We're certainly thrilled about the springtime weather we've been having, but the snow...can we just talk about the beauty of this snow? ❄ #UNC [: Instagram user kchysmith]
Adriano Bellotti is a UNC School of Medicine student who will be studying neurophysiology through computational modeling as Carolina's sixth Gates Cambridge Scholar! #UNC

UNC-Chapel Hill student named 2017 Gates Cambridge Scholar

The year was 1995 and it was out of a shared passion for African-American style music that a group of Carolina freshmen came together to create the University’s first black a cappella group, the Harmonyx.

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If the rest of the week is like today, we're in for a beautiful week at #UNC
In North Carolina, roughly 32 people die unexpectedly every day, their loved ones devastated not only by loss but the inability to say goodbye. To help prevent these tragedies, #UNC cardiologists examine death certificates, medical records and emergency medical services data to determine which populations are at risk of sudden death, and why.

Without Warning: Why Do People Drop Dead? | Endeavors

A photo essay in The New Yorker on the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II is based on a book, "Colors of Confinement," by UNC School of Law's Eric Muller. Today is the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, that authorized the internment #UNC

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The Colors of Japanese Internment

The Morehead Planetarium & Science Center's Mobile Planetarium brings constellations to school gyms across the state. Every year since 2010, the program visits about 100 schools and 15,000 students #UNC
About a couple hours till tipoff of the men's basketball game against Virginia. Tar Heels looked pretty good this morning on GameDay!

For 50 years, #UNC’s Black Student Movement has played a role in nearly every significant advancement for minorities at Carolina.

Five decades of striving for progress - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

There's inspiration all around our campus and especially at North Carolina Botanical Garden #UNC [: Instagram user berahthraben]
She's a spin instructor who also gives tours with Admissions Ambassadors, all while majoring in environmental science. Andrea Orengo is just one Carolina student doing incredible things. See how she juggles it all #UNC
UNC School of Medicine researchers were able to correctly predict 80 percent of participating infants who would later meet criteria for autism at 2 years of age.

Brain scans might help predict autism in babies before symptoms appear

A country-wide research project led by the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities is the first to show that it's possible to predict which infants—among those who have older siblings with autism—will be diagnosed with autism at 24 months.

"This means we potentially can identify infants who will later develop autism before the symptoms of autism begin to consolidate into a...
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First-of-its-kind study accurately predicts autism in infants - The...

Tar Heels, meet Tucker . Hobbies include hanging out at the seal and modeling for gorgeous photos. #UNC [: Instagram user janeviolette]
Listen in: [ Unc.live Link ] as we speak with Rich Superfine about how #UNC's Be a Maker Network has the welcoming philosophy of "everything, everyone, all the time" and the perspective a maker must take to change the world we live in.

Rich Superfine is the Taylor-Williams Distinguished Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Sciences, and the director of the Be a Maker Network.
Even the trees are wishing #UNC a happy Valentine's Day! They bloomed just in time [: Instagram user ryan_herron]
We wanted to know what made you fall in love with Carolina and while we know it's hard to pick, you all delivered! Here's a compilation of some great photos we received. Happy Valentine's Day!
Yesterday was Hinton James Day, but he's on campus now in The Pit until 1pm so come take a selfie ! Hinton James walked 170 miles from Wilmington to become the first student on our campus in 1795. Now that's Tar Heel dedication! If you want a taste of what Hinton would've enjoyed, come to Chase Dining Hall tonight for a very themed out dinner. // Hinton James Day is sponsored by UNC General...
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Carolina's Hill Hall, home of the UNC Department of Music, recently underwent renovations that lasted 18 months funded through $15 million in private gifts. The building turns 100 this year. Some improvements are flashy, like the remodeling of the rotunda into a dramatic lobby and reception area. But many are behind-the-scenes changes, such as a renovated backstage area, and improvements to...
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#UNC officially welcomed Nena Peragallo Montano into the Carolina family this week, even though she's been on the job as the new dean of the UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing since January. Peragallo Montano is recognized nationally and internationally for her research in health disparities and culturally competent interventions with minority populations. Welcome home! // Read more here: [...
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