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The Evolution Of Viral Video

20 years of over 60 iconic video references in under 13 minutes, performed live at #VidCon2017
Carmen Martin
Jessica Taylor
Alexis Briones
Charnice Cush
Jamjam Dowell
Samantha Foster
Katie Lair
Ashley Hammond
Dara D'Agostino
Michael Bellavia
April Watson
Zaeda DeNae June
The Try Guys
Marissa Anne Whitledge
Elizabeth Proffitt
Jeiran Ganiyeva
Jade Yu
Julie Moore
Zach and Ned shared some single vs married dating tips on Cosmo. Read their hilarious responses!
Zach and Ned shared some single vs married dating tips on Cosmo

Here's How A Single Guy's Mind Compares to a Married Dude's
Emily Probst
Emily Arrowsmith
Erica Rao
Laugh Off Between BuzzFeed Keith & BuzzFeed Zach
Stacey McKim
Ramona Falkowitz
Samantha McFall
5 days, 5 episodes. Starting on Tuesday
5 days 5 episodes  Starting on Tuesday
Ariel Silberman
Nicole Wee
Griffin Cant
Two years ago, we explored motherhood.

Next week, we become daddies.

The Try Guys Try Fatherhood, a very special five-part series, will release an episode every day leading up to Father's Day.
Lettie Bug
Alicia Fatka
Jessie Wolf
The fidget spinner craze is getting out of control.
Kimberly Wasyleski
Cindy Rae Merrill
Katie M Carroll
They're so cute together
Theyre so cute together
Madison Tenney
Felicia Williams
Ellen Um
Riley Wilson
Sofia Duremdes
Amanda Lee
Caitlin Lee
Maike Hausmann
Emilie Verretti
Allison D'Arata
Julia Cox
Carey Goad
Jessy Carr
Larissa Ann Marsh
Deeplovleen Akal
What are some slightly odd conversations you have with your dog? (starring BuzzFeed Ned and his puppy Bean!)
Christine Davies
Jordan Corcoran
Diane Sia
BuzzFeed is throwing an inclusive, queer prom for LGBT+ High School students. Check out the video and apply to attend! [ Link ]
Natasha Coleman
Mark Shrubb
Emily Keiffer
Marcie Rose
Sophia Marie
Lauren Pinto
BuzzFeed Ned compared a Tasty recipe to $120 Restaurant Salmon.

Which one do you think made a better date night?
Wendy Davis
William Palmer
Susan Stevenson