The Yacht Week
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Let your worries wash away with the tide and your stresses sink into the sand
The Yacht Week
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Photographer: Max Lander
Website:[ Link ] Instagram: @maxtagramz
The Yacht Week
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TYW community playlist #2

"Picture yourself on TYW. The sails are up, the engine is off and you've got everything you need right there: good friends, chilled vibes, and an Aperol spritz or two... this is where I was (figuratively speaking) when I put this playlist together and I couldn't help thinking of the collective 'us' all on a similar journey on our little Blue Dot. Disclaimer - no...
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MUSIC: We Float in Time
The Yacht Week
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People sometimes ask us if adding a hostess is worth it.
Here's our answer...
Back in the office but still in a tropical state of mind. Thanks for getting us through #blueMonday Little Necker Island
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Photographer: Fabian Wester
Website: [ Link ] Instagram: @fabianwester
Floating party at Lisca Bianca, Italy
There’s a reason la vita è bella – life is beautiful – at #TYWItaly

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We hope you're all celebrating #worldlaughterday accordingly
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Photographer: Adam Bertalan
Website: [ Link ] Instagram: @adambertalan
"People and experiences… that’s what matters most in life. I met amazing human beings from all over the world. From night one to night seven, there were nothing but good vibes with awesome like-minded people." – @taylerannelle

A massive heartfelt thank you to all the Yacht Weekers who sailed the Caribbean, Thailand and Brazil with us this festive season! You make TYW what it is ✌

Sepp Morrison
Not all views are created equal.

Greece is.... beach volleyball in the sea ☀

Not a bad view to wake up to... Sun, sea and friends ☀
A stand up guy.
You surprised us 2016, we'll give you that.
But we're gonna love and leave you now. Roll on 2017✌
High 5 for surviving the year
Currently sailing...
Imma be right here recovering from yesterday's lunch