How do folk celebrate winning The National Lottery? With tea of course! What great news have you celebrated with a cuppa recently? Comment below with your celebrations to win the ultimate Tetley treat… Ts&Cs: [ Link ]
Can you guess who we'll be collaborating with soon? Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a celebratory cuppa!
Lush foothills, rolling tea fields and breathtaking mountainous views. We're following the journey of our Tetley tea, starting in India where nature is at its most magnificent.
These three super teas have been awarded Product of the Year UK 2017 and we couldn't be prouder! The same great taste of Tetley Original but with added vitamins, what's not to love!
We’ve been masters in blending tea for nearly 180 years! To learn more about the crop to cup process behind your favourite Tetley tea, tune into Channel 4 at 8.30pm as Jimmy's Farm visits Kenya.
Raise a cuppa to 2017! May your year be filled with tea!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the folk at Tetley!
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