Did you miss this? It is our MUST WATCH video on How to #BecomeABeautyTherapistT What's stoppping you from making that change? #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Youtu.be Link ]

How to Become a Beauty Therapist

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This time @notgoingtouni show their followers How to #BecomeAPT - Thanks a million guys for the coverage #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Notgoingtouni.co.uk Link ]

Become a Personal Trainer

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It's here! Our MUST WATCH video on How to #BecomeABeautyTherapist #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Youtu.be Link ]
Competition Winner Announcement

Remember our Bournemouth FC signed football shirt giveaway?! We entered everyone into a draw who registered for our courses in November and December. We have a winner…..

Congratulations to Kevin Davies!

Please get in touch via private message to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for more fantastic competitions in the future.
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beauty courses

Launched today for download is our Ultimate Guide on How to #BecomeABeautyTherapist #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Thetrainingroom.com Link ]
A fine bunch of Training Room PT students on their gym based boxing CPD! This is a tough exercise..... Don't try this at home ;-)

Best of luck for the rest of your course!

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Facebook Comp – Name the Sausage Guy!

You may have seen this little fella kicking around our page recently…

He is the star of the show in our recent ‘How to become a Personal Trainer’ video which you can view by clicking on the link below:
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Behind the scenes here at The Training Room HQ we have nicknamed him ‘Sausage Man’, which seems a bit unfair, poor guy! So,...
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In just 10 easy steps you can #BecomeABeautyTherapist - Yep it really is that easy - Read more in our latest post #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Thetrainingroom.com Link ]

How Do I Become a Beauty Therapist in 10 Easy Steps

With various study options - We offer the best #BeautyTherapy courses - Find out more #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Thetrainingroom.com Link ]
Well today is known as the worst day of the year - don't let it be yours - change today #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR #BlueMonday
We worked with Mel over @TheDiaryOfAJewelleryLoverBlog to help her followers understand how to #BecomeABeautyTherapist #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Thediaryofajewellerylover.co.uk Link ]

Become a Beauty Therapist

More coverage from @cafebabel_ENG for our jobs research - Maybe #ItsTimeForANewCareer #TTR [ Cafebabel.co.uk Link ]

I Hate My Job -- Should I Stay, Or Quit?

Whoop Whoop - So many new students this week taking the first step to a new career!! Enjoy the #Weekend everyone #TTR
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