Remembering a great man on what would have been his 59th birthday. RIP Rik you legend! We would love for you all to share your memories and favourite Rik moments with us today :)
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"You died this morning, August 2, 2016. You were just 19 years old..."
I couldn't stop laughing!
This made me see him in a WHOLE new light. How about you?
The doctors stand by motionlessly as the baby pushes itself out of the mother. Moments later—wow!
Little girl sees a man crying outside of a store. What she does next has her mom so proud!
I applaud these strong women's choices.
He knew he had to talk to her after seeing the look on her face...
The 8-year-old boy couldn't believe the teacher did this in front of the whole class...
If this doesn't choke you up, I don't know what will
The mother posts a photo of her baby boy on Facebook. A little while later, he dies. If she only knew!
Hats off to you, sir.
Wait until you see what she looks like today! :-o
There’s a lot more value to them than just what the tooth fairy will give!
She can't stop passing gas. That might be a good sign.