Riku Kiri from Finland nearly gets hit during the Trojan Wall event at the 1993 World's Strongest Man Competition. #TBT
Happy 35th Birthday Brian Shaw!
4-time and reigning WSM Champ.
Super Slow Motion clip 7 features Brian Shaw setting a new Keg Toss for Height world record in Botswana - 7.25m... and he had plenty to spare.
Super Slow Motion Clip 6 - Poland's Mateusz Kieliszkowski set an incredible time during Group 5's opening event in Botswana - The Loading Race. He completed 4 sacks in 37.02 seconds... a full 10 seconds faster than 2nd place Johan Els, and 11 seconds faster than Brian Shaw.
"I am not an Eskimo. I am a Viking!" - Jón Páll Sigmarsson replies to hecklers in the crowd right before he deadlifts 495kg // 1091lbs at the 1985 World's Strongest Man Competition. #TBT #WSM
Super Slow Motion Clip 5 sees Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain taking on a 40 tonne C-130 Hercules during the Grand Final in Botswana - an event the Icelandic giant won as he took the aircraft 24.90m - ahead of Brian Shaw in 2nd place who achieved 24.53m

Catch more clips on WSM's YouTube Channel where we have set up a playlist from the 2016 event:
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Guess who is who
Super Slow Motion Clip 4 shows Martins Licis lifting the 5th stone (200kg) during the heats in Botswana.
Don't forget to catch the 2nd WSM Podcast with contributions from 4-time Champ Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, and 80's WSM legends William Kazmaier and Geoff Capes.

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Super Slow Motion Clip 3 from Botswana - Matjaž Belšak and his incredible 100kg Dumbbell Press performance during the heats in Botswana - 10 reps in 75 seconds.

Catch more slow motion clips at WSM's YouTube Channel where we have set up a playlist from the 2016 event: [ Youtube.com Link ]
Super Slow Motion Clip 2 sees Eddie Hall during Deadlift for Reps in Botswana - The Beast lifted a 363kg car 13 times in 60 seconds, winning this event... despite 2 dislocated fingers.

Catch similar clips at WSM's YouTube Channel where we have set up a playlist from the 2016 event:
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Eddie Hall smokes the field at the Brits!
Who do you think will be top the podium at Giants Live's British Championships on Saturday:
Eddie Hall
Laurence Shahlaei
Mark Felix
Adam Bishop
Paul Smith
Luke Fullbrook
Graham Hicks
Phil Roberts
Tom Stoltman
Luke Stoltman
Pa O’Dwyer
Mark Steele
January marks the return of the Super Slow Motion Series where we bring you some footage captured on our slow motion camera from the event. You'll be able to see technique and emotion up close.

We start with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain making the 5th stone in the heats look easy - 200kg.

Catch similar footage at WSM's YouTube Channel where we've set up a playlist featuring this...
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Bill Kazmaier is the fourth strongman to be inducted into the World's Strongest Man Hall of Fame. With three consecutive #WSM titles, Kaz is considered one of the strongest men who ever lived.
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Bill Kazmaier, 3 x World's Strongest Man: 'Who is the greatest'

'The Kaz' answers a number of questions that fans really want to know - such as: 'What are the most important events? Who is the Strongest ever? The newly aw...

For all you Beast fans out there - some cool artwork celebrating Eddie Hall doing the Half Tonne!

A billboard for the 2017 World Deadlift Champs Sept 30 at: apart of the Giants Live World Tour Finals - with all the worlds strongest coming
On average, a polar bear can weigh up to 500kg...
Eddie Hall can deadlift 500kg.


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In 2016, Brian Shaw won his fourth #WSM title. Read about his past performances and latest stats here: [ Bit.ly Link ]