For all you Beast fans out there - some cool artwork celebrating Eddie Hall doing the Half Tonne!

A billboard for the 2017 World Deadlift Champs Sept 30 at: apart of the Giants Live World Tour Finals - with all the worlds strongest coming
An average polar bear can weigh up to 500kg. Eddie Hall can deadlift 500kg...

Strongman World Records - World's Strongest Man
In 2016, Brian Shaw won his fourth #WSM title. Read about his past performances and latest stats here: [ Link ]
Name: Konstantine Janashia
Country: Georgia
Age: 25
Height: 6’5” // 1.96m
Weight: 342lbs // 155kg
Squat Max Weight: 860lbs // 390kg
Deadlift Max Weight: 904lbs // 410kg
Thirty of the strongest men on the planet, gathered in Kasane, Botswana with one goal in mind: to be named World's Strongest Man 2016.
Read our roundup of #WSM 2016 here: [ Link ]

The Commerce World's Strongest Man 2016 Roundup - World's Strongest Man
-Who is missing STRONGMAN already?!
-Who sees a new winner in 2017?
-Or do we have a new superstar coming?

The Giants Live Tour dates are a chance to see 'live' the World's Strongest Men in action - as they compete in a number of major contests this year leading up to WSM

Manchester, England being one date that includes the renowned 'World Deadlift Championships'!
In this second of two very special podcasts, James Richardson and Colin Bryce look back on an action packed World’s Strongest Man 2016 competition in Botswana. We analyse both the heats and the Grand Final, hear some of the stand-out moments and speak exclusively to third placed Eddie Hall and the new – now 4 time – WSM champion Brian Shaw. We also talk to two legends of the sport, Bill...
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Congratulations to Brian Shaw on his fourth WSM Championship Title.
Europe's Strongest Man on Now (7pm) Ch5 in the UK
Jean-Francois Caron representing Canada at the 2016 Commerce Casino World's Strongest Man Competition in Kasane, Botswana. #WSM
Žydrūnas Savickas BIG Z and Mikhail Koklyaev go head to head in the Giant Log Lift at the 2010 #WSM with Big Z setting a new world record. #TBT
Robert Oberst battles on Giants Live North America

Episode 3 - started at 7pm on Ch5 in UK (15min ago)

Tune in in Britain to see a now 50-year old Mark Felix battle Nth America's finest
Brian Shaw, known worldwide as one of #WSM’s most colossal Strongmen, has finished within the top four every year since 2011, and taken the World’s Stongest Man crown on three explosive occasions – in 2011, 2013 and 2015.
Watch two NEW episodes of the U.S. broadcast of WSM on 12/23 starting at 8pm on CBS Sports Network. ALSO don’t miss the season finale on Christmas Day at 4pm.
Eddie Hall + Brian Shaw compete, 30 Sept. Manchester Arena

GIANTS LIVE TOUR aka The WSM Qualiying Tour presents:


Now this is a Christmas Cracker of a present!
British fans TURN ON Ch 5 NOW

The Beast, Loz, Tel, Felix + All are on now!

Yes,Ch5:Britain's Strongest Man
The 2016 Commerce Casino World’s Strongest Man. It doesn’t get bigger than this. #WSM
See TV Schedules Below for shows from Botswana:

UK: Channel 5 Premiere of The Finals: 27 December at 19:00 - view full schedule here: [ Link ]
US: CBS Sports Network: Two new episodes on December 23rd starting at 8pm. Mark your calendar for the Finale on Christmas Day at 4pm.
A treat for UK fans - tonight: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' - shows his Viking Power

'Thor' stars in Giants Live episode 1 on Channel 5 at 7pm (UK tv only)
Don't forget - you can listen to the very first WSM Podcast... contributors include Eddie Hall and Laurence Shahlaei as well as the legend that is Geoff Capes!

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The World's Strongest Man Podcast is here - World's Strongest Man
Konstantine Janashia representing Georgia at the 2016 Commerce Casino World's Strongest Man Competition in Kasane, Botswana. #WSM