Treat your Mum to some quality time this Mother's Day with a delicious roast dinner in her favourite pub.
Strong ales are a perfect pairing with dessert. Try a Theakston Brewery's Old Peculier with your chocolate pudding.
Brewgooder donate 100% of their profits to clean water projects and turn 1 year old today - the perfect beer to enjoy on World Water Day. #DrinkBeerGiveWater
Try something new. Parmesan spring chicken is a dream with Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker.

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There's a whole world of beer out there waiting to be tasted. Discover something new today with our Beer Explorer.
Brilliant with everything from bolognese to BBQ. Have you tried dark lager yet?
Happy St. Patrick's day.

The perfect occasion to try the finest ales from the emerald isle.
Light and lemony, Sharp's Brewery's Cornish Pilsner is the perfect complement to the fish on your dish.
Light and lemony, Sharp's Cornish Pilsner is the perfect complement to the fish on your dish.
If you haven't explored beer and food together you're missing out. Go and do it, do it now.
As it's international Pi day, here's some maths.

Beer + Pie = Classic
Beer and food matching isn't complicated. In most cases you can match the flavour intensity of the beer to the flavour intensity of the food.
It’s London Beer Week 2017 and with eleven bars and the best street food, don’t miss The Beer Edit in East London [ Link ]
Heading to the pub?

Why not discover something new? These beers are a great place to start.

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Spritzy, light and refreshing: discover the wonderful world of wheat beers.

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From the original brewers to modern day beer sommeliers, there's a rich history of women in the beer industry.

Come and meet some of the women at the forefront of the industry today: [ Link ]
Beer has far more to offer than you think

With over 12,000 beers to choose from, next time you're in the pub why not ask to try something new?
Take a journey into the delicious world of beer and let Beer Explorer be your guide.

Search by name, flavour, beer style or even your favourite food.

Stilton & porter, one of the many amazing beer and cheese pairings.

To pick the best beers for your cheese board check out our beer & cheese guide.

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Fresh flavours and aromas. Now is the perfect time to discover a different beer style. [ Link ]