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Have you been tuning into the TELUS Giant Panda Cam? You’re missing out on this:

(WATCH the Live Giant Panda Cam from 9:00am-6:30pm daily:
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A BEARY big thank you to all those who participated in our Move Your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause with Canada Running Series as part of our Polar Bear Fest this weekend.

This year’s walk/run raised $17,000 for polar bear conservation, and since the event’s debut in 2013 we’ve raised a total of $55,000!
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I'ts my birthday and i'll eat if I want to.

Happy Birthday Vishnu! He turns 14 years old today
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It’s #InternationalPolarBearDay!

Did you know that polar bears are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN's Red List due to climate change and the melting of sea ice? Sea ice is crucial to polar bears for reproduction, hunting and migration and without it, it dramatically lowers the polar bear's chances of survival putting them at risk for extinction. Toronto Zoo works with Polar Bear...
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Some animals have special ‘tricks’ for surviving the chilly winter months including wearing special coats of fat, fur or feathers, leaving for warmer places, or taking a long winter’s nap.

Kids ages 4-5 can step inside to where it’s warm and learn more about the ways that animals stay warm during the winter at our Critter Crew program on March 4. Don’t forget your hat and mitts, you will...
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Polar bears can run up to 40khm/hr and swim 5-6km/hr. Longest swim ever recorded was a bear who swam for 10 days straight! #FunFactFriday

Don’t forget to join us for Polar Bear Fest tomorrow from 10:00am to 4:00pm. See details: [ Link ]
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Take a peek at our hornbill chick at 45 days old!

At this age, mom Catelyn will place food items into the log and encourage the chick to practice picking up food and feeding itself. The Keepers have also reintroduced certain food items back into the families’ diet, including mealworms and crickets, so they can slowly introduce them to the chick. As you can hear, our chick continues to also...
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Farewell Juno!

Juno, our one-year old polar bear cub, will be embarking on an exciting journey to a new, state-of-the-art home at the Assiniboine Park & Zoo in Winnipeg next week.

This move for Juno signifies the next step in her life journey as she will be engaged with other polar bear cubs close to her age. In her first year, Toronto Zoo staff worked towards transitioning a dependent...
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We’re celebrating Polar Bear Fest this Saturday!

Show your love for polar bears and help raise awareness for this threatened Canadian species. Kids can enjoy fun polar bear themed activities and crafts from 10:00am to 4:00pm, plus check out our silent auction with a chance to win a special feeding opportunity with our polar bears.

Tickets are also still available for our Conservation the...
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Happy Family Day from our animal families to yours. ❤

Did you know that family groups differ largely throughout the animal kingdom? From prides to troops, each species has their own type of family unit or group structure.

Stop by and see ours today, we’re open from 9:30am-4:30pm!
Together, we can make a difference.

Gather your warmest sweaters and socks for the week and take part in the Thermostat Challenge by turning down your thermostat by two degrees between Monday February 10 and Sunday February 26. The challenge aims to reduce our CO2 emissions and raise awareness about how our daily actions contribute to climate chance and impact polar bears through the melting...
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Ever wonder what a giant panda does all day?

Tune into the @TELUS Giant Panda Cam from 9:00am to 6:30pm daily: [ Link ]
Bring your family to meet ours this Family Day weekend!

Soak up the sunshine and enjoy over 10km of walking trails visiting animals from around the world including Canada’s only giant panda cubs. Plan your visit here: .

(: Jennifer Beaucage)
Happy 1st Birthday Nandu!

Born at only 140 lbs, Nandu now weighs 1,645lbs! Now that he is older, keepers continue to work with him on behavioural husbandry. This includes training him to open his mouth and raise a foot (both for examination purposes) and present body parts by touching them to a target object (referred to as target training). Our keepers blow a whistle when Nandu has done...
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Introducing some double trouble!

You may have noticed a new resident in our Americas pavilion recently. Meet Rascal Junior (or R.J. for short), a two year old male North American River Otter, who has come to us from the Buffalo Zoo. He was recently introduced to our female, Talise, and as you can see in the video, they seem to have an immediate liking to one another! We couldn't be more...
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Hip-hippo-ray! It’s National Hippo Day!

Did you know the Toronto Zoo is one of only two places in North America with both species of hippopotamus? We are home to five hippopotamuses, river hippo siblings Samson, Petal and Perky II, and pygmy hippos Harvey and Kindia.

Samson is the oldest at 43 years old! Petal, who is 30, and Perky, who is 25, are always together so if you ever see two...
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A Zoo date makes the best date. Tag your Valentine if you agree. #HappyValentinesDay

( Fintan and Makali)
Ena, our 5 year old female who arrived in 2015 (seen on right in the cave), and Kota, our 13 year old male (seen on left in cave), are now cohabitating in their Eurasia Wilds habitat! Although very brief introductions had been done it the past, their first full introduction was January 31st, and they’ve since been getting along quite well! These photo's were taken by one of our Eurasia keepers...
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Tickets are still available for Dr. Marytn Obbard’s talk at the Zoo!
Dr. Martyn Obbard is a leading research scientist working with polar bears for several years. His research focuses on the Hudson Bay polar bear population, and how sea ice distribution and duration will affect the polar bear populations in the wild.

The presentation also includes two of our very own polar bear keepers as...
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Happy #Caturday! Take our quiz below to find out what species of cat you are

If you scored between 0-10: African Lion
You prefer to be around your family or others but you’re always up for a good nap (lions can sleep for 20 hours a day!). You are the king or queen of the savanna and everyone can hear you from miles away! They know you’re the boss.

If you scored between 11-19: Cheetah
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