The Student Alumni Committee [SAC] organized this chalk mural yesterday for #UChiGivingDay—what's your favorite thing about UChicago?
In a Q&A, President Robert J. Zimmer discusses the role of academic freedom on university campuses:

Why the University of Chicago Opposes ‘Trigger Warnings’
Thank you to everyone who participated in #UChiGivingDay! Pictured here: Dean John W. Boyer with members of the UChicago Senior Class Gift 2017 Committee at yesterday's Giving Day study break.
Luis Bettencourt, Professor of Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute and a leading scholar in urban science, has been appointed the inaugural Pritzker Director of the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation. Under his leadership, the Institute will accelerate work from across campus on the processes that drive and shape cities.

Luis Bettencourt named inaugural director of Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation
Over the past decade, the #OdysseyChallenge has helped thousands of UChicago students “graduate without the siren of debt distracting them from taking risks and fulfilling dreams.”

This #UChiGivingDay is your chance to change future Odyssey Scholars’ lives, by supporting scholarships, internships, and beyond:

Guaranteed internships jump-start careers
Two physics undergraduate students led a team of #UChicago researchers who demonstrated how to levitate a variety of objects—including ice particles, lint strands, and thistle seeds—between a warm plate and a cold plate in a vacuum chamber.

New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects
#UChiGivingDay is here—24 hours for Maroons around the world to come together to support the University of Chicago’s impact:
After three years as India’s top central banker, Prof. Raghuram Rajan has returned to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He reflects on his time at the Reserve Bank of India and as well as his upcoming research goals: [ Link ]
Just over 126 years ago, William Rainey Harper signed on as UChicago's first president. #PresidentsDay
UChicago College's Study Chicago program lets students "study abroad" right here in the Windy City, bringing together coursework in history, public policy, and geography.

Chicago Bound
Researchers at The University of Chicago Medicine are working on a system that converts input from a camera into electrical stimulations that produce useful visual perception in the brain.

UChicago receives $2.4 million grant to build implants that could help restore vision
Majalla—which covers everything from bad dates to the history of Oman—gives students a chance to hone their language skills outside of the classroom:

Students launch magazine written in Arabic
What did the last common ancestor of the vertebrate animals—a very small, soft-bodied marine organism that lived about 600 million years ago—look like? A new Marine Biological Laboratory study sheds light:

Study illuminates the origin of vertebrate gills
Happy #ValentinesDay! What do you think is the most romantic spot near #UChicago's campus? A few highlights: [ Link ]
The University of Chicago and 16 other major research universities have filed an amici curiae (“friends of the court”) brief in Darweesh et al. v. Trump et al., a federal court case that challenges the Jan. 27, 2017 Executive Order on immigration.

UChicago and 16 other universities file brief in immigration case
While teaching a #UChicago class on the novels of Henry James, Irish novelist John Banville was writing his own sequel to James' "The Portrait of a Lady": [ Link ]
UChicago College student Nicholas Posegay has been awarded a prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarship to pursue a PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

College student wins Gates Cambridge scholarship
University of Chicago Booth School of Business prof. Tarek Hassan examines the history and economics of refugees in the United States. More immigration coverage from Chicago Booth Review: [ Link ]
“A lot of what we do working directly with students in their own lived experience is to help them make sense of that in the context of today's world, and to help students grow up into their adult selves. And to know that religion and spiritual experience—like other aspects of identity, including gender and sexuality—are something we learn to live into as time goes on.”

—Elizabeth Davenport,...
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