The Artist as Collector: Painters' Painting at the Wallace Collection
Monday 23 January, 1pm

This #free #talk by curator Lucy Davis will focus on paintings in the museum that were once owned by the great collectors Van Dyck and Reynolds, exploring why they chose to collect and how the paintings inspired their own work.
The Wallace Collection
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The Wallace Collection’s library holds a number of rare books, which our visitors can view on request. In this blog by Helen Jones, Library Cataloguer, she explores 'Engraved illustrations of antient arms and armour, from the collection of Llewellyn Meyrick, at Goodrich Court, Herefordshire, after the drawings, and with the descriptions of Dr. Meyrick (London, 1830)'.

The Wallace Collection » Armour mon amour
The Wallace Collection
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Tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses
Free display

Stories of transformation have enduring appeal, none more so than those told in the Roman writer Ovid’s epic scale poem, Metamorphoses, which draws on Greek and Roman mythology to narrate a history of the world. It has inspired innumerable artists down the centuries. From ceramics and sculpture to Titian’s Perseus and Andromeda and...
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The Wallace Collection
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From an artistic family, David Teniers the Younger was the most famous #C17th painter of peasant life. We have nine paintings by him in the Collection, discover more in a #free talk today at 1pm.
The Wallace Collection
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For this week’s #wallacecuratorpick we have a splendid pair of eighteenth century 'Vases à monter Daguerre' – a name that indicates that the model was intended to be mounted and that the design was commissioned from the Sèvres manufactory by Parisian luxury dealer Dominique Daguerre. Daguerre, who frequently collaborated with Sèvres, would have commissioned the exquisite gilt-bronze mounts...
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The Wallace Collection
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Don't miss out on a special appearance by We are the Drakes, a self-proclaimed ‘gallant band of UK butches, transman and gender rebels’, during our annual #LGBTQI+ celebration: Look OUT at the Wallace, Friday 3 Feb, 6.30 – 9.30pm. Curated by artist Sadie Lee, this exciting #FridayLate will also include performances, talks, and workshops. For booking and full programme, please visit: [
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The Wallace Collection
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With a striking porcelain column, this Sèvres clock was made in France just a few years before the French revolution. It has been decorated in the neoclassical style which took its influence from the antique. #clock
The Wallace Collection
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Depicted here as a bacchante, a follower of Dionysus, here's Henry Bone's miniature after Vigée Le Brun of Emma, Lady Hamilton who died #OTD.
This painting by the #C19th artist Delaroche depicts Saint Anthony Abbot, the father of monasticism. Anthony is depicted here fighting off women who are trying to lure him into sin - one of the temptations the devil sent him while Anthony was living with hermits. #painting
The Wallace Collection’s library holds a number of rare books, which our visitors can view on request. In this blog by Helen Jones, Library Cataloguer, she explores Domenico Gasperoni’s Artiglieria veneta [1782]

The Wallace Collection » The lost cannon of Venice

Tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses
Thursday 19 January, 2017 - Sunday 2 April, 2017
Admission Free

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Remembered as one of the crucial figures in early C18th painting, both for the quality of her works and for her introduction of pastel painting and miniature painting in ivory into the mainstream of European art, the Venetian painter Rosalba Carriera was born #OTD.

The Sovereign Artist – Charles Le Brun and the Image of Louis XIV
£12.50 (includes wine reception and book signing)
Friday 27 January, 6.30pm

Famously as a "dictator of the arts" in France, Wold Burchard's new monograph explores a gifted and versatile artist, an excellent painter and designer of tapestries, sculpture, architecture and furniture. As Louis XIV’s...
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The Sovereign Artist – Charles Le Brun and the Image of Louis XIV
Introduction to our January Treasure of the Month: A Sword from the Mughal Imperial Court, Muhammad Baqir Mashhadi, Indian, Delhi, c. 1748-53
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Look OUT at the Wallace

Henry Andrew Harper was a #C19th English artist who exhibited in the Royal Academy. The two paintings in our Collection show the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and a view of the Nile, areas which Harper often depicted. #art
We've been working with MA Illustration and Visual Media students at the University of the Arts, London College of Communication to create animations inspired by our Collection. Can you recognise any of the works?

Drawing From The Collection
Made in C19th Nepal, this watered blade dagger and two bye knives are of the highest quality. The dagger's hilt has been been decorated with chiselled meander pattern of creeper with lotuses, a symbol to ward away evil, while the two bye knives have lion head pommels. Come and see them, along with many others, in our Oriental Armoury. #armour
Either chatting, skating, sledging or playing kolf - Van der Neer's figures look very much at home on the ice. Van der Neer was born in #C17th Amsterdam and was praised for his distinctive style, specialising in winter scenes.
A 'natural genius from the provinces' who went on to become the foremost portrait painter in England and President of the Royal Academy, Thomas Lawrence died #OTD.