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Explore the internet and get to know Philippines based artist Yort Evangelista over on our blog - [ Link ]
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Less than 6 days to submit your designs to our leggings challenge! Top design takes home $1,0000 cash, $500 store credit. Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $12 on each pair of leggings of their design sold on

Full details: [ Link ]

Leggings design challenge. Submit and score designs!
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it’s not be easy being green but it sure is an easy color to love! And in honor of this year’s very verde Pantone of the year, “Greenery”, we want you to come up with a design that will make even those of us stuck in the iron jungle feel like we’re in the middle of a lush forest.

Use the Pantone of the year’s “fresh and zesty” 15-0343 shade (RGB values (145 | 181 | 77)) as a way of getting in...
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Greenery design challenge. Submit and score designs!
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Where can you make the most money selling your designs online? We compare Artist Shops vs Redbubble vs Society6 on our latest Creative Resources post ~ [ Link ]

Artist Shops vs Redbubble vs Society6: How to Make the Most Money - Creative Resources
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These Artist Shops designs will transport '80s and '90s kids right back to the age of neon and fanny packs. Check 'em out and feel the nostalgia - [ Link ]
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Happy National Puppy Day!

Attack of the Cutest Monster by Nanà Dalla Porta
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In the age of the Internet, we're all world explorers without ever leaving the couch. Artist Troy ‘Yort’ Evangelista gets it, and he’s created an official badge for us explorers of the virtual world to wear proudly.

We talked to Yort about his new design, his Artist Shop designs, and got some solid song recommendations from him. Check out the interview!

Explore the World (From Your Couch) - Threadless Blog
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Lose the Sleeves!

Time to bust through the sleeves and bust out the tanks! There’s nothing better than shedding those winter layers and remembering what the sun actually feels like against your arms again. Shop Spring Tanks at 50% off ~ [ Link ]

Featured design: “Tiger Skull” by Deadbutcool
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Take Spring vibes on-the-go with fun, floral accessories at 50% off: [ Link ]

Featured design: Trolling by Ralph Pykee Lambaco
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Eliza Gauger is the mastermind behind “Problem Glyphs” – something between an art project reminiscent of “PostSecret” and a cathartic collaboration. People anonymously message their (sometimes extremely intense and sensitive) troubles or triumphs over troubles to Eliza, who then creates a stunning visual representation of their problems (and sometimes, their solution) in the form of a...
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Minimal outerwear means time to show off those minimal designs!
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Featured design: “Moonlight Companions” by Rick Crane
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Learn all the tips and tricks with part three of learning how to build a t-shirt business. We discuss social media and getting your analytics set up.

Check it out over on our Artist Shops Creative Resources: [ Link ]

T-Shirt Business Building: Part 3 | Artist Shops by Threadless
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"Alice in Wonderland" & "Spirited Away" were begging to be combined, and artist Nate Christenson has done just that with his "Spirited Wonderland" series!

We talked to Nate about the inspiration behind this series, how living in a slew of very different places has influenced his art, and about his Artist Shop. Check out the interview at [ Link ]
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Attention Artist Shops Owners! We've got Free Shipping For Your Customers!

Everybody loves free shipping, so we’re offering it to your customers all this week! Your free shipping code appears at the top of your site, making it even easier for customers to get the message. All that’s left for you to do is spread the word to get the sales rolling!

And don’t forget! All this week, you also earn...
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Artist Shops – You Make Art, We'll Do The Rest
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Just 3 days left to submit to our 90's design challenge!
Full details at [ Link ]

Design by Cody Weiler - [ Link ]
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You may remember Chicago Artist Tatee Garcia / Elloo from the amazing mural she painted on the floor of our ladies room at Threadless HQ (check it out in the comments below), now get to know more about her in this great mini documentary by REVIVE.

Also, be sure to check out her Artist Shop at