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Clouded leopards are a very illusive species of cat, rarely ever seen in the wild . Be sure to visit Mingma and Pavarti in our Malayan Woods pavilion #Caturday
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Today is #PenguinAwarenessDay .

Did you know African penguins are critically endangered? Their numbers are decreasing quickly in the wild- approximately 150,000 pairs of African penguins were counted in 1956. In 2008, this number had decreased to only 26,000 pairs. This is due to climate change, habitat loss from human development, overfishing and oil spills. Due to their decreasing...
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Arctic wolves have two thick protective layers of fur. The outer layer actually gets thicker as the winter months come along. This first layer helps to form a waterproof barrier for the skin to protect from harsh winter climates. #TheMoreYouKnow (: Jared Greenall)
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Hint: there are treats in the trees

Watch as some of our animals receive Christmas trees as a form of enrichment. Thanks The Home Depot for this special donation .
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Happy 11th Birthday to our Sumatran orangutan Budi!

Male orangutans transform into adulthood usually between 16 and 20 years old. At this age they start to make the facial change from looking female to growing face plates specific to males. Adult male orangutans can weigh up to 250-300lbs! Budi now weighs 112lbs, so he has a little way to go ;)
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Nandu is 11 months old today!

Even though he is under a year old, he weighs over 1,330lbs! His horn continues to grow in and is becoming more playful, keepers often find him wrestling with mom, Ashakiran. #TORhinoBaby
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“Okay, back to bed I go” (Guillermo Lanfranco)
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"I have achieved inner peace" #TOPandas (:Paul Abbott)
Let the kids spend their break from school at the Zoo’s PA Day Camp!

Campers will have fun touring the Zoo and exploring what animals do when the weather changes. The day will include a behind-the-scenes encounter, animal-related activities, games, and more!

See [ Link ] for details.
Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue turn 15 months old today!

Jia Panpan now weighs 30kg and Jia Yueyue weighs 27kg. Jia Panpan has finally begun to eat the leafeater biscuits that make up a good part of the adult pandas diet. Jia Yueyue has been eating these for months but her brother has been slightly on the pickier side ;) . He will now eat them if they are soaked with a little bit of Ensure,...
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Juno turns 14 months old today

Celebrate by signing up for our Move Your Paws 1K and 5K walk/run on February 25 to support polar bear conservation! See details at [ Link ] ❄ #TOPolarBearCub
Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Nneka

Share your favourite photos of Nneka below
Here's a giant panda cub video to make your Monday a bit brighter ☀

Watch as Jia Panpan is on the hunt for a playmate, Er Shun and Jia Yueyue not so much...
#FlashbackFriday to Juno at three months old when she saw snow for the very first time ❄ #TOPolarBearCub
Lunch time #TOPandaCubs #TOPandaCam
They won't be small forever
Wishing you a very Happy Zoo Year!

What was your favourite Zoo memory of 2016? Meeting our giant panda cubs for the first time? Watching our white lion cubs grow up? Humphrey and Hudson returning to the Zoo? Meeting Nandu, the first Indian rhino born at the Zoo in 16 years? Watching our TELUS Giant Panda Cam?

Share your favourite Zoo memories and photos below!
Named for their colour, Madagascar tomato frogs' bright colours advertise their toxicity & warn predators to stay away #FunFactFriday