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We were saving this until Monday but some other funny hur made the same joke on Twitter a few mins ago....

Bet ye ยฃ1.60 all the other online ejjits made one too!
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These Alliance posters are getting weird!! #balloons
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We'd clean forgot about this yoke, probably because we were wrote aff when we made it.

The Northern Ireland Scale of Intoxication
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A copy of this arrived at Fry HQ today. A very concise and easy to follow document. Has a couple of typos on page two, but they're probably Gerry's fault.
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Ever wondered which of our regional TV stars is the hardest? Well, luckily enough we've saved you the bother and have done the research for you.
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Well, is the Professor right? Or has he spoken too soon, again?

'Quare stretch in the evenings' confirms Sir Stephen Hawking
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He's a hallion... and he didn't wish me a happy birthday a few weeks ago, but being the bigger man (in all areas except waistline), today we are celebrating the 50 something-th (?) anniversary of Billy McWilliams' belly button. Billy is of course writer of much of this nonsense, and his belly button has gone on to be a huge creative influence at the Ulster Fry thanks to all his navel gazing....
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There's probably something else on #VOTE17
Another helpful wee list, this time for the ladies...

Seven ways to drive your man wild in bed this Valentine's Day
Many local celebrities have been forced to take part-time jobs to finance their lavish lifestyles, the Ulster Fry has learned.

"With Nolan and Mitchell's ridiculous wage demands, the rest of us are barely scraping by!" moaned TV presenter Marc Mallet as he picked us up in an Uber w

Cash strapped NI celebs working second jobs to make ends meet
Could you tag someone who appears on this list?! #FacebookMelters

The Ulster Fry guide to blocking melters on Facebook
Well, at least something about this daft scheme was self sustaining...

RHI material โ€œ100% renewableโ€, say local comedy writers