Arugula and kale were just two of the recently trendy vegetables Jefferson grew here.

Find out more about the cool and sometimes exotic plants cultivated at Monticello with Peggy Cornett, our Curator of Plants and the former Director of our Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, and A Way to Garden, from Margaret Roach.

lessons from thomas jefferson's vegetable garden, with peggy cornett - A Way To Garden
The obelisk marking Thomas Jefferson's grave on a misty and drizzling morning this weekend (much like today).

Photo by Monticello Guide, Bill Bergen.
#InaugurationDay 1801 was a bit different than it is today. Jefferson was inaugurated inside the Capitol in the Old Senate Chamber in March. And demonstrating his desire for "republican simplicity," Jefferson wore, the Alexandria Times reported, the clothes "of a plain citizen without any distinctive badge of office," and walked the short distance to the unfinished Capitol, accompanied by...
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Photo by Monticello's Curator of Gardens, Eleanor Gould.
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It's time for our annual big clean in the house and Monticello's Curator of Gardens Eleanor Gould is on the outside looking in.

Pictured: Jefferson's Chamber (bedroom) looking up through ground-level window up into skylight.

In 1996, Lester Diggs, a descendant of Jefferson’s enslaved body servant Jupiter Evans, recalled meeting Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1956, shortly after the King's residence had been firebombed. His recollection is a personal reminder of the power of Dr. King's oration and the great risk he was taking.

"Where is this man going? How is he going to make it? Will he live? They had...
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Lester B. Diggs | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
There is some beauty even in the starkest winter days. Even from a basement-level point of view.

Photo by Monticello guide, Bill Bergen.
Monticello, as drawn by one of over 400 Charlottesville City second graders who visited Monticello in 2016 on a mission to explore Thomas Jefferson’s gardens.

This drawing and hundreds of others are now on display at our Carl and Hunter Smith Education Center as part of this year's My Monticello exhibition. And this Saturday, Jan. 14, noon to 2pm, we will be holding a free, public opening of...
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Charles Morrill is not only one of star guides, he's an extremely talented craftsman, who's been involved in the recreations of several of Jefferson's gadgets here. He was recently in Maine to talk about his long-time fascination with Jefferson's Polygraph and his efforts to fashion a reproduction of this highly sensitive and complex device.

Monticello Guide Visits Southwest Harbor, Shares Jefferson Discovery | WABI TV5
Here's a great way to build your own Monticello!

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Here's what it looks like up on the mountaintop right now.
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Photo by Monticello Curator of Gardens, Eleanor Gould.
What a difference a day makes! A beautiful #sunrise after a misty and atmospheric day.

Photo by Monticello Curator of Gardens, Eleanor Gould.
"Even the yucky-weather days can be some of the best days on Mr. Jefferson's Little Mountain."

Quote and photo by Whitney Pippin, Executive Assistant and Program Administrator at our Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies.
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Thanks to Eleanor Gould and Bill Bergen for all the great photos!
A nice little angle where it all comes together. #architecture

Photo by Monticello Guide, Bill Bergen.