The Yacht Week
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"The colours in the sky were incredible. The crew was amazing. So stoked to have made friends from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Austria and Canada. #ishouldquitmydayjob." – Brendan Paton

The Yacht Week
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Nothing like a little perspective to appreciate where you are. The Stromboli hike in Italy is something special
The Yacht Week
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A ray of hope for our Northern Hemisphere family ☀⛵
The Yacht Week
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Summer is... sailing with friends and Aperol Spritz in the sun☀
The Yacht Week
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Mallorca week 35 is now sold out
Only 5 yachts left for week 34. Come get some sun…

Spain, Mallorca Route
It pays to go on The Yacht Week – No, literally!
Become a TYW skipper via Quarterdeck Academy and sail the world with us. ⚓⛵Apply here:
#TYWMallorca is... a Spanish fiesta at sea. Olé! ☀
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Balmy days, beach bars and power naps in hammocks ✌ #livetheyachtweek
Park at sea and swim to land. Best way to commute on The Yacht Week ⛵
Our newest destination is the first to sell out! Montenegro week 32 is now officially closed

A few ⛵ left for week 33... Jump on (or off) board with us.
How do you throw a house party... at sea?
Croatia is... the festive home of The Yacht Week ⛵☀
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Applications for summer internships end on Friday. Jump on board ✏⛵☀

Life as an intern on The Yacht Week
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Photographer: Fabian Wester
Website: [ Link ] Instagram: @fabianwester
Where does The Yacht Week go in winter? The Ski Week, of course.

Test your ski legs with us:
(Hand)stand up paddle boarding
Bowls of rainbow bliss #allhailthehostess
[ Link ] Photographer: Max Lander
Website: [ Link ] Instagram: @maxtagramz
Let your worries wash away with the tide and your stresses sink into the sand