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BuzzFeed Ned compared a Tasty recipe to $120 Restaurant Salmon.

Which one do you think made a better date night?
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Our favorite photo of Keith and Zach
Our favorite photo of Keith and Zach
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Check out BuzzFeed Ned and Ariel's latest date night recipe!
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Check out BuzzFeed Eugene's latest video! Which generation are you?
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Trump's Budget Proposal gained a lot of attention. Here's one man who thinks the cuts make sense.

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"Doing big things is hard."
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Are You The Child, Adult, Teen, Or Old Person Of Your Friends?
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A judge overturned the travel ban this week. Meet someone who thinks we aren't banning enough countries.
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An Alabama movie theater banned Disney's "Beauty And The Beast" in response to LeFou being gay in the film. With that in mind, here are some other movies we think should be banned as well.
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Zach joined The Dudesons for a day of pain and insanity to celebrate the newest episode of Squad Wars! That poor boy. Do not try this at home.
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How's your day going?

Don't forget to check out a new episode of our series #SquadWars on YouTube Red: [ Link ]
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Peace Love Happiness.
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