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You can still live abroad, even if your language skills leave a bit to be desired.

The 5 best destinations for English-speaking expats
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Bottom line: On March 21, 2017 the once-iconic Sears declared itself dead. [ Link ]
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Look out Tesla. BMW could have an electrifying surprise in store.

This is why the great electrification of BMW should terrify Tesla
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Roughly 52% of people consider having enough saved to cover an emergency a sign that they've "made it" in life.

How you're stealing from yourself with bad savings accounts and habits
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Tony Robbins urges millennials to hold on to their hard earned cash. [ Link ]
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Will "Apple $1 Trillion" hats be Wall Street's next favorite fashion accessory?

Forget Dow 20,000, Apple could be the story of the year
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If you're going to charter a yacht, you might as well give J.K. Rowling's a sail: [ Link ]
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Sorry Walt Disney World, apparently Norway is the happiest place on Earth. [ Link ]
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Look out Macy's, Target is about to open a turf war in Herald Square

There will soon be a new Target store in one of New York City's busiest tourist areas
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"Too often new homeowners compare their monthly rent payment to what they can afford for a mortgage, but forget about the other costs."

10 popular cities where houses will cost you a fortune
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The Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist will be the next Under Armour line to use a 3D printed sole.
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Say hello to beast mode. Dodge just showed off the Dodge Demon's launch mode and there was a sub 8 second quarter mile time on the odometer.

Get a first look at the dodge demon -- it will probably be the fastest muscle car ever at over 900hp
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The BMW 540i can drive itself, which is something we didn't pick up on right away. [ Link ]
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So you screwed up, here's how to fix it.

How to combat errors on tax forms
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Enterprising hackers have found a way to prey on your job insecurity.

Got an email from the boss marked 'urgent'? Think twice before responding too quickly
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"So long as we can renegotiate [trade] deals that are good for us, we won't be protectionist."

Three things Steve Mnuchin said today investors should care about