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One of the hurdles for renewable energy is the ability to effectively store the power harnessed from the sun and wind. Our chemists are working with colleagues at the University of Michigan to create a better grid-storage battery, developing a method that is 1,000 times more stable than current compounds.

Stabilizing energy storage | UNews
Did you know Presidents Day is officially recognized as Washington and Lincoln Day in Utah? This Abraham Lincoln bust found at the Hinckley Institute of Politics sure does!
Nice story from the Salt Lake Tribune on how the refugee program at the David Eccles School of Business is helping refugees earn degrees.

New U.S. citizens earn degrees with help from U. of U. Eccles School of Business
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This is what the most sought after ticket in women's collegiate sports looks like. And it was well worth the wait to see No. 5 Utah Gymnastics defeat No. 4 UCLA! Go Utes!
: Utah Athletics
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The Arts Pass program, which allows U students to attend on-campus performances and arts experiences for free, surpassed the 100,000 attendance mark!

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Flash-the-U Friday from our Asia Campus! Thanks to the students in Songdo for reppin' the U in South Korea! Go Utes!
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Congratulations to the University of Utah Men's Lacrosse Program on defeating the No. 1 Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association team in the nation, Chapman University! It was Chapman's first loss in 644 days and the U's first victory over a No. 1-ranked opponent. Go Utes!
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: Justin Adams
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Dad is a professor, nationally acclaimed urban ecology researcher and chair of the City and Metropolitan Planning Department. Son is an English student and starred in Modern Family.

Read about Reid Ewing, both senior and junior, at
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TONIGHT: Our own Çağan Şekercioğlu, a biology professor, ornithologist, photographer and National Geographic Explorer, discusses why birds matter as part of the College of Science's Frontiers of Science series. 6-8p, ASB 220
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The U.S. News and World Report published its rankings for best places to live and Salt Lake City, "Home of the Utes," cracked the top 10!
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Because Wednesday
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Showing off the Make Space at Lassonde Studios where students can turn their ideas into reality. ⚙
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We ❤ you. Happy Valentine's!
“He is on a path to becoming a very powerful figure in whatever industry he chooses. His superpower is the ability to hold an enormous abstract structure in his head, and to speak intelligently about any aspect of it at any time.”

That's what a supervising engineer at Google had to say about student and Churchill Scholarship winner Michael Zhao. Impressive.

We're proud to introduce the Consortium for Dark Sky Studies, an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research group that is the first academic center in the world dedicated to discovering, developing, communicating and applying knowledge about the quality of the night skies.
Founded by alum Brett Caywood, ski apparel maker Knoble donates the cost of a single cataract surgery with each jacket sold. And they produce some of the warmest ski gear you can buy.
Applications for housing are now available. Learn how to live on campus at
Flash-the-U Friday from the Milford Sound in New Zealand (where Friday was yesterday). Thanks to Nakaiya Stucki and crew for reppin' the U! Go Utes!