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The Try Guys
12/07/2016 at 22:02. Facebook
BuzzFeed Ned and his wife locked themselves in their house for 90 HOURS
What in the world are we trying next???

And when you do, remember that the comments in this video are incredibly tame compared to what Trump has said and done in the months since.
The Try Guys Transform Into Monsters To Scare People

Knott's Berry Farm / Knott's Scary Farm
<3 McDonald's Hash browns <3
We designed the most stressful first date imaginable and let Zach deal with the consequences.
We personally created a very special, extremely weird BuzzFeed quiz for our 2-year anniversary for you to take to finally find out which Try Guy you ACTUALLY are. Share your results below, they might surprise you!

[ Buzzfeed.com Link ]

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Try Guy You Actually Are

The most important quiz you'll ever take. Which Try Guy should you date?

BuzzFeed Ned is rockin' that bald cap
We had a blast presenting at The Streamy Awards last night and were honored to take home the award for Best Non-Fiction Series!

A big thanks to all our amazing coworkers at BuzzFeed and an even bigger thanks to all the fans who continues to watch and support us - you the real MVP.
TONIGHT! Tune in to watch The Try Guys present at the Streamy Awards. 9pm EST, streaming live on YouTube - [ Youtube.com Link ]

We made an original new and have some other surprises you won't wanna miss.
Oh my God~

Vote Try Guys for Show Of The Year and tune in to the #Streamys tomorrow to watch us present and see if we win! [ Streamys.org Link ]
Unreal! The Try Guys won Best Non-fiction Series at the #Streamys Reception last night!

Be sure to tune in this Tuesday to watch us present at The Streamys, and there's still time to vote for us for Best Show over at . If we win we'll swim in a pool of jello and record a video thanking and saying the name of every single person who voted.
The Try Guys Go Bald

Help us win Show Of The Year - vote here! [ Streamys.org Link ] #TeamTryGuys
We've been nominated for SHOW OF THE YEAR at the Streamy Awards! If we win, we'll upload a video of us eating 1 chicken nugget for every vote we get. We love you. #streamys #getthemnuggets

Vote on twitter with the instructions below or click here! [ Streamys.org Link ]
Caption this! Most liked comment wins and we'll upload a second version.
The Try Guys React To Their First Videos β€’ 2-Year Anniversary!
BuzzFeed Ned and BuzzFeed Kelsey are already excited for the holidays