Asia Pop Fest is on until late tonight at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and you can go for free by presenting your student card! ($25 for non-students) Post your pics from the event in the comments

Asia Pop Fest is a huge pop concert to mark the start of the university year and welcome this year’s international students. Details:
Sludge, what is it good for? More things than we expected as it turns out...

Taking the sludge out of wastewater
If you love art, nature and thinking about the end of the Anthropocene era then stop by LAB-14 at Carlton Connect before 12 April to explore their new exhibition.

Curator Dr Renee Beale presents Naturophilia as a provocation to consider possible urban futures where our relationship to nature has shifted, where human-made realities and the natural world have dissolved into one another...
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Can we use fire as a tool to protect and encourage biodiversity and ensure people’s safety at the same time?

Managing bushfires for safety and biodiversity
Special dinner at Ormond College with the Founders and Benefactors this week to celebrate and give thanks for the access and equity philanthropy makes possible! Thanks to @_RufusBlack via Twitter for the shot.
Nordic countries top the happiness league... again. So perhaps we should be asking what Australia, and the world, can learn from these ‘happiness superpowers’?

Why are Nordic countries so happy?
Thousands of Australians have objects, letters and photographs from wars both old and recent that hold precious memories and stories. Are you one of them?

In a bid to preserve these family artefacts the University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation is leading a Victorian Government initiative to advise families on how to look after their own war heritage and to...
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Lest we forget: Storing precious memories
Have you ever wondered which Australian snake is the deadliest or who's most likely to get bitten?

Wonder no more! Our researchers have analysed 30 years of data and the results are in.

Fatal snake bites: Who's at risk?
There's beauty in Melbourne's overcast days if, like @ariboni13, you know where to look ⛅

Instagram post by Antonia • Feb 10, 2017 at 12:35pm UTC
Looking for somewhere on campus to have some quiet contemplation? The The Ian Potter Museum of Art has launched a new exhibition, 'Not As The Songs of Other Lands', and it features 19th century Australian and American landscapes ⛰

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Did you know today is World Water Day?

With the United Nations estimating more than a tenth of the world’s population has no access to safe drinking water, today is all about taking action to tackle the water crisis.

Here's how our researchers are working to recycle waste water to save a thirsty world.


Turning any water into drinking water
It's Tuesday and it's raining... but it's warm... but it's raining.. why are you so confusing Melbourne? At least it's not windy Thanks for sharing your view of University Square y.wang37

Instagram post by @y.wang37 • Mar 19, 2017 at 11:44pm UTC
Have you ever thought about the quality of soil required to produce the food you eat?

Unfortunately around two-thirds of Australian soils are classed as unhealthy and it's fast becoming a public health issue.

Saving our soils: Why dirt matters
Donald Trump said he would 'drain the swamp' if he got into office. Now that he's President is he delivering on his promise?

The creeping influence of lobbyists in Washington
So it turns out, what society says about what it means to be a man and what's actually good for men's wellbeing are two entirely different things.

New research finds men’s self-reliance linked to risk of self-harm
Sometimes Monday feels like you're standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up... but at least the top is still in sight in this by ichdenke

Instagram post by @ichdenke • Mar 8, 2017 at 8:26am UTC
Do you ever stop and wonder about the lives of people around you?

City songs imagines the lives of some of our closest strangers in a new exhibition now showing at the City of Melbourne City Gallery in the Melbourne Town Hall.

Explore the stories of a city
We're thrilled to announce acclaimed author and conservationist Tim Winton as patron of the new ‘Native Australian Animals Trust’ at the University of Melbourne.

The Trust will provide a way for people who are passionate about Australia’s wildlife to get involved with the University's research, teaching and engagement activities.

Author Tim Winton named as ‘Native Australian Animals Trust’ patron
Happy Diversity Week

This week you're invited to help us celebrate diversity at the University of Melbourne – whether it be cultural, sexual, religious, gender, socio-economic or ability – the list is endless!

UMSU University of Melbourne Student Union and the Faculty of Arts team up to bring you a whole weeks worth of events - check out the calendar below:

Join us for Diversity Week 2017