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And....we're headed to the pub. Still a few days til pay day though, be a quare few of these hallions about tonight! Tag a tight arse...
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Here's a wee Friday treat for yees. A video we made for Doherty's Meats. It has big sausages... and wee sausages... and it's LIVE... what can possibly go wrong?!
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Councillors in Lisburn and Castlereagh have sensationally voted to support a ban on the sale of the popular corn based snack Monster Munch in schools across the district. Downshire East DUP representative Carson Robinson had proposed the controversial motion, arguing that the crisps are "sym

Lisburn City Council votes to ban Monster Munch in schools
Rare English 'Sweet Chariot' unearthed in Dublin by Archaeologists. Sadly the wheels have come off at some point.
Some info that could come in handy for a few folk later on...

10 reasons why getting to bed drunk is a whole handlin'
Looks like we're in for a quiet and civilised St Patrick's Day!

Holylands students set for tea and quiet reflection following booze ban
Amid growing calls for 'Unionist Unity' following a bruising election, the Ulster Fry can reveal that a team of top scientists are planning on creating a 'Super Unionist Party', complete with super powers. Work on the secret project has already begun in a disused, but well hea

Work on new 'Super Unionist Party' under way at secret facility
Best thing on TV in ages.

We love making lists of slang words here at The Ulster Fry - and it turns out there a clatter of ways to say good or bad here. Unable to agree if Cracker was better than Class, Billy & Seamus hit the pub to see if people could help us make sense of it all!


Watch our video and then join in on the link below to tell us your own order! One...
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Good to see these two back together again.