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Favorite secondhand item you've ever had?

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thredUP was live with home style expert (and style muse!) Emily Henderson! Emily is a pro at shopping secondhand AND she loves selling to thredUP. We had some technical difficulties at the start, so scroll ahead to 3:17 on the vid for sound. :)

Missed the giveaway and the live broadcast? Leave a comment below with your favorite style tip from Emily (or your own favorite...
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Tiny home. Small closet. Huge life. Meet our next Badass mom now: [ Link ]

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Hey you! Guess what? Looking cute all season long without breaking the bank IS possible.

Emily Henderson has some killer style picks at majorly good prices: [ Link ]
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QUICK QUESTION: Do you ever brag about the bargains you find??

Buy something cute now, boast later, #noshame--> [ Link ]
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Goodbye, winter blahs. This cute Gap shirt could be your February go-to!! Also! It used to be Emily Henderson's. Oh la la!

RSVP to our Wednesday Facebook Live with Emily (it's going to be wildly fun). We'll pick one RSVPer at random to win this top PLUS $50 to shop on thredUP. (The shirt is a small, FYI - you can always give it to a buddy if that's not your size!)

RSVP now: [ Link ]
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FUN FACT: The Macy's Herald Square store in NYC is the second largest department store in the world! It’s 1.1 million square feet of (primo!) real estate.

FUN FACT 2: Macy's makes awesome clothing that's *perfect* to shop secondhand at thredUP.

Click for style tips: [ Link ]

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We can't think of a single reason to NOT buy that $4 item. That's the definition of affordable.

C'mon, live a little --> [ Link ]
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5 MINUTES OF LIVE STYLE ADVICE: How to wear scarves like a fashion blogger!
Scarves are a low-cost and cozy way to UPdate your wardrobe. Here are our favorite ways to wear them!

Shop scarves, starting at $4.99: [ Link ]

Share this video for a chance to win $50! Winner will be randomly selected on Friday, January 13th at 4pm PT.
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What percentage is it in YOUR closet? What are your top 3 most worn items?

Wear what you love: [ Link ]
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Items from your fave stores at the mall, but for wayyy cheaper. Oh yeah, and you don't have to go to the mall.

J.Crew, Madewell, Anthro, you name it we've got it: [ Link ]
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FUN FACT: The first pair of women's jeans were made in 1934. Before that, jeans were only made with men in mind, and probably didn't look like Babesicle's here.

Thank goodness it's 2017!

Tell us about your favorite pair of jeans in the comments section, and then shop for a like-new pair: [ Link ]
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DID YOU KNOW: You can shop all Nordstrom brands in ONE thredUP curation.

It's like being at the store... but better, because you're at home. With wine.

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Total price of all these items = $113. If you bought all these items new, you'd be down about $552.

$439 is a preeeettttty big difference. What would you do with the money?

Budget fashion, right this way --> [ Link ]
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And we know you have nerve.

For more badassery: [ Link ]
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Oh la la! Emily Henderson steering clear of the winter doldrums with a pink coat - so fun and flirty.

What's YOUR favorite coat color?

Lots of layers (under $20!) right this way --> [ Link ]
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Following through on those 2017 work out goals: difficult.

Following through on looking the part in like-new activewear: easy.

Find some goodies like the ones Pumps & Iron is rocking here: [ Link ]
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Cheers to 2017!

Tell us, what's your New Years resolution? We'll pick one random lucky winner on January 3rd to win her resolution hand-lettered, framed and sent to her. ????