"I had been writing all along, sticking bits of paper into a shoebox, like a lot of closet women poets did. I never thought of my camp poems as really being poems."

#UChicago alumna Mitsuye Yamada talked to the University of Chicago Magazine about documenting her experience of Japanese internment via poetry. Read Yamada’s reflections, along with some of the poems on which she reflects:
I had been writing all along sticking bits of paper into a

Free verse – UChicago – Medium

Praise Jesus
Nathaniel Takao Cook
President Robert J. Zimmer took part this week in a Washington Post forum on free speech, which covered issues of political discourse, religious freedom, and free expression on college campuses. Zimmer and Brown University President Christina Paxson both highlighted the need for students to engage with opposing viewpoints, and Zimmer said that "it’s very important that universities and...
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President Robert J Zimmer took part this week in a Washington Post

Setting the Agenda: The First Amendment on College Campuses

Tyler Kissinger
Grant Macdonald
Morganna Williams
#UChicago, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory are joining forces to create a “quantum information technology ecosystem." The Chicago Quantum Exchange will be an incubator for "fundamentally new technologies, where information is manipulated at the atomic scale and governed by the laws of quantum mechanics."
UChicago Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory a

Chicago Quantum Exchange to create technologically transformative ecosystem

Costanzo De Finis
Benjamin Wimmer
Perry Richard Oliver
A federal court ruled last year that Wisconsin's re-drawn electoral map violated the First Amendment and equal rights protections. The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear that case to examine the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering. The basis of the lawsuit is the "efficiency gap," a measurement of political advantage devised by Asst. Prof. Nicholas Stephanopoulos of the...
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Caitlin Parton
Rachel E Pike-Norton
Heidi Woods
Colleagues remember Philip Gossett, an acclaimed musicologist who restored operas
Colleagues remember Philip Gossett an acclaimed musicologist who restored operas

Philip Gossett, scholar of 19th-century Italian opera, 1941–2017

David Post
Morganna Williams
Steven Phillips
Happy 50th, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory! The #UChicago-affiliated lab is looking back on a half-century of discovery by highlighting 50 of the innovations that have shaped science as we know it today. Some examples:

#25. "Up, down, strange, charm, top bottom—if you don’t know what a quark is, it don’t matter, you've still got ‘em." In 1977, Fermilab found the first evidence for the...
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Happy 50th Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory The UChicagoaffiliated lab is l

50 Years, 50 Discoveries

Savvas Zannettos
When humans are too clean for their own good, it’s man’s best friend to the rescue. Research from #UChicago’s Microbiome Center shows that dog ownership adds a lot of diversity to our indoor microbiomes:
When humans are too clean for their own good its mans best

Are we too clean for our own good? Dogs to the rescue!

Karthik Boyareddygari
Olivia Shaw
Joan Evans
Does being lonely make you more self-centered, or does being self-centered heighten loneliness? According to new #UChicago research, it might be a vicious, lonely cycle—an evolutionary response that helped people survive in ancient times:
Does being lonely make you more selfcentered or does being selfcentered heighten

Loneliness contributes to self-centeredness for sake of self-preservation

Becky Sphatt Minehart
Julia Paloma
Attila Peter
#UChicago's admissions essay questions are known for being silly and intellectually stimulating in equal measure. Here's a selection from the 2018 Uncommon App:

Due to a series of clerical errors, there is exactly one typo (an extra letter, a removed letter, or an altered letter) in the name of every department at the University of Chicago. Oops!

We invite the prospective Class of 2022 to...
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UChicagos admissions essay questions are known for being silly and intellectuall

Essay Questions | College Admissions | The University of Chicago

David Akinin
Zachary Schuyler
Tammy Ghattas
Rogan Feng
More than 15,000 friends, family, and colleagues gathered June 10 to celebrate the achievements of graduates across #UChicago's schools and disciplines. Convocation speaker Prof. Ka Yee Lee addressed the graduates, imploring them to find “the courage to embrace the unknown.” More photos and video from this weekend’s celebration here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Kwan Segal
Michael Siemon
Ruth Rose
530th Convocation of the University of Chicago: The University Ceremony of the 530th Convocation of the University of Chicago will occur on Saturday, June 10, 2017, on the Main Quadrangle. The University of Chicago Pipe Band will lead distinguished faculty and graduating students in a procession, followed by opening remarks from President Robert J. Zimmer. Provost Daniel Diermeier will...
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Shawn Renee-Cadichon
Mike Shecket
Sherrie Cordes
Alumnus David Brooks reflected on his time at #UChicago during today's inaugural Class Day celebration, telling graduates that the lessons he learned in the College continue to shape him today. Join us tomorrow at 9 a.m. CDT for a webcast of the University-wide Convocation ceremony, and watch Brooks' entire address here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Alexis Nola
Morganna Williams
Alexander Clark
Class Day: A new Convocation tradition for the College, Class Day provides an opportunity for students to celebrate their achievements and look back on their years in the College. The gathering features a Class Day speaker, the presentation of College awards, and student speakers who are selected by their peers. Captions are available here:
[ Streamtext.net Link ]
Jerry Lipsch
Ala Tineh
Caitlin Parton
Tune in here [[ Bit.ly Link ] today at 2 p.m. CDT for a webcast of #UChicago's inaugural Class Day celebration, featuring addresses by graduating students along with alumni speakers David Brooks and Rohit “Ro” Khanna. In the meantime, revisit the Class of 2017’s first day at the University, when they passed through Hull Gate and officially became Maroons. Can you spot your four-years-younger self?
Kathy Harper
Parina Lalchandani
Felicia Nelson Aizuss
Once again scientists have revealed “the dark side” of the universe: Gravitational waves were detected for the third time, with scientists from #UChicago’s LIGO group playing an important role in the recent discovery. Einstein predicted these ripples in spacetime, caused when two black holes collide (illustrated in this animation), more than 100 years ago. More about the discovery: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Perry Richard Oliver
Heads up, UChicago! Who can identify where on campus this photo was taken? Send your guess to headsup@uchicago.edu to win your own full-resolution copy of the photo—and keep an eye out for monthly #HeadsUpUChicago challenges.
Heads up UChicago Who can identify where on campus this photo was
The University of Chicago
Patrick McAtee
Colin Bos
Families from all over the world will gather in Hyde Park this weekend to celebrate Convocation. Learn about the inaugural Class Day celebration on June 9 and the main Convocation ceremony on June 10—from invited speakers, to student speakers chosen by their peers, to honorary award recipients—as well as how you can watch the festivities online:
Families from all over the world will gather in Hyde Park this

University to celebrate Convocation Weekend June 9-10

Theresa Yoon
Donna Smith Goree
Nannette Perez
“More than anything, I want students to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy learning."
“The answer to every question is staring you in the face, but so is a lot of other stuff that’s irrelevant."
“I’m kind of old-school. I like teaching with chalk.”

These quotes come from the recipients of this year’s Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards, which recognize excellence in teaching and mentoring...
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“More than anything I want students to have fun to laugh to enjoy learning"

2017 Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards

Laurie Beckoff
Alanna Gary
Praise Jesus
#UChicago Alumni Weekend, with over 135 events from Thursday to Sunday, was truly where fun came to thrive! Alumni young and old, from every corner of the globe, came back to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and explore Hyde Park. Check out these photographs from the weekend—alumni, tag yourselves!
UChicago Alumni Weekend with over 135 events from Thursday to Sunday was
Leif Johan Braaten
Teresa Bopp