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Hi Friends, we are overdue for an #EnglishQuiz! Here is a pronunciation check.

Pick the pair that does NOT rhyme (sound the same):
a. hit / quit
b. heat / street
c. hit / heat
d. queen / scene
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Friends, here is Homer's video describing the idiom "hitting the books".
You can find more videos and even practice with 1 to 1 live video sessions at
"don't let anyone slow you down. keep going. keep working."

Here's a good place to continue practicing your language skills
"Success doesn't happen to you, it happens because of you."

Practice your language fluency at
Getting ready for Halloween!!

English is tough. "Boo" is pronounced /bu/. If you add a 'k' to make it 'book' it's pronounced /bʊk/. Tough!

For more help with English, click on over to
English is spoken as a first or second language in so many countries. Why not start practicing now? Then... book your next trip!
It's all about ACTIONS! What are you DOING to achieve your dreams? We can help you master your second language.
Today is International Day of the Girl! Education plays a huge role in empowering girls!! We here at TheTalkList believe in education, and bringing people and cultures together through conversation. Join the conversation at

International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October

Here's a fun quiz...
For more practice, head over to :)

Do You Know Which Commonly Misused Words Complete These Sentences?

I think we're overdue for an #EnglishQuiz!
Which words rhyme or sound the same?

a. sit/seat
b. tough/through
c. back/bag
d. thumb/handsome

Learn American English Online

Hi Friends! Are you ready for an #EnglishQuiz? Which answer is best?

Q: "When is the party for Julia?"

A1. "Is Friday at 9."
A2. "It will be Friday at 9."
A3. "It's Friday at 9."

Learn American English Online

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"Hang on"

1. to wait awhile e.g., Hang on a minute. I need to talk to you. Hang on. Let me catch up with you.
2. to survive for awhile e.g., I think we can hang on without electricity for a little while longer.
3. [for an illness] to linger or persist e.g., This cold has been hanging on for a month. This is the kind of flu that hangs on for weeks.
4. be prepared for fast or rough movement...
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Hi Friends! We have a group session happening in 30 minutes- 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific time. Log into the website to join the webinar. Matthew will be discussing American vacations, language, and culture. Come and join us. Sign in to and join the Group Vee Session. It's FREE and it's FUN!