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Our trusted director Doug Bayne won't let us do anything he wouldn't do himself. Whatever the hell it is. Seriously, what the hell does he want us to do? #disney #bookofonceuponatime #fallenfromagreatheight
America. We love you and think you need a laugh. We're coming. Tickets on sale Thanksgiving.
Here is the O'Clean Brothers who take great care to keep away from germs on the set of Oh Yuck! #ohyuck!
Still filming Oh Yuck! I'd like to tell you what's on our face but you might be eating.. #ohyuck!
Guess who's working with Disney? No, not Pirates Of The Caribbean 12. Some tv for the young'ns. Stay tuned.
Plans are afoot for New York early next year. Anyone interested? The more likes and comments we get the longer the season..
Toowoomba! So so loud. Love youse.
David not worried at all about the rise in Roadie sightings in Toowoomba tonight..
Roadie sighted in Toowoomba Queensland!
FLYING HIGH on the big screen. (much better title than the American AIRPLANE!)

Flying High!

EVENT - facebook.com
Either Roadie has shrunk or he's with two Amazon woman. Only one way to find out- Toowoomba Oct 15.
Last Speedmouse of the year - Toowoomba. Here's a shot of Roadie last time we were there. Jeez it was hot.
Lismore. Favourite night of the tour by far. Amazing.
Now with added special one off mini Roadie!!
Thanks Pt.Mac and the Braille Theatre you were loud!!!!
Newcastle you were killer. Now shut the hell up!
Available at Newcastle, Port Maquarie, Gold Coast, Lismore and Toowoomba. Check for blood stains.