The leading Flemish painter of the first half of the C17th after Rubens, Anthony van Dyck was born #OTD
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While the Wallace Collection is chiefly known for its collection of French Sèvres porcelain, this week’s #wallacecuratorpick was made at the Doccia porcelain manufactory of Florence between 1750 and 60.

Doccia excelled in the production of porcelain sculpture and besides original models also produced designs based on famous Florentine sculptures. This figure shows Bacchus, the god of wine,...
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From our free Ovid trail, and to mark Ovid's birthday, here's François Boucher's painting of the legend of Jupiter and Callísto.

Jupiter seduced the Callisto, the favourite of the goddess Diana, disguised as Diana. When Callisto’s resultant pregnancy was discovered, Diana, to whom she had vowed to live in chastity, punished the nymph by sending her away. Juno, aware of her husband Jupiter’s...
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Painter, sculptor and architect, Alonso Cano was born #OTD. We only have one painting by Cano in the Collection, which depicts Saint John the Evangelist's Vision of Jersualem, now hanging in our Great Gallery.
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Don't miss your chance to some famous faces painted by the winners of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017 - this free exhibition closes 31 March.

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017 Winners Exhibition
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From the C11th Bell of St Mura to the C19th socialite the Countess of Blessington, discover more about the Collection's Irish connection in a free talk today at 1pm for St Patrick's Day.
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One of the major French history painters of the early C19th who played a crucial part in developing Napoleonic propaganda, Antoine-Jean Gros was born #OTD.
To mark the Ides of March, here's a shield/target from our armouries featuring Caesar.

Made of wood, convex and covered with black boiled leather, the target has been embossed with a circular panel in the centre representing Caesar on horseback being presented with the head of Pompey.
This Tuesday’s #wallacecuratorpick is a captivating work by famed portrait artist Anthony van Dyck. Painted in c. 1628, it shows Isabella Waerbeke, the wife of animal painter Paul de Vos. The couple were prominent members of the artistic community in 17th c. Antwerp and close friends with Van Dyck himself. The painting was conceived as the pendant to a portrait of the sitter’s husband, with...
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From our free Ovid trail, this C18th miniature by Jacques Charlier shows Jupiter's seduction of Antiope.

In the myth Jupiter transformed himself into a satyr and stole up on Antiope as she lay sleeping. Their encounter was briefly recounted in Book Six of the Metamorphoses, which described the stories Arachne weaved into her famous tapestry during a weaving contest with Minerva. The encounter...
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Referred to by Gerrit Dou as the 'prince of his pupils', Dutch C17th artist Frans van Mieris the Elder died #OTD.
Made by the Sèvres factory in the mid C18th, this porcelain tray would have been made to carry a matching tea service.

It had been decorated with a rose ground forming a trellis-work, and features a playful scene of children fishing.
The C18th Venetian painter Guardi was famous for his 'capriccio paintings', which were imaginary views, usually showing recognisable landmarks or architectural details portrayed in inventive or fantastical combinations. This painting a typical example of this type, possibly showing San Giorgio Maggiore (the church in the distance), as seen through the arched passage of the Doge’s Palace.
Something different for Friday lunchtime? Actors Joshua Higgott (Theatre work including 1984 and Oresteia) and Rachel Finnegan (from BBC's Death Comes to Pemberley) read remarkable tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses in the magnificent surroundings of our Great Gallery.

Friday 10 March, 1pm. Free, drop-in.

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Free Exhibition: Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017 Winners Exhibition opens today. #PortraitArtistoftheYear

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017 Winners Exhibition
Bad decoration is better than no decoration? Exploring the exuberantly decorated armour made in late #C16th Milan, don't miss a free #talk with our armour curator Toby Capwell today at 1pm.
Gender transition, same sex marriage, a compelling advocacy for vegetarianism – these are just some of the ‘hot topics’ of today that were addressed in the Roman writer Ovid’s magnificent fifteen-book poem Metamorphoses.

Read our new blog post by Curator Suzanne Higgott as she explores the continued fascination for Ovid’s poem, both in literature and art.

Tales from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’
Coinciding with #internationalwomensday tomorrow, we have chosen a miniature by Rosalba Carriera for this week’s #wallacecuratorpick. Born in Venice, Carriera was internationally successful and became a crucial figure in #C18th painting, both for the quality of her works and the introduction of pastel painting and miniature painting in ivory into the mainstream of European art. Both techniques...
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No plans for Friday evening? Book now for a concert celebrating paintings in music feat. acclaimed baritone William Dazeley and award winning pianist Mihai Ritivoiu.

Composers and Writers as Portraitists
From our Oriental Amoury, this sword/yataghan was made in #C18th Crete. It features a heavily embossed silver hilt and scabbard with ships in combat, weapons, trophies, flowers, cornucopia etc. The scabbard at the locket is inscribed with ‘As God wills, in the year 1798-1799, while the stamp on the blade may be the name of the maker. #armouries