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On the radio this weekend: A transgender man who began taking testosterone injections explains how it changed his views on nature vs. nurture for good.

This episode will be available online Sunday evening.

This American Life
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A new podcast from Serial and This American Life. Hosted by Brian Reed.

S-Town Podcast
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Ira on loss, advice, and his good friend Mary. From this week's show: [ Link ]
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Share this with your friends to let Ira Glass and his good friend Mary teach them how to subscribe and listen to podcasts. #TryPod
This American Life
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Comedian Chris Gethard and his dad talk about why it was hard for Chris to tell his parents about his depression. [ Link ]
The Dallas Morning News editor invited readers concerned about liberal bias to the newspaper's editorial meeting. We sat in, too.

The Enemy of The People vs. The People.
"If someone who you think is really cool says like, 'I'm on your team,' that stays with you." Tavi Gevinson talked to us about ROOKIE's "Ask a Grown" series, in which famous people give advice to teenage girls.

Ask a Grown-Up
This is Ira and his friend Mary, who he talks about on this week's show. Mary died last week at 89. They recorded this video together a few years ago explaining how to download a podcast, which Mary knew how to do.
On the radio this weekend: Stories from people who need a grown-up, featuring ROOKIE Magazine's "Ask A Grown" video series. Here's Ira's video, with his advice for teen girls.

This episode will be available online Sunday evening.

Balloon Animals: A Video Tutorial by Ira Glass
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What happened when the police shot an unarmed patient in his own hospital room. Hear the full story: [ Link ]
"I've seen a lot of speculation that we're doing a 'true crime' show, but I don't think that does S-Town justice. It's just a story that goes beyond any expectations." Hear a preview of our new show!

This New Podcast Sounds More Addictive Than Serial—and It's by the Same Creators
We’re trying something new by releasing every S-Town Podcast chapter at once, on March 28. Subscribe now to get them the moment they drop.

S-Town Podcast
Introducing our new show, S-Town Podcast, hosted by longtime producer Brian Reed. Hear a preview and subscribe to get all seven chapters on March 28.

S-Town Podcast
Our show this week was a collaboration with The New York Times. Check out their version of the story, from Feb. 2016, which has some great photos and a further look at what armed police were doing in a patient's room.

When the Hospital Fires the Bullet
The story of a patient who gets shot by the cops in the hospital, and how his delusions lead him to a situation that's just as strange as the worst thoughts his mind is cooking up.

My Damn Mind
Producer Stephanie Foo: "how i sometimes feel when i interrupt ira in his office"
After we broadcast our story about the "wind telephone" in Japan, listeners reached out to the television network that made the documentary and asked them to show it in the U.S. This is now happening! You can watch a fully translated version, live at the link below on Saturday (10:10am, 4:10pm, 10:10pm ET) and Sunday (5:10pm ET). It will also air on local public television stations all over...
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The Phone of the Wind: Whispers to Lost Families
A family in Chicago sets up a system to help deal with their fear of deportation. [ Link ]