Are you switching off for Earth Hour tomorrow night?

For inspiration, check out Dr Bonnie McBain's The Conversation article from December 2016 about the importance of reducing carbon emissions.

Reliable renewable electricity is possible if we make smart decisions now
"I am passionate about bringing ideas to life in order to benefit the global community – research institutions play a vital role in realising this" - Dr Sarah Pearson.

Newcastle welcomes global leader in innovation and engagement
If you need a little help making your veggies taste delicious this weekend, Professor Clare Collins has you covered.

Hate vegetables? You might have super-taster genes!
On Pi Day, we remember the fascinating and inspiring work of the late Laureate Professor Jon Borwein.

From this 2016 article, find out more about Laureate Professor Borwein’s love of Pi and its role in "the most beautiful formula in mathematics": [ Link ]
“We use and engage with creative content in a very different way now than we did thirty years ago, so the question is what are the next disruptions in these industries?" - Professor Paul Egglestone.

We're incredibly excited to launch our School of Creative Industries, which aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions to real world problems.

UON launches new home of creativity
We're delighted that six of our subjects have been named among the world’s best today! The QS World University Rankings have identified these subjects as being in the top 100 on the planet within their discipline for 2017.

UON subjects ranked in world’s top 100
As the world celebrates International Women's Day, five UON experts discuss gender stereotypes and what this important day means to them.

A new $39.5 million research centre will help develop real-world solutions for our Aussie farmers.

UON to lead new global CRC for High Performance Soils
Tonight an exciting new program will take viewers behind the scenes of our incredible Lazarus Project, which was responsible for reviving the extinct gastric-brooding frog.

The project earned UON researchers Professor Michael Mahony, Dr John Clulow and Mr Simon Clulow a place in TIME Magazine’s best inventions of the year 2013.

Tune into Project Lazarus on ABC at 9.30pm to follow their...
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We concur with Professor Darryl Knight! Newcastle is an ideal place to live, work and study.

Tag a friend who would agree.
We're incredibly proud of the positive impact our graduates have on their respective communities. That certainly applies to Karlie Noon, the first Indigenous student in NSW to obtain a double degree in science and mathematics, who has been honoured in a speech delivered to the National Press Club of Australia by Chair of Universities Australia, Professor Barney Glover.

Learn more about...
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A pleasure to host leaders in the global conversation on innovation, Mr Antoine van Agtmael and Mr Fred Bakker.

Discover what they have to say about the Hunter's regional renewal.

Smartest Places On Earth
Please join us for this fantastic opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts on the revitalisation of post-industrial cities.

Find out more: [ Link ]
We're thrilled to have welcomed students from 70 countries across the globe into the UON community today. It's a pleasure to support each person, whether their stay with us is long or short, as they embark on their journey.

Many new friendships await, so remember to tag yourself and others in the pics!
It's fantastic to have students back for Orientation in 2017. Be sure to keep checking the UON Student Central photos to tag yourself and your friends in the crowd!
A walk a day can help keep the doctor away!

Our Dr Ben Ewald reveals new health study findings via The Conversation.

New study shows more time walking means less time in hospital
Discovering cures for some of the most aggressive and prevalent cancers affecting both children and adults will be the focus of new UON research from Associate Professor Simon Keely, Dr Lei Jin and Dr Matthew Dun.

UON researchers awarded Cancer Institute NSW Fellowships
Newcastle has been named one of the world’s Smart Cities by National Geographic! We’re delighted that our innovative NeW Space campus has been cited as a key reason for that status. Check it out: [ Link ]
A study involving UON researcher Dr William Chivers has made a remarkable discovery about the impact climate change is having on the food chain.

Plankton species at risk from climate change
Does science hold the answer to a healthy diet? Based on the world-renowned research of UON nutrition experts, we've created a free online course which aims to dispel common diet myths. Whether you’re trying to lose weight yourself, or are supporting others, this course will arm you with the knowledge and tools you need.

Enrol now in ‘The Science of Weight Loss’: [ Link ]