The Young Ones
02/18/2017 at 16:22. Facebook
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"You died this morning, August 2, 2016. You were just 19 years old..."
I couldn't stop laughing!
This made me see him in a WHOLE new light. How about you?
The doctors stand by motionlessly as the baby pushes itself out of the mother. Moments later—wow!
Little girl sees a man crying outside of a store. What she does next has her mom so proud!
I applaud these strong women's choices.
He knew he had to talk to her after seeing the look on her face...
The 8-year-old boy couldn't believe the teacher did this in front of the whole class...
If this doesn't choke you up, I don't know what will
The mother posts a photo of her baby boy on Facebook. A little while later, he dies. If she only knew!
Hats off to you, sir.
Wait until you see what she looks like today! :-o
There’s a lot more value to them than just what the tooth fairy will give!
She can't stop passing gas. That might be a good sign.
The U.S. government just approved the first private landing on the moon, which raises lots of questions about the future of space travel. Weigh in: [ Link ]