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The Try Guys finally have merch! Check out our first round of designs at [ Link ] and if you get anything today you can save 15% off by using the promo code I<3THETRYGUYS. More fun and fabulous looks coming soon!
The Try Guys
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The Try Guys
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Watch the guys play Wine Cup Flip Cup and sing a song while hooked up to the Labor Pain Simulator!

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Watch BuzzFeed’s Try Guys play flip cup with Hoda and Jenna
The Try Guys
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Thanks to Kathie Lee and Hoda for having us this morning! We learned that flip cup with wine glasses is impossible... unless you're Hoda. Team Jenna wants a rematch. #SquadWars
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We'll be on The Today Show in 30 minutes!
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Every time
Hey New York City! We'll finally be having an official meet and greet this Wednesday, January 18th - exact time and place will be announced shortly. RSVP at

Coincidentally, January 18th also happens to be Eugene's birthday, so your presence will be his present.
Every squad has one

: Reverie Photographic
#tbt The Try Guys in 2016

The best part of this past year was surrounding ourselves with people we love and respect - including all of you! Thank you for your support and here's to a brighter, better 2017.
Tune in tonight (5PM PST) to see BuzzFeed Keith host the Holiday Remix Live On YouTube!
Does your favorite Try Guy match your Hogwarts house?
BuzzFeed Ned and his wife locked themselves in their house for 90 HOURS
What in the world are we trying next???

And when you do, remember that the comments in this video are incredibly tame compared to what Trump has said and done in the months since.
The Try Guys Transform Into Monsters To Scare People

Knott's Berry Farm / Knott's Scary Farm
<3 McDonald's Hash browns <3
We designed the most stressful first date imaginable and let Zach deal with the consequences.
We personally created a very special, extremely weird BuzzFeed quiz for our 2-year anniversary for you to take to finally find out which Try Guy you ACTUALLY are. Share your results below, they might surprise you!

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This Quiz Will Reveal Which Try Guy You Actually Are
The most important quiz you'll ever take. Which Try Guy should you date?