Are you looking for a RGB power supply? Let's thanks to youtuber "Salty Mac" who gave a detailed review on Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Full Modular power supply.
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i got a new psu dis is it its nice and has pretty colors 5/7 rating go buy one off my patreon account

Check the latest 3D print radiator holder installation with Core P5 chassis! They are designed to sleeve into the metal pillar and fit all 140mm radiator designs!
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Thermaltake 3DMakers Site: [ Link ]
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Check out this amazing Core P7 mod by GGF Lan Party !!
Get an ergonomic chair and improve your life quality.

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Sometimes just hardware power protections are not enough. Thermaltake digital power supplies feature warning alert system and PC off remote control to minimize any potential damages can caused by PSU failures.
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The Tech Buyer's guide reviews the View 31 Tempered glass edition case, [ Link ]

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Thermaltake View 31 TG RGB ATX Case Review | The Tech Buyer's Guru
Join us with #ThermaltakeGaming #TteSPORTS Riing style headset - CRONOS Riing RGB 7.1 NOW!!

- An oversized 50mm state-of-the-art tilting neodymium driver
- 16.8 million color RGB illumination with 8 different lighting effects
- The latest 7.1 premium virtual surround sound technology
- Fold flat design for maximum portability and comfort

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16.4ms hold up time on our Fully Modular Smart Pro RGB Bronze power supply. Good quality for those who on a budget.

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Which Core P series case is your favorite?
1. Core P7
2. Core P5 TG
3. Core P5
4. Core P3
5. Core P1
GGF Lan Party is starting a Core P7 build!
Check out how much you can fit, more updates soon!
Amazing Guardians of the Galaxy chair mod by Gizmo2poche !!
Share your chair mods with us in the comments!
Which CPU water block would you choose?
Pacific W4 RGB? or Pacific W2?
Game with wine? check it out!

Credit: Bertrand Cucmag

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As the first ever in the industry, the Core P7 TG features four extended chassis installation angle options, allowing users to mount the extended cases at a 45°/90°/180°/270° angle to the front /rear side of the main chassis; plus full assembly capacity for ultimate cooling system supporting, the Core P7 TG permits users limitless potential with how they want to configure their systems.

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This great combination of the PC App and our digital RGB power supply allows you to track your PSU in real time and choose any fan color to match your system.

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Looks like the Core X5 got an upgrade. Now introducing the Core X5 Tempered Glass edition.

For more information: [ Link ]

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Black :[ Link ]
White: [ Link ]
Game with your own color!

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Now with new updated software for even more gaming color options - [ Link ]

Sorry to keep you waiting. Riing Plus 14 RGB fans are out now!!! Whether you want a case fan or radiator fan, Riing Plus RGB fans are the jack of all trades that will keep your PC cool when the heat is on. If you make one upgrade to your cooling this year - this is the place to start!
Check out this review from BrainBean. He goes over the TTeSports Draconem RGB mousepad. Yes that's right, an RBG mouse pad.

Link to the video here: [ Link ]