Beer and pancakes – it doesn't get much batter than that.
Desserts ready in five minutes with this easy mug cake. If only brewing beer were this easy. [ Link ]
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It's National Toast Day.

Non-profit brewers Toast are fighting food waste by brewing brilliant beer from waste bread. [ Link ]
With roasted, coffee and chocolate flavours, stout is the ideal beer for coffee quaffers.
Amazing food and beers to match; we recently discovered why Palmers Brewery pub The Anchor Inn at Seatown is Dorset’s gastro pub of the year
Beer and cake pairing is a piece of....
Try one of these delicious combinations:

Victoria sponge complemented by the berry notes in Sharp's Wolf Rock IPA
Cutting through Cheese cake's creaminess with a citrussy Wild Beer Epic Saison
Chocolate fudge cake and the chocolatey indulgence of Chiltern's Lord Lieutenants Cream Porter
Lemon drizzle cake and the lemon tang in Goose Island Urban Wheat beer
Pair your vanilla ice cream with a delicious Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out oatmeal stout.
Since it's London Fashion week here's a selection of beers that look as good on the outside as they taste on the inside
From sweet and sour to rich and tangy, there's a delicious range of fruit beers to try.
Some drinks were made to share
Whether your dessert is full of caramel sweetness, chocolate richness or a zesty tang - there's a beer for that.
Is there anything better than a delicious dessert?

Yes... A dessert with a beer.
Everyone is giving red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day this year, so make yours stand out with complementary ruby ale.
For an after-dinner sip of something sweet and warming, swap your dessert wine for barley wine beer.
Show your partner how much you love them with Britain's most loved drink. Check out our Valentine's beer gift guide for inspiration -
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One dessert, two completely different flavour combinations.
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The chocolate notes in a rich Hook Norton Double Stout are a heavenly complement to Nutella.
Growing beer – how hard can it be? Ben Richards is about to find out. Follow him (and his allotment) on his Growing beer mission.