We are proud to present you with the title track from the album. Huge love to the Bassrush family and everyone who has been there for the journey <3

[Premiere] The Upbeats “De-Evolution” | Bassrush

The Upbeats
02/24/2017 at 10:00. Facebook
Hyped about returning to Perth on Friday the 24th to be part of this massive line up for Inhibit @ Metro City! Gonna be fair dinkum! :D
The Upbeats
02/24/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
New merch has landed
Limited stock will be available at most shows for the NZ/AU De-Evolution III tour
Hey all, we're stoked to share another tune from De-Evolution Part III. Check out 'Veiled' below. #420bolognese ✌

The Upbeats - Veiled

Emotional roller from The Upbeats...

Wanaka, it's on tonight! Can't wait to see the crew, and party in the deep south \m/
De-Evolution III has landed...

This is the primal struggle between wolf & snake. Spine chilling howls and the skin crawling slither of scales on rocks. And where better to play out this epic tapestry than the land that time forgot, that's right cobber, down under. Smash a few stubbies, slip on your fave thongs and come de-evolve with us ????
Be soothed by the dulcet tones of monsieur Wolf, let him seduce your ear cavity. While his euphoric tone caresses your ear drum

Prism (Out 3rd March)

Beware higher life forms. Look out so called “advanced creatures”. Rejoice amoeba, prions and plankton apes. De-Evolution is back to hit you with a cudgel and soothe you with crude howls. 3/3/17 on Vision Recordings.
De-Evolution Part III - 3/3/17

As the last 6 pieces to complete the puzzle that is the De-Evolution series materialize - a whole emerges from the dank depths. The form that has slowly been de-evolving is now ready to be birthed from the chaotic primordial ooze in its entirety.

Beware higher life forms. Look out so called “advanced creatures”. Rejoice amoeba, prions and plankton apes....
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Whodda fucken thunk, Timavegas REPRESENT!!

Ticket for all other shows available at:
We're so excited to be back on tour in NZ/AU for the 3rd and final part of our De-Evolution series, can't wait to see y'all!! <3
Looking forward to being in you again Nelson :)
UK Summer looking vibey :) #Blissfields2017
Finally recovered from the New Years madness that was Northern Bass. Epic shots from Jamie-Mae Lees :o
WHAT. THE. FUCK!? @northernbassnz and @mctaliofficial you were amazing Happy new year family
Amazing times in Napier with the Shapeshifter family
Merry Christmas family! Here's a track called 'Cauldron' we made with the homies Agressor Bunx for De-Evolution Part III. Follow the link for the free DL <3

Cauldron (feat. Agressor Bunx) [FREE DOWNLOAD]