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Garry D. Philip
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The Wire
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HBO: It's what connects us. [ Link ]
HBO Its what connects us
James Gutierrez
Mary McLaughlin
Valentina Benjamin
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Osei Da Chef
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From the creators of The Wire and Treme, The Deuce premieres late this summer on HBO.
From the creators of The Wire and Treme The Deuce premieres late this summer on HBO

James Franco Pulls Double Duty in 'The Deuce' First Look
Ömer Çetin
Marcis Gutmanis
Tina Anderson
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02/16/2017. Facebook
Wilson Dewald
Tue Lindholt
Guillaume Touzel
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“There’s no good way to tell people you haven’t seen The Wire”

See if you can spot The Wire references in this trailer for Crashing.
“There’s no good way to tell people you haven’t seen The Wire”

Pete Holmes HBO 'Crashing' Recalls 'The Wire' in New Trailer
Linda D Giles
Younes Sousdi
Brooke Sacco
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The Wire
12/28/2016. Facebook
Jacques Leach
Søren Adombila Udesen
Kieran Walsh
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From cigars to diamond collars, these styles were definitely unique.
From cigars to diamond collars these styles were definitely unique

Ranking The 8 Most Stylish Characters On 'The Wire'
Aaron Andrews
Donald Stewart
Marco Berrocal
The Wire
The Wire
09/19/2016. Facebook
A look at the fierce determination of one of the best detectives on 'The Wire'
The Wire 09/19/2016

7 Kima Gregg Lines For When You Can't Be Held Back
Billy Heaning
Yiota Polizou
Jason Russell
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The Wire
08/11/2016. Facebook
“A man gotta have a code.”
A man gotta have a code

Life Lessons From Omar Little
Yann Decoopman
Steven V Chamberlin
David Mitchell
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The Wire
05/31/2016. Facebook
Return to the streets of Baltimore with these facts about ‘The Wire.’
The Wire 05/31/2016

11 Facts About 'The Wire' That You Probably Didn't Know
Beau Troutman
Sonia Joyner
Johnny Mahute
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The Wire
05/12/2016. Facebook
While the show often blurred the lines between wrong and right, some of its characters were just straight-up bad guys.
The Wire 05/12/2016

Ranking The 15 Most Notorious Villains From 'The Wire'
Shawn LaPointe
Russ Voss
Brian Fairbanks
The Wire
The Wire
04/19/2016. Facebook
When you need a model of focus and determination, look to Omar
The Wire 04/19/2016

6 Omar Lines For When You're On A Mission And Can't Be Deterred
Hassane Rashow
Rishard Morgan
Myra Lake
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03/28/2016. Facebook
Gareth John
Jared Thomas
Myra Lake
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Life & Style Weekly revisits McNulty, Kima, and more of our favorite cast members.
Life Style Weekly revisits McNulty Kima and more of our favorite cast members

See What the Cast of 'The Wire' is Up to Now
John Ness
Brian Andrew Mayes
Denise Marie Larkin
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The Wire
12/18/2015. Facebook
Dom Boyle
Michael McKenna
Andrew Roberts
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The Wire
11/25/2015. Facebook
"You show them it’s about some other kind of game, then that’s the game they’ll play.”
You show them its about some other kind of game then thats

7 Cedric Daniels Lines From 'The Wire' For When You Mean Business
Nathan Nuggets Beales
Larisa Mueller
Devin Reynolds
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The Wire
11/19/2015. Facebook
Robert Csiki
Dimi Fander
Dan O'Brien
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The Wire
09/16/2015. Facebook
Matt Wilson
Marji Lippens Mertz
Debbie Jones
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Best not miss.
Best not miss
David Marin
Eric Hemphill
Graham Barrett