Picture of the Day! CAPTION THIS! #WildAnimalSanctuary
Picture of The Day! "Raphael" a 15 year-old male white Tiger rescued from a failed facility in South Dakota. #WildAnimalSanctuary
We’re going LIVE with rescued lions at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Tune in at 12pm EST for all the excitement ????
Please Help! We are rescuing 3 Tigers, 2 African Lions and 2 Grizzly Bears from a closed zoo in Argentina today and we need your help to save these animals. Please watch the video - donate - and share with others! Your donation today will help us get these 7 animals to a wonderful life-long home... #SaveALife
Pictures of The Day! Every so often we post a picture of a hawk or eagle that was waiting to take advantage of the free food that is always available, and we thought it might be nice to honor a number of the beautiful wild birds that are here now with a collection of stunning pictures... #WildAnimalSanctuary
Video of the day! Two Lionesses affectionately teasing each other, the first one has to think about it, and hesitates... then can't stand it and gets in trouble... #WildAnimalSanctuary
Picture of The Day! Even though snow will be returning this weekend... the weather has been so nice that "Max" the Kodiak Grizzly Bear decided to come out of his den and catch a few rays. Of course, his hibernation mode got the best of him, and he fell asleep while resting in the crazy 80 degree weather! #WildAnimalSanctuary
Picture of the Day!
There are many places around the country that call themselves “a sanctuary”, but there is really only one way to truly tell how good the facility is… by looking at the animals to see if they are really happy and in good physical condition!

Therefore, we always encourage people to visit a facility in person - that way you can see if the animals are well-fed… and if they...
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Picture of the Day! Percy... "I love this post"

#wildanimalsanctuary #animalsanctuary
Picture of the Day! Diego, enjoying the warmer weather we're having in Colorado... #WildAnimalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary
You will NOT be disappointed when you visit this unique Colorado attraction.

This Hidden Destination In Denver Is A Secret Only Locals Know About

Picture of the Day! One of our rescued Bobcat asks everyone to remember it's Sanctuary SHOPPING SUNDAY and we have lots of items on the wish list for those that would like to help...
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Picture of the Day! Gala... #wildanimalsanctuary #animalsanctuary
Picture of the Day! Cuauhtémoc
#wildanimalsanctuary #animalsanctuary
Picture of the Day! Morrison the Camel (aka Momo)
#wildanimalsanctuary #animalsanctuary
Video of The Day! Tiger making his morning rounds marking territory conveniently cuts across the frozen pond and gets to mark a couple poles that are normally inaccessible. #WildAnimalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary