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A Caribbean New Year's, anyone? ⛵


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The Yacht Week
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Another TYW Roulette prize revealed:


Book your yacht by 3 April, spin the wheel and win an one of our awesome upgrades for your whole crew this summer:

- Yacht upgrade
- Massage
- Hostess
- Island Scooter Ride

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We thought this day would never come! #Spring2017 ☀

Celebrate summer with us...
The Yacht Week
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Play TYW Roulette on the 3rd of April to win your crew a snazzier yacht this summer! .

If you don't have a yacht booked for the summer yet, be sure to book before 3 April to enter.

Other prizes in the pot include:
- Free hostess
- Bottle service
- Massages for you and your crew

The Yacht Week
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Feeling lucky Yacht Weekers?????

We’re excited to launch the TYW Roulette! A game for all our summer 2017 guests to upgrade their experience at sea. Book a yacht before 3rd April to enter... .

BOOK a yacht.
SPIN the wheel.
WIN an upgrade!

Prizes include: Bottle service, a hostess and massages for you and whole your crew. We'll be adding even BIGGER and better prizes to the pot...
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Spoiler alert... our events are not all about sailing, day parties and drinking champagne

"Despite yesterday's raft party, which carried on into the early hours, I still managed to pick up 40 guests for early morning yoga this morning! I love nothing more than sharing yoga with those who may not have discovered it otherwise! A balanced life, is the best life." – Charlie Morgan Yoga

Seaside Yoga at The Yacht Week
Work with The Yacht Week > Stay at my day job #nobrainer

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Gone with the wind ⛵
Take the leap of faith, buy the plane ticket, sail with the best and have one hell of a story to tell the grandkids. ✅

It's the things you don't do that you regret, right?
We hope everyone's Friday looks a little something like this
Girls can be DJs too
#InternationalWomensDay #thisgirlcan
Girls can be skippers too
#InternationalWomensDay #thisgirlcan
Jump on board for 7 swell days in a row this summer.
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Monday in another life ✌
Arriving at an island all to ourselves

Welcome to the good life...
Come and play volleyball in the sea with us another week ☀

Greece week 27 is sold out
Get ready to move and groove this fine Friday thanks to Paul Lojszczyk ✨

Music: DISCOvery by DJ Paul Lojszczyk
#TYWMontenegro is... sailing through a medieval time capsule ✨
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"The colours in the sky were incredible. The crew was amazing. So stoked to have made friends from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Austria and Canada. #ishouldquitmydayjob." – Brendan Paton