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Our $10.8 million funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council will support 14 projects and one Career Development Fellowship in 2017. This vital research is aimed at solving some of the world’s most critical health challenges.

Funding success helps asthma sufferers breathe easy

In case you missed it, playing Super Mario with your mind is now a thing. The cross-disciplinary Mind Over Mario project from Dr Aaron Wong and Patrick Cooper means you can now 1-Up with a blink of an eye... literally. [ Bit.ly Link ]
We've reached over 75,000 likes! Thank you for engaging with UON on Facebook. Don't mind us while we dance our way through the first day of summer to celebrate.
Congratulations to our four New Colombo Plan scholars, who will be heading abroad in 2017 to undertake work and study in their respective fields, which include town planning, traditional arts, waste management and renewables.

Exceptional scholars set to strengthen ties in the Pacific

We're delighted to have been mentioned in Australian Geographic's top Aussie animal science stories of 2016. Which of our stories would you have chosen to be included in this list?

Top Aussie animal science stories of 2016

Catherine Richards' passion for the environment, and a double degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, has led to an amazing opportunity to pursue resource sustainability research.

Where can your passion take you?

Engineering graduate secures Monash scholarship

Has Professor Shin-Chan Han's latest discovery rocked your world?

A shift in perspective: Australia found to tilt and gyrate with the weather

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for tonight’s supermoon – the largest and brightest in almost 70 years! UON astronomer, Professor Jim Jackson, explains why the phenomenon is so special.

“A full moon comes around when the moon and the sun are in opposite directions as the moon orbits the earth. The moon's monthly orbit is elliptical, or slightly oval, which means it's sometimes naturally...
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Australia is gyrating! UON researcher Professor Shin-Chan Han has proven that our continent is tilting and shifting in a "seasonal gyration" due to Europe's weather.

We knew Australia was a rockin' country, now we have proof!

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"This should be the end of industrial political polling as we know it."

Our Professor Mark Balnaves explains why the US election result has come as such a shock to pollsters.

US election: how did the polls get it so wrong?

Who are the enemies of change? Australian journalist and political commentator David Marr, in conversation with UON's Professor John Germov, examines what it is about this prosperous, educated, quite progressive country that makes change so hard.

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Enemies of Change

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Are we properly prepared for drought? New UON-led research reveals the shortfalls we face as a nation in response to this "creeping disaster".

Cracks exist in Australia’s drought management

Have you seen today's news about Dr Simon Clulow's most recent discovery? Find out more about this incredible new frog species.

Unlikely urban frog discovery surprises scientists

UON biologist discovers new frog species in Newcastle!

It's incredible to think this stunning little creature has been living under our noses all this time. New vertebrate discoveries are rare, but practically unheard of in populated, well developed areas such as Newcastle. It's this detail that makes this discovery so unlikely.

We followed Dr Simon Clulow back to the original discovery...
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Congrats to our Professor Peter Stutchbury, who has shared in a prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Award for International Excellence for his innovative 'Invisible House' project.

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By 2050, the world urban population is expected to nearly double, posing massive challenges in terms of sustainable urban development.

With 70% of the world’s population in cities, it means we need to be rethink how we plan for the future. We will need to develop innovative strategies and systems to ensure adequate housing, urban resilience, disaster risk reduction and sustainable...
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We're excited to announce our groundbreaking research projects, which will launch in 2017 thanks to Australian Research Council funding.

UON attracts over $5.7 million in ARC funding to support future research

Our newest collaborative space has welcomed its first clients!

Find out more about Three76, which has thrown open its doors to innovation: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Prestigious NHMRC Fellowships have been awarded to seven of our outstanding health and medical researchers. Congratulations!

UON researchers awarded $5.6 million health and medical funding

"It's important to identify how children in this region view higher education and to understand their career aspirations to better support them in achieving their goals" - Professor Jenny Gore.

Helping our Central Coast kids achieve their educational goals