Video of The Day! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while you watch two grizzly bears playing (in slow motion) in their water tank... #WildAniamalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary
Picture of the Day!
It is our mission to provide every rescued animal with the very best life possible. In order to accomplish this, the Sanctuary has been designed so that rescued animals can go through an initial rehabilitation process and then be released into large acreage natural habitats where they can live freely with others of their own kind.
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Video of The Day! "Natasha" a female Grizzly Bear wakes up from hibernation by exercising a little muscle... #WildAnimalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary
Join us for an event that is designed to not only help "Mother Earth", but also the animals and humans that inhabit this wonderful planet! A general celebration with arts, crafts, vendors, and special food will add lots of fun to the mix, so plan to celebrate your "Wild Earth Day" with us and more than 450 of the wildest friends you could ever have!

Visitors are invited to bring potted trees,...
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Picture of the Day! Mara, napping...
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Picture of the Day! Rescued Wolf, Duke in his large acreage habitat...
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Video of the day! Like all of us, when the bears wake up in the Spring they act like they haven't had their morning coffee... a little sweet talk never hurts when your trying to get your wits about...
Picture of The Day!
Pride Mountain...
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TODAY ONLY Amazon is donating 10 times their normal percentage to us when you use their "Smile" shopping site. The same items are there for the same low price, but the animals win through a great donation via the program! Just click on the link and then pick up a few items that you have wanted to get recently - and Amazon will amplify the donation they normally give by a factor of 10!

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Picture of the Day! "Big Strech"
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Picture of the Day! One of the Sanctuary's rescued Leopards soaking up the sun...
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Picture of The Day! Daylight Savings has changed so now the Sanctuary is open until 7:00 PM - WOW! that got this Kitty's attention, and now he's on the prowl... #WildAnimalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary
Picture of The Day! "Kiera" a female Mountain Lion that was rescued from a tiny junk-filled back yard in New York state. #WildAnimalSanctuary #AnimalSanctuary
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Pictures of The Day! Tree Lions - Perching for the Pride! #WildAnimalSanctuary