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There is more than one way to fix a leak during #NationalFixALeakWeek
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Spring DIY with The Three Stooges. Click an image to read the article, see slideshow and video. Find out the spring discount code for ShopKnuckleheads by reading the article!

DIY With The Three Stooges | The Three Stooges
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In honor of Comic Relief: Red Nose Day, we remember the charitable compassion of The Three Stooges.

Celebrating #RedNoseDay With The Three Stooges | The Three Stooges
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20th Annual Tour de Stooges happening in Lebanon, IL in May! Tour de Stooges

20th annual Tour de (Three) Stooges bicycle ride returns to McKendree U.
Released on this day in 1941 - "Dutiful But Dumb." Here's what can happen when you mistake a gun for a camera.
Not only is it the First Day of Spring, but it is #NationalProposalDay Here are The Three Stooges proposing marriage in "The Sitter Downers." And, if marriage is built on a good 'foundation,' we all know how it ends for The Boys.
Happy St. Patricks from The Three Stooges! National Day Calendar
Hey Professor, Is Mrs. Catsby in your NCAA bracket? #MarchMadness
In honor of #kickbuttsday, here's more video of Curly kicking more butts!
It's #NationalKickButts Day. So here's Curly kicking butts! More clips on
It's #NationalNappingDay I'll bet you thought we'd share footage of The Boys sleeping, but here they are in Dizzy Doctors (released this month on the 19th in 1937) trying to help cure a patient of chronic napping (with Brighto of course).
The Howard Family wants to wish Shemp a very Happy Birthday! The photo of Shemp's daughter-in-law and granddaughters was taken at The Three Stooges Film Festival last year at The Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.
Happy Birthday, Shemp! Enjoy this Shemp Highlight Video. There is a longer best of video at
Join us as we start Shemp's Birthday Celebration early. Click the photo link below and enjoy an article and a 2-minute Best of Shemp video! You can now access the website.

Happy Birthday Shemp! | The Three Stooges