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An alarming number of girls have gone missing in D.C and the reason is more complicated than we expected.

Missing DC teen tells the real story behind her disappearance
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In a surprising turn of events the outspoken conservative has now been banned by her network. Permanently.

Tomi Lahren has been permanently banned from The Blaze
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'Maserati Rick' has allegedly been keeping up his scam for three years!

Fake Dolphins player accused of scamming white women
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In the wake of this week's health care flop, Trump supporters were in rare form in rallies all over the country.

California Trump rally turns violent
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Singer - songwriter - actress - unicorn.

Janelle Monáe epitomizes #BlackGirlMagic and we are here for all of it. #GrioHERstory
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She thought her family would be the exception. She was wrong.

Trump supporter shocked her husband is facing deportation
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Check out how fans got the Ed Shereen to finally admit Kandi and Tiny inspired his new hit.

Ed Sheeran admits ‘Shape Of You’ is influenced by ‘No Scrubs’, gives Kandi and Tiny credit
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Stacey Elkins says her family's been tormented since her daughter's ordeal.

Chicago girl gang raped on Facebook Live now receiving threats
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Did the senator just make a love connection on social media?

Mindy Kaling agrees to dinner with Cory Booker over Twitter
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Today in #BlackGirlMagic, we celebrate Melissa Harris-Perry.

Thank you for always telling our stories and making sure we have a seat at the table. #GrioHERstory
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Chris Brown is making his return to the acting world. Will you be tuning in?

Chris Brown to guest star on ‘Black-ish’
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It looks like Tiny is unbothered about what her estranged husband is doing with his free time.

Tiny says T.I.’s rumored side woman has been ‘passed around’
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Over 500 cases of missing black and latino girls logged in the first three months of 2017.

Black lawmakers call on FBI to help on missing black girls
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Sources claim a joke about Nia Long's tardiness on the set of "Empire" rubbed her the wrong way.

Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long’s alleged falling out stemmed from joke