Made in India in the #C18th, this saddle axe has been intricately decorated with scenes of hunts and wild animals, and is completed with a silver handle. #armouries
Part of our #OpenFurnitureMonth, this desk is an exact copy of Louis XV’s desk, made c. 1855–60 and attributed to Carl Dreschler. It was commissioned by one of our founders, the 4th Marquess of Hertford in Paris, and cost him the enormous sum of £3,000. This commission kick-started a trend, and numerous copies of the bureau du roi were later produced by leading cabinetmakers in Paris.

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Part of our Ovid trail, this #C16th painting by Titian shows the story of Perseus and Andromeda. Andromeda, shown bound to a rock, was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the monster who was destroying her father's kingdom. Titian depicts the moment when the hero Perseus arrives to slay the monster, thereby saving her life. A powerful antithesis is evoked between the two protagonists: action...
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We have two marble heads in the Collection attributed to the French sculptor Robert Le Lorrain, both featuring long, straight necks, dreamy eyes, triangular faces with high cheek bones and pointed chins, and smiling lips - all common stylistic features of Le Lorrain.

Find out more about these objects and the artist in a free curator-led talk today at 1pm.
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The first president of the Royal Academy of Arts and 'the prince of portrait painters', Joshua Reynolds died #OTD
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From our Ovid display, this #C16th Italian bowl depicts the story Echo and Narcissus. The story goes that Narcissus, a handsome but hard-hearted youth, rejected the nymph Echo, who, heartbroken, wasted away until her body turned to stone and only her echoing voice remained. As his punishment, Narcissus was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection, and he eventually languished and died....
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As this week’s #wallacecuratorpick we have chosen a stunningly intricate wood carving made in the Southern Netherlands in the early #C16th. The boxwood bead – measuring only 9 x 4.5 cm – opens to reveal two exquisitely worked religious scenes: St George overcoming evil in the form of a dragon and St Hubert being converted to Christianity by the sight of a stag bearing a crucifix between its...
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Inspired by our upcoming exhibition Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year Winners exhibition, book now for a concert celebrating paintings in music [ Link ]
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Described rather unenthusiastically by our founder as "a little rubbish for the country ... beautiful of the sort and perfect for my shooting place", here's Desportes' painting of 'Dog with Flowers and Dead Game'.
From our free Ovid display, this #C16th Italian bowl shows the story of Latona Punishing the People of Lycia.

When the goddess Latona was pregnant by Jupiter, Jupiter’s jealous wife Juno sought her revenge. Fleeing Juno after giving birth, Latona arrived in Lycia, thirsty, exhausted and stopped to drink at a pool where peasants were working. Oblivious to her status, the peasants ordered her...
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Not just for show, these two vases from the Sèvres manufactory had a practical use too. Designed to grow plants, the vases upper section would hold the flowers in earth, while the lower section acted as a reservoir.

This vases has been decorated with a naval theme, including harbour scenes probably painted by Jean-Louis Morin, one of Sèvres most skilled figure painters. #porcelain
Part of our #OpenFurnitureMonth, this lacquer cabinet was made in the #C17th, when Japanese lacquer was enormously prized in Europe.

Part of a pair, this cabinet was probably made for the European market and exported through the Dutch East India Company. It is decorated with mountains, rocks and the roofs of buildings, raised in low relief, and the summit of Mount Fuji has applied silver...
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It's #Quiz time!

Can anyone guess what this object used for?

Good luck!

Been watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year? Come and view some of the winning portraits in our exhibition galleries - open 7 - 31 March.

Psst! Sky Arts will be returning to the Wallace to film the heats for the Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 in early April - follow the link to find out more.

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For Valentine’s Day we have chosen as the #wallacecuratorpick this exquisite painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, dated c. 1775-80. Accompanied by her pet dog, a traditional symbol of fidelity, a young girl is shown carving an ‘S.’, presumably the initial of her lover, on the bark of a tree. The sentimental motif recalls Ariosto’s ‘Orlando Furioso’ where the heroine Angelica also carves the name...
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Possibly made in Milan in the mid #C16th, this side sword was designed to be used in civilian dress. The hilt has been richly decorated with an intricate pattern damascened in gold, showing a strong Oriental influence, and is mounted on a double edged wavy blade. #armour
Part of our Ovid’s Metamorphoses trail, this #C17th bronze shows Hercules Overcoming Achelous in the Form of a Bull. Ovid notes that the river god Achelous and Hercules had been competing for the hand of the beautiful Deianeira in a contest organised by Deianeira’s father. During the illustrious fight, the struggling Achelous turned himself first into a bull-headed man, then into a serpent,...
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Part of our Open Furniture Month, visitors are now able to look inside this #C17th cabinet-on-stand, attributed to André-Charles Boulle - the most celebrated cabinetmaker in Louis XIV's reign.

Incorporating superb example of wood and boulle marquetry, this cabinet would have been an eye catching piece, particularly during evening events when the gilt bronze mounts would have helped to light...
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Admired for this painting 'Francesca da Rimini' and for his sentimental and religious scenes, the #C19th painter Ary Scheffer was born #OTD