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The squirrels of KU: the most interesting critters in the world.

They're the best friends you never thought you would have. They greet you after class. They'll walk with you to the bus stop. They make you laugh as they carry pieces of pizza across campus (true story).

It's #SquirrelAppreciationDay! Do you have a particular memory with a KU squirrel? Please share.
KU is leading the way in human cell 3D computer modeling. United Press International said it would be "a monumental breakthrough for biological research and medical science." Ilya Vakser, professor of computational biology and molecular biosciences at KU, is leading this effort. "It will give us ... the ability to understand mechanisms of drug action, which will be a tremendous boost to our...
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Scientists closer to creating 3D computer model of a cell
#KUtbt: No matter the decade, new semesters promise an energy-filled, bustling campus. Welcome back to the hill, Jayhawks!

Discover more about this throwback:
Nonprofit founder, Iraq War vet, and KU alumnus William McNulty will receive an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, for outstanding contributions to global humanitarian and relief efforts.

2017 honorary degree announced
The KU community celebrated the life and work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 16, 2017. This year’s celebration theme is "Working Together in Unity."

A variety of events and activities are still happening on the Hill. Check them out:

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Chancellor Gray-Little discusses MLK, Kansas Legislature, transforming KU in first message of the semester.

Chancellor's Message
Today is the start of a new beginning.

It's a new semester. A fresh start. A time to anticipate the spring tulips, March Madness, Commencement, as well as new classes, friends, and opportunities.

Welcome back, Jayhawks. Let's make this semester especially wonderful.
Starting tomorrow, join us in celebrating the life & dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, January 15:
▸ Gospel Music Celebration, sponsored by Free Methodist Church // 6:30 p.m. – Lawrence Free Methodist Church

Monday, January 16:
▸ 10th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Breakfast // 7:30 a.m. – Maceli’s Banquet Hall (tickets required)
▸ Civil Rights Activism Art Showcase ​ // 9...
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KU celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.
KU Lawrence to close at 4 p.m. KU student housing will remain open tonight and all weekend for returning students.

Lawrence Campus closing at 4 p.m.
How will pre-existing health conditions be covered in president-elect Donald Trump's national health care plan? While many in the U.S. are asking this question, so did CNNMoney. To find answers, they sought out KU's Jean Hall, director of the Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies. Hall gave background on high-risk pools before Obamacare.

How Trump may cover Americans with pre-existing conditions
In anticipation of impending winter weather, students are encouraged to consider returning to campus before Friday evening, or to wait until the worst of the storm has passed.

All KU housing is open, and students can move in any day they’d like.

Please review the weather conditions along your travel routes. Click the link to read more.

Ice storm warning issued; KU housing open
Allen Fieldhouse isn't the only KU facility to house a court raved the best in the West! #KUtbt

The 1908 Jayhawker described {the pictured location} as "the splendid new gymnasium" and wrote that "as a place for holding match games it has no equal in the West." For the first time the entire student body of the university really got behind the (Kansas Men's Basketball) team and pulled with it...
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Breakout Lawrence, Breakout Kansas City and Breakout Waikiki have two things in common: they're all locations where you can try to break out of a locked room in under one hour through a set of clues and riddles; and, they are owned by KU alumni Matt Baysinger and Ryan Henrich.

The Breakout Waikiki location recently made national headlines after President Obama visited the location during his...
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A Breakout Success
When there is news about the Large Hadron Collider and its exploration of how the smallest components of the universe interact, it helps to have a leader in the field to explain in layman's terms. Enter elemental particle physicist and KU professor Alice Bean. She's a contributor to the Huffington Post who brings questions of the universe down to earth with her explanations. Click to read her...
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How data can bring more clarity
Although it's winter break, we still have busy Jayhawks on campus who find time to explore KU.

Click through each photo to experience life on the Hill this past week through Austin, Dhanushka, and Kirsten's views. Want to be featured? Use #exploreKU when you share photos on Twitter or Instagram.
Steven Simpson, acting director of the division of pulmonary disease and critical care medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center, explains why it takes so long to recover from pneumonia in an article in the Washington Post and advises on how to replenish lost energy.

Why does it take so long to recover from pneumonia?
Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little says research funding is crucial to maintaining the nation's status as a global leader. She wrote her arguments in a piece that appeared in The Conversation.

Science Matters
Did you know today is #NationalBirdDay?

Photographer Andy White captured a snowy "Academic Jay" perched outside of Strong Hall. This distinctive Jayhawk was commissioned by the Class of 1956 and designed and cast by Elden C. Tefft, professor of sculpture. Tefft was inspired by the sharp-beaked “fighting Jayhawk” that was the mascot from 1929 to 1946, but the statue also has been called “the...
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