What if we don't address the immediate and urgent need for girls' education? ONE campaign outlines just what is at stake if we ignore the girls' education crisis.

4 risks of ignoring the girls’ education crisis

A great Commission on the Status of Women panel hosted by UNICEF - talking about girls' education in Afghanistan, what works, how donors can support development and why girls' education is essential for peace-building and economic development!


Don't miss this panel on experiences of gender beyond the binary, data and negotiating space for gender equality, globally & nationally[ Bit.ly Link ] #CSW2017
VIDEO: In Madagascar, Lalao started a school
- via the the Global Partnership for Education
Key highlights #EveryWoman #EveryChild event on responding to #health and #education needs in humanitarian crisis
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Every Woman Every Child Everywhere: Education & health services in humanitarian situations

Bafana Khumalo of Sonke Gender Justice on the role of traditional leaders in attitudinal changes toward female genital mutilation
#CSW2017 #genderequality #FGM

United Nations Girls' Education Initiative - MenEngageAfrica On Traditional Prac

Joshua, a Maasai Moran, shares his experience as an advocate against Female Genital Mutilation & how communities can lead the fight against #FGM in Kenya #CSW2017
UNGEI's Nora Fyles is telling world leaders that #GirlsCount & you can too! Visit the ONE Campaign website to join the count ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
Blog: What is a gender-responsive education sector plan? And why do countries need one? GPE and UNGEI have teamed up to achieve #EducationEquity – here’s how! [ Bit.ly Link ] #Education #IWD2017
How do you make schools safer for girls and boys? Download UNGEI/GPE new “Guidance for gender-response education sector plans” to learn more! bit.ly/2md7aBS #Education #EducationEquity #IWD2017
As we celebrate International Women's Day 2017, it is important to look beyond the day itself, toward how we can bring real and lasting change to the lives of women and girls. That's why UNESCO are turning their focus to data as key in paving the way to gender equality [ Bit.ly Link ] #IWD2017 ♀

International Women’s Day: Why We Need to Connect Data and Advocacy to Achieve Gender Equality

5 Ways Education Can End Poverty
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We joined the count, have you? Fight for girls’ education because #GirlsCount! [ Bit.ly Link ]

#GirlsCount | ONE

Theirworld is #RewritingTheCode to stand up for equal rights everywhere. Will you join them? Have your say #IWD2017 [ Bit.ly Link ]

#RewritingTheCode campaign

In Sub-Saharan Africa, girls without an #education are 5 times more likely to be married by the time they are 18. Join us to fight gender inequality and sign up to support girls' education ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
Share this letter. Get your sister, next-door neighbour, best friend to sign, too. Why? Because on International Women’s Day, we’re delivering this letter in person to hundreds of leaders and we want them to feel as much heat as possible to make sure millions of girls get access to an education. #PovertyIsSexist #GirlsCount

If you care, ACT!

The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative are teaming up with ONE to help the 130 million girls currently out of school access their right to a quality education. This is going to be big, which means we need your help! Visit one.org
Singer and global ambassador for girls' education, Rihanna, is named Harvard Humanitarian of 2017 - [ Bit.ly Link ] #Rihanna #RiRi #Girls #Education #Harvard

GPE Global Ambassador Rihanna named Harvard Humanitarian of the Year | Global Partnership for Education

Hearing how they overcame these barriers was heartwarming and inspiring. Many grew up thinking that tech sector jobs requiring math skills were beyond their reach. Some live on the outskirts of Lima and spend two or three hours commuting to class.

From their course, they learn how to build their first websites, apps, and games. They then go out into the workforce equipped with the technical...
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Bootcamps: Raising expectations for girls in math, science and technology