Erdinger low-alcohol wheat beer is a great pairing for quiche - now there's a hearty and healthy beer match
Salt free, fat free and virtually sugar free
Beer is a quality ingredient that could transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces. Mark Dredge's lager and lime tacos are a particular delight.

Why not try at home:
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Beer is misunderstood.
Hops, these little flowers pack a lot of flavour. From tropical fruit to pine, from grassy to citrus.
With fewer calories than other options, beer is a great choice for a low calorie drink.
Beer is a rich source of Vitamin B which, when drank in moderation, helps red blood cells and your metabolism.
Who got a new healthy cook book for Christmas?

Joe Wick's meaty cheesy chorizo chicken is a delight when complemented with the sweet notes in Brooklyn lager.
90-95% of your beer is water, no wonder it's so good at refreshing the palate
Are you watching your waistline after the festive feasting? Choose lower alcohol drinks like beer, less alcohol equals less calories
Reducing food waste by producing great tasting beer.

Toast Pale Ale is brewed using toasted bread waste from the UK. All profits are donated to charity. For a slice of the action, visit [ Link ]
Dry January doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beer. Try one of these delicious low and non-alcoholic beers today.
Drink beer, give water.

Brewgooder donate 100% of their profits to clean water projects.

We can't think of a more delicious charitable contribution.
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Beer – quality ingredients, infinite variety of flavours.
Quality ingredients, produced with passion, it's time to appreciate all that's good in beer.
Beer has fewer calories than Red Wine
Quality ingredients, produced with passion, it's time to appreciate all that's good in beer.
With no fat and typically only 96 calories in a half pint, in moderation, beer is a great drink for January.
Choose carefully, you only get one beer to toast the New Year.