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The Word Network
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LIVE with Bishop Greg Davis!!
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"The Shift w/ Dr Taketa Williams Ministries" is LIVE at 8pm EST, December 28th! Special guests, inspirational testimonies, and uplifting praise. Don't miss it!
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[ Yahoo.com Link ]

Check out this article on #yahoonews featuring our story! #comcast #xfinity #thewordnetwork #monopoly #cutthecord #breakupwithcomcast

The WORD Network Files A Complaint With The Federal Trade Commission

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Check out this article featuring our story! #comcast #xfinity #thewordnetwork #monopoly #cutthecord #breakupwithcomcast

[ Bizjournals.com Link ]

This Week in Comcast: How big of a threat is DirecTV Now? - Philadelphia Business Journal

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See what Pastor Jamal Bryant wrote in regards to Comcast/ XFINITY removing us from their programming! #comcast #xfinity #monopoly #thewordnetwork
See what church made "Church of the Month"! Tune into TWN right now with Pastor Jamal Bryant! It may be your church!
Shelby 5 Fam is about to hit the WORD Network music stage! Tune in right now to #empowermentencounter #shelby5 #thewordnetwork
CHAINS ARE FALLING!!! #thewordnetwork #empowermentencounter @jamalhbryant is LIVE! 855-730-WORD
We're LIVE with @jamalhbryant
WE'RE LIVE! Pastor Jamal Bryant gives you one FULL hour of praise, testimonies, and pure #EMPOWERMENT!
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yesterday at 20:23. Facebook
We are LIVE tonight with Pastor Jamal Bryant, Apostle Raymond Wells and Shelby 5 Fam!

We're LIVE at 9pm EST!
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yesterday at 18:43. Facebook
The WORD Network files a complaint with the FCC to remain on ALL COMCAST/XFINITY systems! #comcast #xfinity #monopoly #thewordnetwork #fcc
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yesterday at 18:00. Facebook
We're LIVE with Bishop Greg M. Davis and Larry Lawrence Brandon. Leave your prayer requests down below
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yesterday at 13:07. Facebook
Today at 1pm EST, @bishopgregdavis is LIVE!!!
The Word Network
12/04/2016 at 20:20. Facebook
Please continue to support us as we strive to stay on #comcast!! #xfinity #thewordnetwork
The Word Network
12/03/2016 at 18:10. Facebook
Still NOT backing down! XFINITY #thewordnetwork #comcast #xfinity
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12/02/2016 at 20:38. Facebook