themselves, for seeing beyond their own lives to see the need in others.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Students: For making a difference in the lives of people they will never meet through fundraising for cancer research. For their compassion, empathy and determination to make a difference like Terry.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Teachers: For introducing new generations of Canadians to the inspiring story of Terry Fox and reminding their students of their own capacity to bring about positive change in the world.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Run Organizers and Volunteers: For devoting hours, days and months of their lives to host an event that brings together more than 3 million participants in Canada. For taking up the torch where Terry had to lay it down.
Today we are grateful for:
Our Terry Fox Run Participants: For believing that they can truly make a difference by walking, running or biking the Run and raising money to fund cancer research. For never giving up that Terry’s dream will be realized.
The Terry Fox Foundation has so much to be thankful for every single day of the year. During this holiday season please allow us to share some of our special “gratitude moments” with you.
Today we are grateful for…Terry Fox.
For his strength, courage, selflessness, desire to make our world a better place. For reminding us of the power of the human spirit and the capacity we all have to make...
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Terry & his Mom...
By Christmas 1980, Terry’s Marathon of Hope had raised close to $24 million for cancer research. His home was filled with holiday wishes from Canadians across the country, but the reality was that Terry didn’t have a dime to his name.
He couldn't afford to purchase a gift for anyone that year, not even his mother. So Terry turned to brother Fred for a few dollars to buy his...
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