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The emergence the U-4 drug, which took the life of Cork teenager Michael Cornacchia earlier this week, has brought the dangers of synthetic drugs to the fore.

Synthetic drugs: How new highs are infiltrating the Irish market
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Former Greek Minister for Finance Yanis Varoufakis has said that fears that Ireland may end up as "collateral damage" in Brexit negotiations between London and Brussels are "well-founded".

Yanis Varoufakis: 'Ireland may end up as collateral damage in Brexit talks'
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A group from Sligo is pushing for more investment in the region.

'Sligo needs a motorway to give it a fighting chance'
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Adams said that Brexit was a “hostile act against the people of this island”.

The British Government, however, described claims that Brexit would destroy Good Friday Agreement as "having no basis in fact".

UK government rejects Adams' claims that Brexit will destroy Good Friday Agreement
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“He has severe bites to his left arm and some minor lacerations across his stomach,” a paramedic told news agency AFP.

55-year-old Australian diver 'lucky to be alive' after being mauled by giant bull shark
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Rescuers are still searching for 23 people believed to be trapped in the hotel.

Eating snow and singing: How people survived the Italian hotel avalanche
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Trade deals will be high on the agenda, as May looks to US-UK cooperation post-Brexit.

Any meeting with Vladimir Putin may not be for a while, however.

Theresa May is first in line as world leaders gear up to meet President Trump
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A man has been arrested in connection with a Balrothery robbery in which a woman was assaulted: [ Link ]

Gardaí arrest 44-year-old man in connection with Balrothery shop robbery
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Do you know much you're paying your bank every time you take out cash at an ATM or use your card for contactless payments? And let's not forget about those maintenance fees.

ATM charges range from 0 cent up to 35 cent, while contactless payments could be on the rise with AIB starting to charge 20c per use next month.

However, Permanent TSB customers can actually make money as the bank will...
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As the economy recovers, many local authorities are going after businesses to fix their budgets.

These are all the Irish cities that are hiking business rates this year
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More than two thirds of people are dissatisfied with the government, according to the latest Sunday Times/Behaviour & Attitudes opinion poll.

The latest opinion poll has been published, and it's not good news for the government
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Scots are divided as Nicola Sturgeon set out her plan for Scottish independence as the UK faces down the "hard Brexit" proposed by Theresa May.

'The clock is ticking' for Scotland to call a second independence referendum
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Scientist Vazrick Nazari says he named the tiny creature after the new US President in order to "focus attention on ecological issues".

That and they both basically have the same haircut.

The new US president has already had an animal species named after him...
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At around 5pm yesterday, at least two suspects entered the premises at The Diamond in Malahide Village.

They threatened staff in the shop, and took a number of items including watches.

Malahide jewellery shop robbery leaves female staff member in hospital
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The 38-year-old was announced dead at the scene shortly after 10pm last night.

Gardaí are appealing for anyone in the area of the N78 at Clonbrock, Crettyard in Carlow to come forward.

Pedestrian in his 30s killed after being struck by car in Carlow last night
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It's been a historic week for Sinn Féin. sits down to chat to deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald about what's next for the a party in transition.

Next in line: Mary Lou talks McGuinness, great women and 'cutting the crap' in the North
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While the Point Village shopping centre did get off the ground, today it remains a ghost town. This is why.

Whatever happened to... A mega shopping centre in Dublin's Point Village?
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"I was tickled pink." That was how Ronald Schwartz reacted to the election of President Donald Trump.

'Trump got elected by the people, he didn't get elected by the ones with lots of money'
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Trump thinks he got the biggest crowd ever for an inauguration, but put forth little evidence to back the claim when making a speech at CIA headquarters.

"I made a speech. I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, million and a half people," he said.

Trump's team: 'This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period'