#KUtbt: These spring like days have us excited for a new season at Hoglund Ballpark. Kansas Baseball, wouldn't these 1894 jerseys be a home run? More: goo.gl/gH6yOo
It's the tricky question we've all been asked before. "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

With more than 200 fields of study, KU offers many opportunities for you to find your answer. Whether you find that answer right away, or a little farther down the road, KU is the right place to discover your passion.

So, what do you want to be? Research your options.

The University of Kansas

New ways to interact and collaborate: The Central District impacts teaching, research & student life.

Read an update about the Central District redevelopment project by clicking the link and going to the first message in "Messages on the Central District."

In Her Own Words

Rock Chalk Presidents Day, Jayhawks!

Did you know: President Obama was the fourth sitting U.S. president to visit KU and the first since William H. Taft in 1911? The other two presidents to visit KU while in office were Ulysses S. Grant in 1873 and Rutherford B. Hayes in 1879. Five additional presidents — Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton — visited KU...
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As a KU alum, Connor Stanton recalls many evenings that looked like this one when he was a student.

“As a freshman, one of my favorite pastimes was sitting outside Mrs. E's dining hall after dinner, chatting with friends while we watched the sun go down,” he says. When he viewed this iconic scene of the Campanile and a Kansas sunset, he couldn’t help but reminisce.

“Moments like these may...
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There's Phog in the air - but there's also electricity.

Explore KU and discover the eighth largest Tesla Coil in the world, right here on the Hill. Built by Jayhawks involved with the Physics & Engineering Student Organization, it features 1.5 miles of wires, four transistors used to power locomotives, and 80 capacitors. The coil operates at 30 kHz and produces arcs of electricity up to 15ft...
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We're hoping Saturday's Kansas Men's Basketball game ends similar to this 1966 victory over Baylor. Rock Chalk! #KUtbt

Discover more about today's throwback: goo.gl/DokIVn
Now that you've chosen to be a Jayhawk, it's almost time for you to choose your home on the Hill.

Your home is the place where you will meet "your people," learn how to cook from a microwave, host movie nights, and find an inclusive and immersive community. Research the various options and discover where you'll find your home away from home.

The University of Kansas

Roses are crimson, violets are blue. We love hearing Jayhawk love stories, and want to share them with you.

We have collected special Jayhawk love stories from current students and alumni. Each story is unique, but they all begin here on the Hill. Scroll through the album and read each story to fill your heart with Jayhawk love. Happy Valentine's Day!
Chancellor Gray-Little discusses KU’s efforts to serve Kansas. Read the latest #ChancellorMondayMessage.

Sharing the great work you are doing

There's always something new, nostalgic, or inspiring to explore on the Hill.

Click through each photo to experience life on the Hill this past week through Sarah, Yiyi and Harry's views. Want to be featured? Use #exploreKU when you share photos on Twitter or Instagram.
No matter what your major is, KU gives you the opportunity to claim your curiosity outside of the classroom. To really dive deeper into what you are passionate about. To gain the experience to excel past your own expectations for your future.

Through the Undergraduate Research Award, Jayhawks are exploring rivers, courtrooms, labs, archives, studios, and more in order to get hands-on...
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Roses are crimson ????
Violets are blue ????
Rock Chalk throwbacks ????
Share lots of love with you. ❤

Don't mind us as we continue swooning over that vintage Jayhawk suitcase! Head on over to the KSRL blog to discover more about this week's #KUtbt: goo.gl/RYnT2B
Now that you chose to #BeAJayhawk, you may have some questions about financial aid. KU offers various forms of financial assistance to students. Check out your options, and don't forget to file your FAFSA by March 1.

The University of Kansas

It's an almost indescribable feeling. Being a Jayhawk.

You may feel that sudden rush of pride when you receive a "Rock Chalk" greeting from a stranger in an airport. You may feel it when you walk down Jayhawk Boulevard and overhear a myriad of different languages. The Jayhawk pride, bound through all of the buzzer beaters, those "ah-ha" moments in class, and our crimson and blue apparel, is...
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‪2 for 2: Kansas Men's Basketball is the #SunflowerShowdown Champ! ❤ Rock Chalk, Jayhawks!‬
We know Jayhawks can be real love birds. So we ask each year: did you meet your partner or significant other on the Hill? We'd love to hear your story.

Email us the details and your best photo to socialmedia@ku.edu. Check back on Valentine's Day to read the #KUlove stories!

feature photo of Kelly + Logan Blackburn's wedding via Dãsa Photography
When you step outside of your regular campus commute and explore KU, there's no knowing what you'll come across.

Click through each photo to experience life on the Hill this past week through Cody and Yvette's views. Want to be featured? Use #exploreKU when you share photos on Twitter or Instagram.
Magic is only an illusion at Allen Fieldhouse. Rock Chalk, Jayhawks!

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