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Panic swept Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria on Sunday after extremists warned a nearby dam would collapse from U.S.-led airstrikes, prompting hundreds of fearful residents to try to escape the tightly-guarded city of Raqqa.

Islamic State Dam Warning Sparks Chaos
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Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird...It’s a plane... It’s a hot take on Premier League Soccer! [ Link ]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Hot Take on Premier League Soccer!
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Investors don’t typically root for stocks to fall, but some now think a period of declines might be healthy.

A Correction Now Might Not Be So Bad, Some Investors Say
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Bulgaria’s center-right party won a legislative election Sunday, according to preliminary exit polls, batting back an opposition that sought to steer the European Union nation closer to Russia.

Bulgarian Voters Reject Party Wanting Stronger Moscow Ties
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch encountered no major problems in his Senate confirmation hearings last week, leaving Democrats with a thorny strategic choice about how hard to fight a nomination they likely can’t stop.

Democrats Weigh Options on Neil Gorsuch Nomination
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A ruling against Apple over iPhone patents was overturned in China, giving the tech giant a big win in one of its toughest markets.

Apple Bites Back With iPhone Court Win in China
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The strains in Northern Irish politics today are as great as at any time since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement—and the greatest threat to the constitutional balance is Brexit.

Brexit Threatens to Stir Old Political Currents in Northern Ireland
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Many of President Trump's supporters view the health bill as flawed and blame Congress and House Speaker Paul Ryan for failing to deliver on a central campaign promise.

Trump Voters Say President Can Learn From Failure of Health-Care Bill
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A high-end lawyer under house arrest. Beyoncé dodging paparazzi in the garage. Secret LLCs. Here's a look inside four of NYC's highest-end buildings.

Where New York’s Billionaires Live
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The most conservative faction of the Republican House caucus sought to deflect blame Sunday for last week’s stunning collapse of a White House-backed health-care measure, saying the lawmakers hadn’t given up on trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

House Conservatives Are Undeterred After Health-Bill Failure
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Pakistan said it has begun building a fence along its border with Afghanistan, a move that could further rile relations between the two countries, each of which blames the other for harboring terrorists.

Pakistan Starts Building Fence Along Border With Afghanistan
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Iraq blamed Islamic State for a blast that killed scores of civilians in Mosul, not a U.S.-led coalition strike for the deaths. [ Link ]

Iraq Military Blames Islamic State for Deaths
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The U.S. is getting beaten by European and Japanese firms in the race to supply machinery used in the new automated factory floor.

Powering America’s Manufacturing Renaissance: Foreign Robots
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Widespread abuse of powerful opioids has pushed U.S. overdose death rates to all-time highs. It has also traumatized tens of thousands of children. The number of youngsters in foster care in many states has soared, overwhelming social workers and courts. Hospitals that once saw few opioid-addicted newborns are now treating dozens a year.

The Children of the Opioid Crisis
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Malaysian financier Jho Low’s superyacht, Equanimity, has traversed the globe since 2014, heading into Arctic waters shortly after reports of his alleged involvement in a financial scandal at Malaysian state fund 1MDB. Follow along with its travels.

Jho Low: Life on the Ocean Waves
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British officials slam apps that let terrorists communicate in secret as they try to piece together Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood’s motivation.

U.K. Slams Apps That Let Terrorists Communicate in Secret
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Sometimes, you just can't win. A new study offers a hint why American cockroaches are so hard to get rid of: Females can breed for years and multiply their numbers dozens of times alone, without ever mating with a male.

New Clues on Why You Can’t Escape Cockroaches
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To take on Netflix, Hollywood studios are preparing to upend decades of tradition by releasing movies at home less than 45 days after they debut on the big screen.

From Multiplex to Living Room, in 45 Days or Less
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It's not about deleting an app or a photo here and there. Our tips for clearing up serious space hogs on your phone.

Free Up iPhone Space With These Hidden Tricks
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Johnson Controls's CEO was paid $46 million in September, but what he made the rest of the fiscal year is a mystery.

One CEO Got Paid $46M in a Month, but the Rest of the Year Is a Mystery